The Continuing Saga of Leo Wanta

'Wanta was buying rubles from Russia at the request of the President,
Ronald Reagan. Wanta had worked at the White House, the National
Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency and six other
government agencies during his career.


TITLE: Vreeland Faxes - Leo E. Wanta - Money Laundering
Faxed Documents
The Sixth Fax is a Summary of Transactions
Promissory Bank Notes (PBNs) are one form of bank instrument used
by countries in their nation debt financing. They are also used as
the basis of arbitrage transactions, which are illegal in the United
States, but not elsewhere. In this transaction for an overall face
value of $27.5 trillion US DOLLARS
, the PBNs have been purchased by a
consortium of funders, predominately from the Far East and Europe.
The funders have agreed to purchase the PBNs at 71.5% of their face
value, to be repaid at par in 20 years and 1 day, together with an
annual interest of 7 1/2%. The PBNs have been sold by a consortium
of some 200 banks at a cost of 61.5%. The 10.0% difference is made
up of bank fees, suppliers (collateral) fees, funding agents fees
and various commission fees, together with monies going to various
countries to fund projects.
This loan transaction is the largest ever ever put together, and some
two thirds have been completed, resulting in some 1.76 trillion
dollars worth of foreign monies having been put up for
conversation. We do not know the discount employed, but we believe
that it was between 10 and as much as 25% in some cases, hence
the remaining monies for disbursement must lie somewhere between
1.3 and 1.6 trillion US dollars, ie the United States has already
received a minimum of $150 billion dollars in "conversation" fees
The remaining monies for disbursement have been held by the US
banks, for the reasons which can only be described as fraudulent,
under the direct instruction of the US Government, for over a
year and a half. In addition, there has been a conspiracy of
misinformation, orchestrated by the highest levels of the US
Government, regarding the exact whereabouts of these monies and
the timing of their payout. These monies should have been paid
out in June, 1989, or shortly thereafter.


More Wanta Files to Help Connect the Dots....


CIA Proprietary Companies?

Cui Bono?

Which of the following companies are US government/CIA proprietary companies under USCA Title 18, Section 6, Line 11? And what is their relationship to some well-known present/former/dead government officials?


AmeriChina (Philippines) Corporation

and its relationship with Bambang Trihatmodjo?

AmeriChina Global Management Group

and its relationship with deceased DCI Bill Casey?

Aneko Credit Pte Limited (Singapore)

and its relationship with Lippo Bank?

AmeriChina Global

and its relationship with the State of Arkansas and Robert Nash?

Asian Trust Bank Limited

and its relationship with George Bush?

Asia Europa Development Group, Ltd.

and its relationship with Mochtar Riady?

White Cloud Petroleum

and its relationship with Ron Brown and Hazel O'Leary?

AmeriTrust Corporation (Missouri)

and its relationship with the White House and the U.S. Treasury?

AmeriTrust (Suisse) Societe

and its relationship with Vince Foster?

Leo E. Wanta & Associates, Inc.

and its relationship with Bill Casey and George Bush?

MiApollo Investments Ltd (Hong Kong)

and its relationship with Bill Clinton and Lloyd Bentsen?

Aneko Credit Pte Limited

and its relationship with Kuwait?

New Republic (US and Austria)

and its relationship with the Iraqi military command?




Aneko Credit -LT. Vreeland


More Wanta Files to Help Connect the Dots....-Lt. Vreeland


Anthem-Lt. Vreeland



Facsimile Transmission
9-21-97 Tom of Venice

TOM: Are you under house arrest in Wisconsin?
WANTA: Yes. It's illegal.

T: When did you go to work for the U.S. government?
W: September 20, 1963.

T: In what capacity were you hired?
W: DEA and CIA with Senator Alexander Wiley(R-WI) as my sponsor.

T: What were your overall project jobs?
W: Aerospace, munitions, and currency.

T: When did you go to work for the Republican Party?
W: 1965.

T: Did you work for the Nixon campaign in 1968?
W: Yes, with Ray Fleming in communications.

T: Did you play a role in the Indochina conflict?
W: Yes, in tank projects and "B" bombers.

T: What was your capacity or role with the president?
W: I worked in the Department of Defense.

T: Did this role continue in the Carter Administration?
W: Yes. It was non-political. My skills were in demand.

T: In 1980 when President Reagan was elected, did your role in government
W: Yes, I went to work for Jim Baker who helped me get work with Bill Casey
in the CIA special operations branch -- Black Ops.

T: What role did Vice President George Bush play?
W: He was the Supervisor of Record.

