Voter fraud, again!


NOVEMBER 6, 2000

       Voter fraud, again!


Stop the presses! I mean it. Stop the election!

Something is going on in Washington and California that will have a great
impact on tomorrow's election -- and it stinks to high heaven.

Let me start by telling you how I found out about it.

A very good friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, has a long-time
live-in housekeeper from Guatemala. The housekeeper has a daughter who just
turned 18. The immigration status of both mother and daughter has been
pending for years. Papers have been filed with the Immigration and
Naturalization Service. Hearings have been held. But they are not citizens.

This is very important: The daughter has not registered to vote.

But, a few days ago, the 18-year-old got a very attractively packaged
"Dear friend" letter from Bill Clinton, paid for by the California
Democratic Party.


History in Crisis 
Vote Fraud 

Take Back Your Stolen Vote: "Votescam" Revisited
How the Controllers + media aids & abets in a conspiracy to steal elections 

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