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Congressman: Reno a traitor
Wednesday, 09-Aug-2000 13:59:24

      Congressman: Reno a traitor

      Reno a traitor
      Traficant accuses U.S. attorney general
      of high treason, ties to organized crime

      By Jon E. Dougherty

      A U.S. congressman accused Attorney General Janet
      Reno of a range of illegalities, sexual improprieties and
      ties to the mob -- as well as treason -- on a national
      television news show last night.

      Rep. James Traficant, D-Ohio, who is currently under
      investigation by the FBI for his own alleged ties to
      organized crime, made the explosive charges on Fox
      News Channel's Hannity and Colmes program.

      Accusing Reno of "treason" for her
      failure to appoint a special counsel
      to look into charges that China
      stole reams of sensitive nuclear
      weapons data from the United
      States, Traficant said he has
      "sworn affidavits" from unidentified
      sources claiming Reno has also
      had lesbian affairs, has frequented
      call girls and has engaged in
      substance abuse.

      The fiery Ohio congressman told viewers that sources
      close to him "had videotaped evidence" of sexual
      improprieties as well as the testimony "of five police
      officers" who have "stopped Reno for substance abuse."

      But Traficant was most adamant about his charges that
      Reno may have committed acts of treason against the
      United States.

      "I'm accusing the attorney general of treason," he
      proclaimed. "She has set herself above the national
      security of this nation, and I'm going to attempt to get all
      the information out" to the general public.

      Traficant, who himself is under investigation by the FBI
      for alleged mob connections, denied that his charges
      were made to deflect attention from himself.

      "Do you want Janet Reno to sue you?" asked show host
      Alan Colmes at one point.

      "Go ahead, Ms. Reno, sue me," Traficant shot back.
      "Let's get this into a trial. Let's get it all out in the open."

      On the crucial issue of suspected Chinese theft of U.S.
      nuclear weapons secrets, Traficant said the nation hasn't
      "had so much as a high school debate on the issue."

      When questioned about the veracity of the affidavits,
      Traficant said he "didn't know" whether they were
      completely true or not, but added they were "important
      enough" to examine.

      He also said the "entire Justice Department" has become
      little more than a vetting agency charged with concealing
      sensitive and potentially damaging information about
      alleged illegalities within the Clinton administration and,
      specifically, the department itself.

      "I also want to know -- is Ms. Reno subject to blackmail
      over this information, and does [President] Clinton have
      this information?" Traficant said. "Did the FBI ever look
      into these charges? What do they know?"

      The Ohio congressman said he believed that because of
      the charges he outlined and those contained in the
      affidavits he claimed to have, Reno has failed to conduct
      serious investigations into Chinese nuclear weapons theft,
      as well as a range of other Clinton administration

      "She's too compromised," he said, adding that she had
      been "fast-tracked into her attorney general's position" to
      start with.

      Traficant said Reno's alleged improprieties occurred
      while she was a Dade County (Miami, Fla.) state
      prosecutor and municipal judge.

      "None of this is about Democrats and Republicans,"
      Traficant said. "It's about getting the truth to come out."

      The Justice Department was not available for comment at
      press time.

      Meanwhile, FBI investigators are examining Traficant's
      own alleged ties to organized crime, something he says is
      politically motivated and unfounded.

      The investigation stems from alleged decades-old ties
      between Traficant and mob figures from Youngstown,
      Ohio, where the congressman was once a county sheriff
      who, the FBI said, was elected with money donated from
      reputed organized crime figures.

      Traficant was arrested by the FBI in 1982, but at a trial
      in which he defended himself, the soon-to-be U.S.
      congressman beat the charges that he was tied to the
      mob, but later, in 1987, was charged and convicted of
      tax fraud in a case connected with the 1982 charges.

      Other reputed mob figures with alleged ties to Traficant
      have already been indicted by the FBI.

      And, in an earlier appearance July 26 on Hannity and
      Colmes, Traficant accused former Federal Bureau of
      Investigation division chief Stanley Peterson of being on
      the payroll of the mafia -- a charge he had previously
      made only in the House chamber, where he was
      protected against being charged with defamation.

      "I have irrefutable evidence that the FBI was on the
      payroll of organized crime in my valley," he said. "And
      the FBI and the Justice Department never investigated
      Stanley Peterson. Now, I could be sued -- I'm on
      Hannity and Colmes. He (Peterson) was the chief of the
      division of the FBI in Youngstown, on the payroll of the
      mob, was appointed chief of police at the direction of the
      mob. They never had an investigation, and there are
      agents there right now who are on the payroll of the mob,
      and the Justice Department did nothing about it."

      Traficant has also said he expects "any day now" to be
      indicted by the FBI, though no charges have yet been
      filed against him.

      Congressman alleges FBI-Mob connections

      Traficant, Riady, Starr aide probed

      Proposed agency to investigate Justice

      Jon E. Dougherty is a staff reporter for

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On May 23, 1933, Congressman, Louis T. McFadden, brought formal charges
against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system, The
Comptroller of the Currency and the Secretary of United States Treasury
for numerous criminal acts, including but not limited to, Conspiracy,
Fraud, Unlawful conversion, and treason.

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