T: Please explain your operation in the old Soviet Union.
W: We dealt with the fusion bomb and the destabilization of the Soviet
economy. My partner was Kok Howie Kwong of the Chinese Secret Service.

T: The Chinese worked with the United States in the ruble destabilization?
W: You bet!

T: You were detained in Switzerland on July 7, 1993?
W: Yes. The Swiss police arrested me on Wisconsin State tax charges.

T: What happened next?
W: I spent 130 days in a dungeon.

T: What happened next?
W: Prime Minister Rabin of Israel wrote a letter to the Swiss demanding my
release, given I was chairman of the AmeriTrust account.

T: What happened next?
W: The Swiss government released me and I was sent to New York state.

T: What happened next?
W: The federal judge in New York state released me, but I was arrested by
the state of Wisconsin on the steps of the federal courthouse as I left the building.

T: This is while you were still Somalian Ambassador to Switzerland?
W: Yes, of course. I had previously been Ambassador to Canada.

T: You were in Switzerland to execute a 70 billion dollar credit for the U.S. Treasury?
W: Yes. Along with Vince Foster and Geneva Farrell. We were to meet at the
Hotel Dekpix in Switzerland.

T: What was the role of George Bush in the AmeriTrust account?
W: Bush felt he could never lose the election and would be able to grab(??)
all the money himself.

T: Of course, Clinton won the election.
W: Yes. And Vince Foster and Mickey Lee Cantor called me and drew up an
instrument for $250,000,000 for the credit of the Children's Defense Fund.

T: What about the rest of the fund?
W: There was $210 billion in the account, $250 million to the Children's
Defense Fund, $70 billion was to be assigned to the White House, and some
to be directed to foreign nations.

T: Why was Vince Foster silenced?
W: He was upset about me and felt the AmeriTrust funds were being misdirected.

T: What was Foster's role with Bill Casey?
W: The Contra/arms laundering in Arkansas.

T: What is your understanding of the role of Ken Starr?
W: Protect the Clintons.

T: Explain to us your meeting with John Brown of Little Rock, Arkansas.
W: Mr. Brown drove up to Lacrosse, Wisconsin and said he was a Registered
Agent of Ken Starr. He demanded that I give him documents in my possession.

T: Did you give him the documents?
W: Yes. I was under house arrest and felt a great deal of pressure.

T: What were the documents about?
W: They were files relating to Mena, the DEA, Barry Seal, and the Chinese
COLA accounts.

T: What do you know about Mena?
W: It involved the Arkansas Development Finance Authority run by Bob Nash
which used Mitsui Mfg Bank to launder Japanese yen.

T: What else do you know about Mena?
W: It involved Bill Clinton, George Bush, Vince Foster, Bill Hakr and Webb
Hubbell. Japanese yen was laundered through the Bank of China in exchange
for U.S. dollars.

T: What else should we know about Mena?
W: Of course Barry Seal was the pilot bringing in the drugs. He reported to Bill Casey.

T: Did George Bush know about the murder of Barry Seal?
W: You bet!

T: What about the arms operation in Arkansas?
W: Arms were shipped through Honduras through the Chinese COLAs accounts.
My partner was eventually murdered with the help of Chinese Intelligence.

T: That partner was Kwong?
W: Yes.

T: What was the role of Hillary Clinton?
W: She was president of Standard LaFarge and helped launder the arms
profits through its headquarters in Quebec, Canada.

T: There is a hearing due on the 23rd of September, 1997.
W: I am hoping that my attorney's request for a summary judgment will be accepted.

T: That would lead to your release?
W: Yes, I hope.

T: Would you testify before the Senate Intelligence or Banking Committee?
W: Certainly.

T: Thanks for your cooperation.

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and
opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those
who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible
government which is the true ruling power of our country." Edward Bernays
from a trusted source, posted at Vreeland's forum

With these thoughts in mind I would like to get down to some points that I think are fact:

