Take a moment to picture this...


Picture that you are born into a family... but not your usual family. This family has many many families combined. Each one helping the other to take care of each other, to cook meals , to clean up, to build things, to survive.

In this family, everyone is expected to help with daily living. You all have a job, a responsibility. Each is treated fairly, and equally, and there is much love. Every day you walk with the others to the center of the home... there's a small chapel there built for daily worship of the Lord, and for Bible studies. Everyone within your family was taught early on to have respect for elders and people every where. You were shown by your family, that even outsiders that wandered in were to be treated like one of your own. Respect... love... God... teamwork...dedication... all of this, is what you've always known.

Picture yourself a small child, and every day you see the faces of the other children around you. They've always been your brothers and sisters. You've played outside together, exploring the countryside, picking flowers, playing tag. Even the names of your friends remind you of your happy days. Serenity Sea Jones was angelic in her smile, she was only 4... Star was 6, and made you feel happy to be alive. Hollywood Sylvia, the baby, she would giggle and giggle feeling the sun on her skin, the wind in her hair... life in her lungs. She had just turned 1 that fall....





The first time you saw a falling star was right there next to the huge water tower. You look farther down and you remember sitting by the tree with your grandfather, listening to him tell you how things were back in the 1930's and 40's when he had first come to live there. You listen to the stories about your mom when she was a little girl... or about your father when he was a teenager....


You've seen television only a few times thorough out your life... you don't eat candy and soda... and none of that bothers you. You are happy.. content...well adjusted.. respectful and most of all... you have been given love, by every one around you, every single day of your life... and you feel at total peace.










[daydream fades, as present day comes back into view]

[BATF preparing for battle, chanting]
We're the government's Mafia men, enforcers of the autocracy!
We take great
pride in our job, our skills, and our knowledge
Of how best to
create murder, mayhem, and carnage.

[BATF surrounds the home of the family, as one agent takes aim at the family pet dogs, and shoots.]

[Gun shots everywhere ring out, the family protects their home and their children, the mighty agents are falling.]


Fall out! All Agents Come back!
Disengage the Attack!

Let's quit, for God's sake. For God's sake, stop the slaughter! Please!

This isn't how it was supposed to be! Us, being forced to leave your property!??

That's fine... for now, we'll leave you be... but we will be back... you wait and see.

There is one other thing, and you really should take our assurance, someone inside Mt. Carmel better buy

*negotiation transcript of Special Agent Jim Cavanaugh telling Steve Schneider,
"someone in there should buy some fire insurance."


[Fades back into the daydream]

The days of picking flowers and chasing your friends has suddenly come to an end. Your innocence stripped in one careless moment from strangers with guns who came shooting from the sky. You see the grown ups running everywhere... you see your mom, she's scared and laying on the floor covering the baby. You are scared too. You overhear a grown up say the men outside shot and killed someone.... its hard to hear, the babies are screaming... all your friends are crying. Their moms are trying to tell them its going to be okay, but you see the fear in their faces and you know that means its NOT ok. Terrified you crawl further over and you hear someone say his name. But you are so young, you don't understand what it all means.... how can grandpa be dead? You had just kissed him good morning before breakfast. This is a nightmare come to life. You look into your moms eyes and ask... why is this happening??? Why are the strangers killing everyone? Why are they telling everyone we are bad people? What did we do mommy... did we do something wrong... was this my fault? Was it Serenity's fault? Was it....any... of our faults?

Mommy.......grandpa will never hold me again... will he.


I'm scared.....


This is where only your memories live now.... eternally.... for see, those men outside, waited 51 days before releasing an all out assault against your home and your family. You were tortured with gas for hours on end.. tanks ripped apart your world, concrete fell on your mother, your friends, the babies, and their moms...and then you were set on fire.

The terrifying part is... this is not a "tale"... this is a true story. The people you see, were very very real.
And they died in a very horrible way.
Wrongly demonized, and unjustly subjected to cruelties beyond comprehension.
Sentenced and executed without trial or jury, the cover-up began to make Americans unaware of the atrocities that were committed right before our eyes on prime time TV.
This church and its families being the test subjects of military and federal and local law enforcement combined, a clear violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.
Violations of this act is punishable by harsh fines and prison terms.
It can be authorized by only one person... the President of the United States. Why was the CIA interested in church members from Texas? CIA is forbidden to meddle in domestic issues. Clear cut violations of the law... yet the fight goes on to seal, "classify" and hide the evidence.

These people were an example.

We DO NOT torture babies with poisonous gas, to get to their parents!
The BATF, FBI, and our government, acted as judge, jury, executioner and morticians,
BEFORE any proof of guilt was established. Then they bulldozed into the flames, evidence of
THE largest domestic law enforcement tragedy in our countries history!
Is this how we preserve PRECIOUS evidence of a
massacre of innocents!?!?!

Someone that breaks the law is a criminal. Someone who murders is a murderer.
Our Constitution guarantees justice for victims...
where is the justice for THESE victims?

All surviving church members were found innocent of murder charges, and a jury ruled
they were lawfully defending themselves against an unlawful attack where deadly force
was being used against them.


The real killers still walk free.

Janet Reno: "The ghost of Waco will be with me all of my life, I will never forget Waco."

And I pledge that I will never let you... or anyone, forget Waco or their faces...
~Sharlene, Web Mistress~



The opinions and thoughts of the web mistress expressed within these pages, are of her own,
and may not represent the thinking of the surviving Branch Davidians and their theology.
My page is dedicated to the people who died, and their memory... to the survivors who endured horrors I cannot imagine, and to the REAL evidence in this case.
For some reason, no one wants anyone else to hear about it, but gradually... it's being revealed.
But also important to note, its a memorial to the scars placed on this great nation by corrupt powers that
operate and control what we hear, see and think.
This is dedicated to THOSE people that tear my freedom away day by day and think I don't notice. I noticed you. Now... watch others notice you too. I hope they all take a pledge to think for themselves, and to seek truth, and not swallow everything you tell us. I refuse to believe everything you say is true. And I refuse to look away anymore.

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