Sunday, 10-Sep-00 17:21:35 writes:


    cast. "HARM": Did I see you chat with WJC at the White House? WANT MY
    09/15/00: POW/MIA Recognition Day
    Should VETS contact BUSH & ALGORE on how VETS are (mis)treated?
    Mail@GeorgeWBush.com  click TAX CALCULATOR to see YOUR IRS savings at
    GW Bush intends to improve IRS (NO IRS tax under $35,000/yr) & Social
    Security- can VETS be NEXT?
    I will GLADLY email a fine Dallas Morning News series of articles
    re US military abuses.
    I welcome aboard at least 2 former US sub skippers, Roger
    Staubach-USNA, and MANY "new folks." I met some FINE USN sub officers-
    I almost met a USN RAPIST. (Other than that, how was the play, Mrs
    Lincoln?) Interesting to see JAG TV 9/8/00 suggest the US knew of Pearl
    Harbor BEFORE 12/7/41. I will GLADLY email a DETAILED article on GEN
    MARSHALL's (I have read FDR wanted MARSHALL to run D Day) UNusual
    activities 12/6 & 12/7/41 & another article suggesting KIMMEL & SHORT
    are innocent. My friend Rev Les Kinsolving LES@WCBM.com  (who ALSO
    avoided a MILITARY SEX ATTACK) (Les was born at West Point & served
    TWICE) has long noted that weekEND Pearl Harbor patrols were STOPPED
    just BEFORE 12/7/41, and that arrows pointing to targets were MOWED in
    fields. Even Churchhill knew. The US had broken the code. The History
    CH says that a CIVILIAN liner tracked the fleet by radio across the
    Pacific FOR DAYS. The USN sank a Japanese sub off Pearl Harbor MORE
    which points out how sharks dined on the USN for DAYS (NO floating shark
    "God and the soldier we adore,
    In times of danger, not before,
    The danger past and all things righted,
    God is forgotten, and the soldier slighted."
    DD Eisenhower by Morin
    12/11/98, Baltimore Sun:
    "The last senior officer to face a court-martial was RADM Seldon Hooper,
    who was charged in 1957 with conduct UNbecoming an officer, SODOMY and
    INdecent acts. He was convicted and sentenced to dismissal and
    forfeture of pay."
    I believe THIS VET paid/pays a HEAVIER price. ALGORE- do YOU "have
    the courage" to do the HONORABLE thing for this VET? I believe in FULL
    & ACCURATE disclosure:
    l. RUSH looped 15 times Rodney King TWICE attacking the police
    2. Stating that SAT scores canNOT be directly compared to older SAT
    scores-I told JHU I would LOWER their SAT average & I kept my word
    3. Examine the treatment this VET got before and AFTER disclosing (DEC
    92) the JAN 70 RAPE of another USN enlistedMAN. I declined OCS from
    CAPT W DEDERICK, CSS 16 (in charge of Med subs) when he wrote a letter
    of rec to U PA MBA
    Ollie: thanks for court-martiallng an officer who sexually attacked
    an enlisted & for the GW ad about HUNDREDS from THIS admin fleeing the
    US/taking the 5th. Looks like we have an admin that canNOT control
    itself DOMINATING others.
    I thank the reader for getting this far. Attached are several LINKS
    provded by another VET who cares about the US military.
    I hear QUICK REVIEW $50 stops attachment problems.
    IF one is interested in the miltary and how VETS ARE (MIS)TREATED,
    one could spend HOURS reading therein, as I DID. Seems many VETS were
    promised ONE THING (eg, health care), but ended up with LESS. This VET
    was promised an HONORABLE USN Discharge in Spain, then COWARDLY mailed a
    GENERAL (the same as USAF B-52 pilot FLINN got for lying, sex, etc & a
    USAF priest got for sex with another service member (Denver Post).