1. Vreeland taken down during the Clinton admin
2. Wanta taken down during the Clinton admin
3. Look at the posts regarding others in similar position all taken down during the Clinton admin.
4. If anyone would research these situations I am of the opinion that you would learn that this
type of agent removal happened more during the Clinton admin that in any other period of time in
5. A fact to research. There have been news articles posted that a plan was presented by military
intelligence to Clinton that if they would take out five of OBL cells they could neutralize this
enemy. I am sure you all recall the first WTC event, the Cole, the African American Embassies
etc., all during the Clinton admin. I am sure all are familiar with Somalia. Military action and a
recommended take out of OBL were squashed by Clinton admin. I appreciate that there was a
plan for military action on the Presidents desk for Afganistan prior to 9/11. There is also the
likelihood that this plan may have been the same plan that was on Clintons desk. I do not know
but the facts would be better than bashing.
6. A fact that is known. In todays news there are stories about the shoulder fired missile threat. If
you research Wanta stories you will note that during the Bush Sr. admin there was a plan in place
of buying back the stingers from OBL and Afgan. In fact in the financial papers that have been
published most recently I can assure you that not all of the money was going into the hands of
private people. Part of these financial transactions were used to do such business. Can you
imagine going to the Congress for a budget increase to buy back Stingers. Give me a break.
What brought this to a close was taking Wanta down.
7. There are also stories of the Russian briefcase dirty bomb. These were also being tracked and
monies from Wanta programs used to buy. There were biological weapons in the Philippines
money was needed to buy. The programs to buy these items and the Russian briefcase dirty
bombs went bye, bye during the Clinton admin in taking down Wanta and others. WHERE DID
I question where some of the money ended up. I have stated before Marc Rich gets
pardoned and Wanta falls.
8. I realize I mention facts but I would also like to toss a hypothetical on the table and let you bash
(ha!ha!) around. From the financial sheets you have seen published there are many instances
where money was needed to pay for intelligence information. You all think you know the Lt's
personality. If his character is as some of you describe I am sure you can accept that he got
information by buying and not through charm. Some what of a joke but the fact of life is dirty
people that give up information will give up to anyone who can pay. This system of paying
virtually fell apart during the Clinton admin. During the Clinton admin there were those who
thought we could all walk around holding hands and melt into beloved brotherhood. Lets share
our weapons and technology and make everyone love each other. I do not believe anyone
questions who sold advance military technology to China. While we were selling technology,
making paper chase funny loans to Mexico, ignoring South America and blowing up Bosnia. Our
intelligence system fell apart.
9. Look at the Phoenix report and the info from the FBI in Minneapolis. The recent letter from the
female FBI agent to Mueller clearly describes an effort to go to the FBI and when that failed an
attempt was made to go to the CIA and the agents were scolded. When did these two events
happen. Not the disclosure of
the information. When did the events arise.
10. Look at the FBI wiretap story on the taps being tossed out. When did this happen.
11. Does anyone really know the true story on the 250 or more FBI files that just popped up at the
White House.
12. I have heard several posts about the list of tenants and vacancies at the WTC on 9/11. Are
there any records of offices that may have had active leases and there is a probability some
entire offices may not have shown up for work on 9/11.
13. What happened to the 1995 report sent to USA by the Philippines specifically describing plans
given to them by an arrested terrorist in Manila to use commercial aircraft as weapons against
USA targets.
14. I am sure the congressional intelligence committees received much of this information. What
did they do with it? Someone must have been in a position to present reasons for them to
discount such information.


More info on Wanta from board:

Dear Vreeland:

I have been reading information concerning your situation for some period of time. On one or
more instances you have mentioned other individuals associated with the USG that have (in a
manner similar to your situation) been subjected to gross injustice. It is apparent that this gross
injustice is not orchestrated by common staff people.

During the past year or more I have become associated with the legal team working with one
such individual by the name of Leo Wanta who I believe you have referenced on one or more

On many instances your site and others make reference to information and disinformation.
Similar to yourself there are several web references to Wanta. If one was to look at information
on Wanta and accept the disinformation it would be necessary at the same time to assume
Wanta's problems in the legal arena would extend far and beyond a State of Wisconsin civil tax
assessment turned into a criminal tax case and would expand to US Justice Dept investigations
and international law issues. The disinformation overshadows the issues with the State of
Wisconsin and even the most hardened skeptic would need to take notice.

I would offer a few points for your consideration:

