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Tuesday, 05-Sep-00 16:47:39

      [TEXAS-STANDOFF] monday at the gray's

      From: trailer park trailerparkshow@hotmail.com
      Sent: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 13:43:36 CDT
      Subject: Monday at the gray's
      UPDATE 09/05/00 : Source in East Texas confirm's story about a
      drive-by shooting at the Gray's yesterday 09/04. Jonathan Gray
      videotaped the truck as it passed by and shot at them. All ducked,
      no one hurt. As of this morning, the perp's have been arrested,
      due to the sign visible on the side of the truck, that was recorded
      by Jonathan.

      Alec Russell
      Foreign Bureau
      London Telegraph

Dear Mr. Russell,

You are clearly misrepresenting the Gray family in your publication. Rather than
sensationalizing a sensitive situation (thus endangering/damaging the Grays) to sell
your newspapers, I suggest you do some real research.

I am particularly concerned about your reporter's statement "Religious fanatics with a
huge arsenal of weapons have barricaded themselves inside a compound, vowing to shoot
themselves rather than surrender."

To my knowledge the Grays have said nothing about killing themselves and this statement
is out-right slander. Above all, they have made enormous efforts to ensure their
grandchildren's safety, building them an underground shelter and clearly marking it "Kids
Inside" to protect them from gunfire, should the police attack their home (and family).
Also in the above sensationalist sentence, perhaps you could tell me: what, to you,
constitutes,a religious fanatic? The seventeen people on the Gray's farm are all family
members. So, where you have done your best to spin the Grays as a "cult", the fact of the
matter is, they are all together on their farm because they are FAMILY.
Now --can you please tell me exactly what arsenal of weapons are you citing? The Grays
have a Constitutional Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. I am sure if you
visited most farms or ranches in Texas you would find a similar "arsenal" of firearms --
nothing more than the usual sidearms and rifles law-abiding citizens maintain to protect
themselves and their property.

Your reporter clearly misrepresents Mr. Gray in the following sentence, "Their leader is
John Joe Gray, 51, self-appointed leader of the Embassy of Heaven Church, a militant
sect that rejects all forms of government control." John Joe Gray's only affiliation with
the Embassy of Heaven Church is that he purchased a driver's license from that church
(rather than participating in the US National ID card system, which, despite having been
thrown out of Congress three times, has been implemented in the State of Texas). Mr.
Gray is not even a member of the Embassy of Heaven Church, which, by the way, does not
believe in maintaining or using firearms.

Your reporter has blatantly lied by saying Mr. Gray is the church's leader. The leader of
the Embassy of Heaven Church is Pastor Paul Revere, which your reporter probably well
knows, since the on-line version of your publication provided a hyperlink to the Embassy
of Heaven Church's web site next to his article.
Finally, John Joe Gray has no record of being "a volatile man." I would like to know
where your reporter came up with this misguided speculation about Mr. Gray and what
led your publication to bring it to print.

Furthermore, I would like to know how your publication can justify printing this
incredibly inaccurate, slanderous and damaging hit-piece on Mr. Gray and his family
without making any attempt to contact him, or anyone who might have been able to
speak about the truth of the situation in Trinidad, Texas.

If you are interested in leaning the truth about the Gray family, please read the Press
Release below and contact Alex Jones (a nationally syndicated talk radio host who has
been working with the Grays for years). You can find information (including the Gray
family's Press Release) and photos on his web site: www.infowars.com.

      Violet Nichols
      The Alex Jones Show


Subj:    John Joe Gray
Date:   4/30/01 8:57:31 AM Central Daylight Time
From: "J. Brogger" <ajb645@rconnect.com>

Author: John from Minnesota
Slogan: Only Thru God!

My avarice need is mixed with greed.
How often we induce pain,
when our thoughts are vain.
And of the blood we let,
it stains the soil yet.
What of the family Gray,
when will it be their day?
Are they to go on the funeral bier,
so that fools can come from far and near,
to gawk at the smoldering ashes left
by those who are morally bereft.
All this to steal a mans land,
to elevate that criminal band.
How many more will die,
to satisfy their Satanic lie?
The persecutor speaks for the county,
and sets the price of the bounty.
What does that ego maniac care,
that Joe and family live there.
His accursed career is all he can see,
as he rubs his hands in evil glee,
What are a few lives to this bird,
just be sure that his name is heard.
Why he's just doing his duty!
(or is it the lure of little booty?)
Gray's land is historically meaty,
twas where they signed a treaty.
How dare he defy the county,
we'll trap him with a Mountie.
We'll stop that John Joe Gray,
and just blow him away.
Damn! . . He's hard to kill,
and my thumb hurts me still.
Hey, lets haul him off to jail,
we can beat him till he's very pale,
then take him to the county nurse,
a special shot, and into the hearse.
Every plot seems to get foiled,
now my boss wants my hide boiled
What is it with this man named Gray,
he's alive, and now there's hell to pay.
I can't sleep, and don't enjoy my lunch,
I know all about that county bunch.
Is there now a price on my head?
they look at me as if I were dead.
Will this be my last verse?
Is my next ride in a hearse?
I'm haunted by the words of Gray,
he told me of a Hell to pay.
What really blows my mind,
I truly like Joe and his kind.

You are welcome to use, re-post, print, edit, the above as you see fit.
Hopefully it might cause some to pause and think.


Jon Roland
Standoff near Trinidad
Mon May 7 23:29:22 2001

Standoff near Trinidad
by Jon Roland, President, Constitution Society

The armed standoff between the family of John Joe Gray and the officials of
Henderson and Anderson Counties has been going on since Gray's arrest by DPS
troopers in Anderson County December 24, 1999. Aided by armed patriots who
perceive Gray as a patriot being persecuted for his political beliefs, set
up by an agent, and framed for a crime he didn't commit, he and his family
and friends remain on his 47-acre tract, which they have made a fortified
redoubt. Many fear it could lead to another Waco massacre, but this time
armed patriots promise to offer much more resistance.

On Sunday, May 6, I journeyed to his place on the bank of the Trinity River
near the town of Trinidad, in Henderson County. There I interviewed Gray,
members of his family, and some other citizens of the area. Although further
investigation is needed, the picture that emerges is that Henderson,
Anderson, and neighboring counties are snakepits of official corruption, a
transit hub for shipments of narcotics under official protection, with
perhaps a secondary command center linked to the secretive 7000-acre Koon
Kreek Klub in Henderson County and its sister Rambo Club, which lists
President George W. Bush as a member. Members of these exclusive clubs have
been reported to hold parties there for wealthy and influential people,
including ex-president Bill Clinton, at which illegal drugs and prostitutes
were served.

What did the Grays do to merit persecution? Apparently, the main things were
to own a tract of land the kingpins want, and to invite militia activists to
train there, presenting the threat of investigation and exposure of the
official corruption that has become so entrenched there. Most honest
citizens of the area have been either terrorized into silence or driven out.
Joe Gray remains the holdout, and the local establishment fears that if he
is allowed to defy them, others might step forward and testify to what they
know. I have urged supporters to conduct a comprehensive investigation and
encourage others to take a public stand for honest government. A major
confrontation could have sweeping consequences.

For more on this subject see http://www.constitution.org/abus/jgray/jgray.htm


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