    Aren't GENERAL Discharges MEANT to PUNISH? In 7l I tried on my own to
    "correct" this, but in 74 Milton Eisenhower (twice JHU Pres) got the USN
    to write "ERROR OR INJUSTICE." Days later my Social Security job (101
    on US jobtest) was "taken," saying I "flunked." US Judge Lamberth in DC
    has SSA info saying I voluntarily quit SSA (my sister had excelled in
    the same SSA job for YEARS, therefore NO WAVES). BUT IF that were true,
    how could I have also sent Judge Lamberth MD UNemployment info???? I
    was good enough for U VA MBA (top 10), but NOT for a US clerk's
    job??????? MAY 95 I did my own Chap 7.
    Sen/Sigma Nu Brother Lott (I SERVED): Done ANYTHING for VETS
    lately? Did YOU get a PHONEY I-A after YOUR freshman year? (I was a
    Sigma Nu JHU Charter Member & Chaplain). CSS 16 COS CDR A B ANDERSON
    (Sigma Nu) wrote a DECENT letter when I HAD to leave that USS HOLLAND
    sleeping/showering RAPE area. The HOLLAND XO ordered me to read a far
    more DAMNING note HE wrote. I served DAYS under HOLLAND: MONTHS UNDER
    CSS 16. I was practically ordered by CSS 16 to join a bull fight party
    "to relax." I usually read any UNclassified info I could find, or wrote
    friends. In disclosure, I played 36 Sat & 36 Sun, 18 on Wed, shooting
    in the low 80s with IRONS that are STILL older than me. I believe I saw
    the USN rapist once in the gym.
    Dr Dean- why do LIBS speak of VIOLENT acts against HYDE, HESTON,
    STARR. etc? A difference in blood chemistry? I did my best to AVOID
    violent USN RAPE. Has the reader heard a man raped? ASK ME.
    VICTIM LEAVING. What would have happened IF I had mentioned that RAPE
    while on active duty? Send SASE for some "UNusual military suicides."
    We need only look to the Oval Office to see the lengths folks go to
    coverup (sexual) activities, such as CIC sex while on the phone with Rep
    Callihan while discussing military matters. www.JUDICIALWATCH.org
    spells out how a list of some 50 deadfolks around this admin was placed
    on Tripp's US chair & that of White House email worker(s). Also JAIL
    THREATS. Also the GREAT China expansion, I believe ADM Moorer thinks
    we will fight China south of the Rio Grande. Rep Castle- is it true that
    you (& others) WEPT after seeing the Ford Bldg Juanita evidence (that NO
    DEMS saw)? I hear this SEALED info will come out by OTHER means. I
    read Schippers TWICE voted for WJC- I previously wrote that after FIRST
    SEEING WJC speak, I KNEW there was a "problem." I phoned Schippers'
    office to express my support- can't wait to read SELLOUT. THE
    THINK, Insight Mag comparison of WJC & FBI sex preditor profile. I am
    usually right about folks. AFTER the USN, I was EASILY #1 of 400+ JHU
    volunteer grads raising JHU $ by phone. A JHU (Pres) would NOT hire me.
    Black & Decker MAR 70 (in the USN) helped me visit their Barcelona plant
    (at MY expense) (a B&D Pres friend knew an aunt). NOW B&D will NOT even
    send an application for ANY JOB.
    ALGORE- didn't HRC HEALTH threaten to JAIL (some) folks (& MDs)?
    Given 5/14/74 USN: "ERROR OR INJUSTICE"- why do YOU ignore this VET?
    One form letter 5 years ago seems WEAK. Is THIS the GREAT SOCIETY?
    ALGORE- didn't YOU vote & break the TIE that gave US the largest TAX
    INCREASE in US history? 5% pay over 50% of IRS taxes.
