Treason in the Congress of the United States of America

Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all
the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from
it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful
wherever you go.
                                    Joshua 1:7

Treason in the Congress of the United States of America
      Written by Roger A. Stolley

The People of America have never authorized their elected representatives
to destroy their Bill of Rights, The Peoples' Rights. To the contrary,
each U.S. Congressman and Senator takes an oath to uphold and preserve
the Federal Constitution. Yet, socialist dogs such as Congressman Earl
Blumenauer of Oregon and Senator Charles Schumer of  New York, continue
their treasonous activities to destroy the Second Amendment to the
Federal Constitution, The Peoples' Right to Bear and Keep Arms--not
the government's right. The People are the militia. There is the
organized militia, the National Guard that gains its recruits from
the unorganized militia, The People.

      In prior times such persons, as those before mentioned, would
not dare raise their heads in public for what they are doing. It is
the firm belief of this author, that public gallows should be erected
on the front lawn of the Nation's Capitol Building. Public treason
trials should begin in Congress, and those guilty of treason be
publicly hanged as an example to the rest of the scum bags that would
attempt to destroy our freedom and liberty.

      These persons of little character or honor disobey their oath,
should not be in public office. They should be charged with the crime
of treason and tried for their crime, and a sentence carried out befitting
the gravity of their criminal activity against the American People.

      The only way that the Second Amendment may be lawfully changed
is by constitutional amendment. Yet, these criminals would attempt to
do it by statute law or simply congressional enactment, which is
entirely illegal. Take for the instance the 1968 Gun Control Act.
Before a Constitutional Court it would be held totally invalid, since
it is not a constitutional amendment. Whenever in constitutional law,
the basic body of the constitution is in conflict with the Bill of
      Rights, the Bill of Rights must prevail. The Interstate Commerce
Clause of the Federal Constitution cannot override the  2nd Amendment
Right. It is well known, that the Constitution as written would not be
adopted by the People without a Bill of Rights to protect them from an
unlawful Federal, dictatorial, government. The Federal Government was
to be limited in power, restricted, and all other rights reserved to
the States or People respectively per the 9th and 10 Amendments to the
Federal Constitution. Just because Congress passes an Act doesn't mean
it is lawful.

      The American soldier, sailor, and airman have served, suffered,
bled, and died all over the world to give the American People Freedom
and Liberty. Yet, these slimy politicians sell our freedom. They do not
deserve to breathe the air in this Nation.

      Congress has become an open cesspool of whose stink is overcoming.
It needs to be cleaned out.

      This same Congressman Blumenauer is a supporter of the Socialist
Columbia River Gorge Commission that allows corporations to build in
the Columbia River Gorge but destroys the private freehold property
rights of Oregon citizens.

      Any person advocating gun control, gun registration, etc., of law
abiding citizens, does not deserve to be an elected representative.
Those persons involved in such activities need to be named and removed
from office.

      We will not surrender our Right to Keep and Bear Arms to these
treasonous dogs, to any person, or agency of government. Freedom in this
world is not going to perish in this Nation. We are not going to stand
in line like they did in Britain, Canada, and Australia, with tears in
their eyes and turn in our weapons. To the contrary, when a government in
this nation, or United Nation troops, come after our weapons; we will no
longer have a constitutional authorized Federal Government in America,
not our own government, and it will be time for the American citizen and
soldier to fight for their freedom here on this land.

      You will have my weapons with my dead bloody body only. I do not
stand alone in this nation. We will fight. We will die. We will not
surrender to the likes of you or any of your kind. The oath we took to
this Nation we take seriously and with honor.

      Mr. Roger A. Stolley


Constitution of the United States of America
(In Convention, September 17, 1787)



"The Social-Fascist Democratic Administration has committed
treason no less than twice, and yet the so-called 'Conservative'
Republicans cannot get two from their party to accuse him of these
insidious crimes against the People and blood of all those who have
died for our Freedom...shameful acts of high treason by
socialistic-communists Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore !"


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The germ of destruction of our nation is in
the power of the judiciary, an irresponsible
body - working like gravity by night and by
day, gaining a little today and a little
tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step
like a thief over the field of jurisdiction, until
all shall render powerless the checks of one
branch over the other and will become as
venal and oppressive as the government
from which we separated."
   -- Thomas Jefferson, 1821

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