a. Wanta filed amended State tax returns in 1991. Part of the years included are 1988 and 1989.
The first line of entry on Wisconsin State return sets the basis for any tax owed in the State of
Wisconsin. The first line entry relates to your 1040 return. For the 1989 return Wanta puts a slash
on line item 1 and makes note that attached is a letter from the IRS informing Wanta that for the
year 1989 Wanta has no Federal tax liability. Wanta puts a slash at the same point for the 1988
return. When Wanta is charged and there is a "0" placed where Wanta put the slash. Wisconsin
revenue agent at the trial of Wanta admits entering the "0" on Wanta's state tax returns. The
assessment that the State claimed against Wanta is for $14,000 plus dollars. Wanta paid this
assessment under protest twice. Yes twice for a total of in excess of $28,000. The state
continued to claim at his trial etc. that he failed to pay anything. Wanta is convicted and
sentenced to loss of 22 years of freedom. 8 years in and 14 probation. Wanta is sentenced in
1995. The prosecutor in a letter to the judge represents Wanta has never paid anything to the
State. There is unquestionable documentation from cancelled check and bank wire that reflect
otherwise. In fact a print out from the State shows that in December of 1995 Wanta only owed the
state $00.15. Yes there is verifiable and confirming information for the claims and
representations made above. At the criminal trial of Wanta the prosecutor makes reference to a
book entitled "Thieves World" and stated that Wanta was an international swindler that had
bilked billions of dollars from investors and not paid one dime of tax. If this is true where have
these investors been over the last ten years. Not one has come forth to question Wanta. If he
bilked billions and spent on himself I would anticipate a letter from the IRS other than advising
no tax is owed.

b. Wanta is in Switzerland in June of 1993. Confirmed that he met with Vince Foster and set
$250,000,000 into the Children's Defense Fund. Who is the head of this fund? At the same time
Wanta is working with two other ops implementing instructions to "bring in Marc Rich". What a
coincidence. Wanta is arrested by Swiss authorities and held in prison for 134 days and as time
marches on Marc Rich receives a pardon.

c. Wanta becomes the Ambassador from Somalia to Canada and Switzerland. In advance of the
Clinton administration arrangements are made for US navy and others to use Somalia deep water
ports for refueling etc and arrangement is made for other branches of military to use local
Somalia air bases. As part of said strategy Operation Restore Hope is to be expanded with
revenue from the sale of 90,000,000 barrels of oil contributed by a Middle East source and
bought by USA to be used for humanitarian purposes in Somalia. Oil comes to Houston, payment
is facilitated through White Cloud Petroleum and no money goes to Somalia. There are many
interesting details during the history referenced herein and can substantially fill in the blanks
and add more than mere speculation to what unspoken from the inferences in the movie
BlackHawk Down.

d. People seem surprised to read of your advanced information on 9/11. I suspect they would
even be more surprised that leads and intel information goes back prior to the Clinton
administration. As example look at the information forwarded from the Philippine authorities to
USA in 1995. The interest in this information did not just spring up in 1995. The interest in the
terrorists had been ongoing for years. Look into the background and history of Wanta dealings in
Philippines. RM 20/20, repurchase of Stinger Missiles, Russian Fusion Bomb, remodeling of Dr.
Lutz bio lab in Switzerland etc., etc., etc., all tie back to history of present problems and bring to
the dance the same players we are looking to either uproot or stop today. Maybe the reason the
networking on any advanced knowledge broke down during the Clinton admin is that the people
orchestrating the networking were locked up or shut down.

e. At one time there was an agreement for Israel/PLO peace. Recently PLO leader mentioned.
Rabin signed and would it surprise anyone to know $10B divided 5 to each side was part of the
agreement and the same was never paid. What caused this situation to fall apart during Clinton
administration. It is probably assumed that letters from Rabin to Wanta questioning this situation
is because Rabin was part of the con job done world wide by Wanta. Is it mere coincidence that
Wanta was a witness signer to the reference peace agreement?

f. Wanta worked the PRC and Asia for years. Prior to the Clinton administration sophisticated
system to monitor technology going to Korea, China other parts of Asia were in place. At end of
Bush senior admin China had limited long distance strike capability. In fact within four months
they had 4 lift off explosions in the early 90's. This was a continual problem into the mid 90's and
then all of a sudden success. During Clinton admin they learn for some unknown reasons how to
develop their technology for long distance strikes. How interesting Dr. Lee, case dropped and
presiding judge while sealing the file suggests that maybe the Executive Branch of the USG
should be investigated.

I could ramble on and on. If there is question how the above pertains to you etc I suggest people
look at who was in the oval office when you went down and who was in the oval office when
Wanta and others went down. The present administration had been in office for 9 months. Yes
there may have been information floating around but with all known today look at whose
administration broke down the system and failed to act responsibly. Maybe the concept of "New
World Order" and wanting or thinking one could step to the throne with oil and big, big money is
really the crime of 3000 American lives being wrongfully lost on 9/11 and not an overt
orchestrated action of one or more cooperating world powers conspiring to tumble the USA.
Instead of looking to others to place blame and who planned or participated is there not a
potential that through our own stupidity and foolish greed by those at the top that rouge parties
both within and without took advantage and moved forth on the advantage. Put another way if
outside powers not all that charmed by Clinton and halfbright saw our weakness, realized there
were leads out there and we were ignoring so they just sat back and watched what happened. I
am sure there are those that could even make the Canadians look like they participated if that
was a desire within the power book plan of things. In the real realm of things maybe where we
need to look is within the four corners of the USA to place blame, clean up our own system and
look to what concept of how to Clinton run the White House maybe not intentionally but at the
very least through gross negligence allowed us into this situation.