    ALGORE- could YOU fly a jet fighter? ALGORE-it only took ONE note
    to VP AGNEW (who had lived 2 streets over- I do NOT recall meeting him)
    to exit that USN sleep/showering RAPE area. AUG 70 CAPT DEDERICK having
    NOT made ADM- (was I blamed?) left for DC & I could see that rape area
    ahead AGAIN. SEP 70 in MD on leave I handed Rep Long (D) USN: "GET
    DRUNK & FXXK SOME WHORE" which I had asked be repeated. Getting back to
    HOLLAND, I got a look that could KILL from its USN author. ALGORE-
    I am honored that a US Joint Chief RET reads my info (I can't wait
    to read THE FOG OF WAR) and US Judge Lamberth in DC filed some 200 p I
    Since DEC 92, this USN 1970 E-3 has contacted some 1,000 folks,
    asking ANYone who thinks I have NOT been punished/destroyed to write.
    Still waiting. JAN 70, USS HOLLAND, 1,100 man subtender, Rota, Spain I
    heard (and was told to stay away from) the RAPE of another USN
    enlistedMAN, who then cried before me saying I might be NEXT. IF I
    30 years ago learned what other Scouts (who were BOOed at the DEM
    convention) now know-hopefully the US is learning. My JHU Psych BS is
    dusty (BA Econ, MAS), but even I can see a major problem with those who
    canNOT control themselves dominating others. Paula could go home at
    night. "Uncle" Bob- any luck yet with WJC?
    This was in addition to a HOLLAND chap who tried to swim the
    Atlantic, a ship stores theft, another chap who KILLED a Spanish cop,
    and TWICE I was headed to a deckcrew that "lost" 2 enlisted legs in 60
    days due to TIED lines at ship departure. Do USN candybars still MOVE?
    Working briefly in the bakery, MORE than raisons were in the bread. My
    Great Lakes DI (who had recently gotten his GED at 30-something) asked
    if I had "any education": in 74 Milton Eisenhower (twice JHU Pres)
    strongly "suggested" I complete my 3rd JHU degree.
    London Times 7/11/00: Willie HITLER joined the USN in 44. I invite
    the reader to see if a HITLER relative was treated BETTER than THIS VET.
    p 392 FALL FROM GLORY: THE MEN WHO SANK THE USN tells how the TX 82
    USN Sailor of the Year (we've spoken) was placed in a psych hospital
    AFTER disclosing alleged Dallas NAS payroll abuses. p 392 & p 26 also
    tell how USN medical records ARE CHANGED (eg, a senior officer on
    aircraft carrier).
    Rep/USN shrink 68-70 McDermott: (any new Newt tapes?) (Rep DUNN-
    could you check to see McDermott gets my email?) (I dated a shrink's
    daugher AFTER the USN- HE dropped HIS fork on the floor) p 392 FALL FROM
    GLORY: THE MEN WHO SANK THE USN says that Sen Boxer is against military
    medical records being used to punish. MY recent USNR medical records
    did NOT contain POSITIVE USN comments (which I sent to Rev Schuller LAST
    YEAR for the White House) or mention of CHESTPAINS AFTER that RAPE which
    I thought were KILLING me one night. Dad dropped dead at 58, his
    brother at 52, another male Borig at NASA died young. Still waiting.
    Having seen my life pass before my eyes (AFTER the USN), politics seems
    so CHILDISH. (A Korean pilot who crashed told me of seeing HIS life
    pass by).
    5 years ago ALGORE sent a form letter. GW Bush's FEB 00 note
    addressed the matter I outlined. A non-blood WWII USNA relative was
    stunned to hear PART of my 30 YEAR (& COUNTING) ordeal. ADM RICKOVER's
    WHY NOT THE BEST is good enough for me.
    ALGORE- do you think folks should operate in a calm, logical
    method? Is YOUR son still driving at 100 mph? Is this the same son
    caught in school with an "interesting substance", and who ran into
    Baltimore traffic and nearly died? p 45 UNLIMITED ACCESS says YOU do
    NOT take calls AFTER 9 PM. Comments? I hope Tipper has recovered from
    the depression we read about. ALGORE- how can YOU be so self-centered
    as to IGNORE this VET? Only 5 months in NAM (with BODYGUARDS)? ALGORE-
    did YOU really shun The American Legion- GW was there?
