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Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998
From: Steve Vaus stevevaus@home.com

I need your help - it will take less than five minutes of your time and will only cost you $1.33 but together we might change the course of events in America - but we must act now!

I've been wondering why my song WRONG'S NOT RIGHT hasn't had a discernable impact on the public discourse regarding the presidential scandals - then it suddenly occurred to me that the song's only been "playin to the choir".

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Hear Bill Clinton spout his lies, on Steve Vaus' latest hit song "Wrong's Not Right"

Then an idea came to me - reach beyond the choir with a message about honesty and accountability - thus was born (at 2AM this morning) the "DEAR MR. PRESIDENT" ad campaign.

It will be a series of sixty second radio ads which feature "letters" from children to the president (being read by children) An example would be something like this:

ANNOUNCER: Imagine this letter being received by the White House

(child's voice)
Dear Mr President:

My mom is mad at me - see, here's this vase that used to belong to my grandma and I was playin ball in the house when the vase busted. My mom asked me if I broke it and I said no cause I didn't (I mean I threw the ball - it knocked over the vase but it was the floor that actually broke it - so I wasn't lying) But momma grounded me - not for breaking the vase, but for lying and now I can't play little league for three weeks, and I'm the team's best pitcher.

Could you call my mom - she just doesn't understand about lying like you do.


MR PRESIDENT - if it takes a village to raise a child - the leader of that village must lead by example - children must know that WRONG'S NOT RIGHT . . . ever. For their sake do the right thing - admit your guilt and resign.

followed by the chorus of my song WRONGS NOT RIGHT

The ads will air in virtually every city from coast to coast with the primary target being NON-CONSERVATIVE RADIO - music stations; news stations; sports stations; liberal stations everywhere!!There will be no fund raising pitch in the ad . . . no pitch to buy steve vaus music - nothin but the message.

The catch is, its going to cost about one million dollars to do it - that's where you come in (and your $1.33 . . . a one dollar cash donation plus the cost of a stamp to send it.)

I humbly beg you to do two things:

1 - Send ONE DOLLAR to AD CAMPAIGN; PO Box 28700; San Diego, CA 92198

2 - Send ten emails asking those ten people to send ONE DOLLAR and ten emails etc. etc.

With just six levels of successful participation 10 X 10 X 10 X 10 X 10 X 10 we will have the funds needed to change the course of history. You have my solemn pledge that every penny raised will be used for the campaign. If you'd like to send more money or more emails go for it. Also post the plea on web sites or wherever you can think of.

I've added the ability for people to make donations (in ten dollar multiples due to site restraints) by credit card on my web site stevevaus.com (on the order page). As soon as the advertisements are produced I will post them on my site as well for download and distribution.

If you have any ideas I'd love to here them - please don't ignore this thinking someone else will do it - I need YOU to help.

Thank you and Glod Bless You in the new year.

Steve Vaus

stevevaus@stevevaus.com (Steve Vaus)
800-HIT-SONG (448-7664)
P.O. Box 28700
San Diego, CA 92198

PS - if you get a chance, drop me an email and let me know how many emails you're going to send, where you might post the plea and that you're sending a dollar - sv

God bless the Republic
Death to the New World Order
We shall prevail
The Empire is on the run
We are on the march

David E. Parsons

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