    ALGORE- do YOU think MAJ GEN EVANS who sponsored this Eagle Scout
    would hire the GENERAL Discharge I had 3.5 years? Just before I HAD to
    join the USNR DEC 68, I dated a Colt cheerleader whose Dad worked at his
    stockbrokerage. CATTLE FUTURES are beyond me, but notwithstanding ONLY
    getting OVER $5/hr by waxing up to 7 cars/day BY HAND (sometimes for JHU
    classmates), had I shorted goldstocks DAYS later, I would be independent
    now. ALGORE- any controlling MORAL authority? Here in LIBERALLAND
    Mikulski (who jokes about being the little general with earings) &
    Sarbanes (wasn't his relative a GEN?) IGNORE this VET, yet do NOT mind
    flag-burning or LIVING baby brain removal. "Rep" Cardin RUNS from this
    VET- his son hung himself. RUSH says LIBERALISM is a GUTLESS choice.
    UNSOLVED MYSTERIES has a great segment on USS WILLARD KEITH DD that
    probably sank a US sub off San Fran in 45- divers recently saw a sub on
    the bottom there. The USN says there is NO record of firing depth
    charges- enlisted strongly say otherwise. I chipped KEITH's lead paint
    in Norfolk before USNR active duty.
    Can we trust the US yet? Even the US House on Assassinations
    dropped the Warren Commission findings. (I recommend KILL ZONE, $15
    book 785 266 1112 by an ex-sniper-the cover diagrams MANY shooters).
    The History CH THE M E N WHO KILLED KENNEDY (5 hrs) 800 708 1776 points
    out that the chap who prepared "Oswald" in 63 said in 81 that the head
    autopsy cuts were GONE. In Search Of names the photo of a USSR "Oswald"
    double. Why were Dallas MDs NOT allowed to see JFK autopsy photos?
    Oswald's HONORABLE USMC Discharge was LATER strongly DOWNgraded. Like
    the denial of grassy knoll shooters' photos, the US ignored HUNDREDS of
    TWA800 witnesses- www.TWA800.com
    It is time to face reality, not be taken in by a convention KISS?
    Can the US survive another LIB with a southern twang? The History CH
    says JFK brought home ONE planeload from NAM, then 11/22/63. McDermott-
    any comment on LBJ urinating on Secret Service folks? What did CARTER
    do to the military (20% prime rate)? What has WJC done to/for the
    military? ALGORE- why do YOU IGNORE THIS VET? It only took ONE note to
    Milton Eisenhower to get USN: "ERROR OR INJUSTICE." I realize YOU are
    NO EISENHOWER, but why do YOU "spit" on this VET? Only 5 months in NAM
    (with BODYGUARDS)?
    PARTNERS IN POWER says NOV 80 WJC allowed a Titan II bomb (700 X
    Hiroshima) to lay UNattended in a Little Rock field after an explosion.
    I submit the US military approaches an IMplosion based on SEX, etc.
    Ollie, HACK, Bob Dornan- didn't some 20 US GENs threaten to QUIT at the
    same time?
    USN JAG: How are we doing with that list of MILITARY SEX ATTACKS,
    and the list of USS HOLLAND 1970 "problems" that I requested 8/17/00?
    What would have happened IF I had mentioned that JAN 70 rape while on
    active duty? DEC 92 in a 5 page note to Rep Dornan was the time I
    mentioned that rape of another enlistedMAN. Bill Kurtis of A&E TV has a
    DETAILED list of MILITARY SEX ATTACKS that moves TOO QUICKLY onscreen.
    Perhaps the reader would contact Mr. Kurtis, A&E TV Networks, 235 E 45th
    St, NY NY 10017, 212 210 1400. I believe I can "top" those IRS victims
    on another INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS. RUSH says more MEN are RAPED/year (in
    For an organization that Dr Dean says ADMITS to a 40% BOOZE
    problem, and p 29 FALL FROM GLORY: THE MEN WHO SANK THE USN (which OPENS
    describing IMproper, public SEX behavior of a SECNAV) says OVER HALF THE
    USN has pot/coke problems, is not the US(N) attacking TOO MUCH this
    religious, straight, male, EAGLE SCOUT (Pro Deo Et Patria Award) VET?
    Larry Nichols 501 329 5122 must be doing a great job- he was recently
    BEATEN for the 9th time in Arkansas.
    ALGORE- I read that Ms. Prudhomme who asked YOU on TV about
    Juanita's WJC (double?) rape claims was "only" asked to supply IRS with
    data. THIS VET was given 10 days to send $850. It only took ONE call
    to Rep Bentley & I "made" $250, AFTER HAVING TO SEND $850. Thus, why
    are VETS treated tougher? REASON, not REACTION. ALGORE- do YOU still
    call the US military FACIST? Does WJC still LOATHE the US military?
    Does WJC still think he was TOO SMART to serve? Seems to me Milton
    Eisenhower did the TOUGH part in 74: Check please.
    Jim Nicholson, RNC- any update on the 478 nationally elected DEMS
    since 92 that are now GOP? RUSH says 1 LIB in a room will try to bring
    DOWN 99 others to HIS level of MISERY. Churchhill said capitalism is
    the UNequal distribution of wealth & socialism is the equal distribution
    of MISERY.
    GW: doesn't at least 80% of the US object to Partial Birth Murder?
    At JHU I learned
    l. The only STUPID question is the one you do NOT ask
    2. You don't know what you don't know.
    Thus, given that even a FEmale Duke microbiology grad friend did NOT
    know about Partial Birth Murder, is THIS a GW ad topic?
    Bill Gates: would YOU be speaking JAPANESE or GERMAN but for VETS?
    Studied the Battle of Midway? It took YEARS & MANY LIVES for the USN to
    get DECENT torpedos. Thanks again for helping JHU- done anything for
    VETS lately?
    ALGORE- RUSH (who promptly years ago mentioned the (DEM?) chap who
    changed his tire in "my" 60 mph MIDDLE lane 35 years ago) says there is
    $17 Billion Medicaid FRAUD/YR. Comments? Any progress with up to a
    MILLION "missing" White House emails per www.JUDICIALWATCH.org? I hear a
    PRIVATE firm can find them 25 times faster than the US govt. Anything
    new new given www.ruddynews.com & that .45 hole in Ron Brown's head-
    found by a USN enlisted represented by JUDICIAL WATCH? 4 US MDs agreed
    it was a wound.
    $17 Billion/YR MEDICIAD FRAUD? Sen Breaux should recall $19 mil NO
    US APPEAL awarded to a former Green Beret after being denied purchase of
    my 74 SSA training class racks up US benefits). TAILHOOK (any RAPES,
    legs "lost"?) was worth $7 mil. $4.5 mil, net seems reasonable given 30
    years & COUNTING. Are US military officers still serving White House
    tables? Check please.
    Rev Schuller- got time to phone HRC- even I know who is in charge.
    I would like to think I know what the US military response would be
    IF we were openly, directly attacked. But, I believe I see what HAS
    happened since 92. Weren't WWII & Korea "surprise" attacks? I gladly
    defer to Norm Polmar, etc.
    "Christianity is a battle, NOT a dream"
    Wendell Phillips
    Again, I invite the reader to examine the attached links re VET
    JUST A VET...
    Kenneth A. Borig
    1860 Loch Shiel
    Baltimore MD 21234
    410 661 0040
    To: "KEN BORIG"
    Subject: Re: JUST A VET
    Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2000 14:11:33 -0500
    And here is a link that has lots of links
    I hope this helps some. The way the sites are multiplying, it is very hard
    to keep tract of them all.
    Roger Frederick
    Tricare Now the World Knows!
    Fight Against Military Injustice Web Ring
    100,000 Webpage Campaign
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "KEN BORIG" -AVBORIG@webtv.net 
    Sent: Sunday, September 03, 2000 1:25 PM
    Subject: JUST A VET
    Do you have any links to other military INJUSTICE websites?
    5/l4/74 the USN wrote "ERROR OR INJUSTICE", then I "lost" my US job.

    Kenneth A. Borig
    1860 Loch S



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