I could go on and on. The point is people should realize there are documents on top of
documents on top of files that substantiate, confirm, verify and endorse what both you and Wanta
represent. I am not saying you are the same as Wanta or participated with Wanta. The issue is the
current administration has the opportunity to set things right and clean up the best in a manner
that respects the rule of law.

I look forward to what comments you have in regard to what I have written and my thoughts.



Topic: White Water

Leo Wanta: Explosive Evidence in Foster Case and Corruption in Washington

CAS Mailing List
07/21/97 Tom from Venice on Putnam & Briem Shows

The Continuing Saga of Leo Wanta

There is an individual who calls in to the Putnam and Briem shows.
He refers to himself as Tom from Venice. [Venice, California] Putnam remarks
from time-to-time about Tom's high level Democrat contacts. Putnam seems to feel
that Tom has a fair amount of credibility. And Tom does seem to get his hands on
timely and not publicly known information.

On August 19 and 20, Tom phoned in to the Putnam program and then
the Briem program, respectively. The following information was offered up
with the report that documents in-hand confirmed it's validity.
I apologize in advance for the hodgepodge posting. I gleaned it from two
different shows. It may be a little jumbled. But it's late, and this will
have to do.

I can neither confirm or dispute the information. It may be very
accurate. Then again, it may not be. I merely present it for your access. Any references
to 'we now know' or similar statements, should be viewed as having been stated by Tom
from Venice.

Documents were provided to Putnam by Tom, that support Tom's
conclusion that there's a potential meltdown on the horizon in Washington, D.C.
Even though our main stream press doesn't want to cover it.

Under house arrest in Switzerland at this time is the former
Somali Ambassador to Switzerland, Leo Wanta. Mr. Wanta is a supposed lifetime operative
of the CIA, and a United States Citizen. Mr. Wanta did work for George Bush and
Republican party partisans. Wanta was appointed Ambassador on behalf of the Somalis
in April of 1993.

Wanta goes back a long time in association with our government.
Before becoming the Somali Ambassador to Switzerland, he was Ambassador to Canada on
behalf of the Somalis. But even before this, he worked his entire life in the
Republican party, supported Ronald Reagan, then was hired by George Bush.

Here we have a United States Citizen who worked for the CIA, the
Department of the Treasury, the US Customs Service, the US State Department, and the
NSA being appointed the Ambassador of a foreign nation.

Tom was in contact with Mr. Wanta's attorney. Documents were
provided to Tom who passed them on to Putnam. Putnam admitted to having received
these documents.

Now Mr. Wanta was in Switzerland one month prior to Vince Foster's
death which was ruled a suicide by Starr, but we have yet to see his
documentation and justifications for his conclusions.

Mr. Wanta has documents showing that Vince Foster made
reservations for him and a Geneva Ferelle at the Hotel De La Pleau in Geneva, Switzerland.
Mr. Ferelle is believed to work for the Italian Secret Police.

Carrying a valise with bearer bonds, Mr. Wanta met with Foster at
the hotel. Bearer bonds are immediately negotiable and could be tendered at a bank
in Switzerland. [most likely any bank in Switzerland]

According to a White House document by FBI Agent Frank B. Ingram,
Attorney Foster, Attorney Marvin Grobmeyer, and Secretary Donna Shalala are
still holding a copy of Foster's letter of intent to meet Wanta, visa vi a
$250,000,000 Ameritrust Corporation withdrawal to be placed in the Children's Defense

Tom states that Wanta was essentially mascaradeing as the Somali
Ambassador to Switzerland, while working for the United States Government. He
was doing this with full knowledge that he was helping the government with anational
security situation.

What we now know from the Ingram memo, which is an accurate memo
and not a forgery, specifically referring to paragraph nine at this point,
is that Ingram refers to Mao Palo Limited Investments of Hong Kong, and states that he
believes that MIA funds should be re- allocated to the investigation of the death of
Foster. Ingram further states that, "We now believe that Credit Swiss is either
indirectly or directly connected to Foster's demise.

Tom continues by referencing the Mao Palo Limited [Hong Kong based
Chinese Slush funds] funds as being intelligence community related. And speaks
of documents in his possession that reveal Japanese laundered Yen currency in it's
direction by way of the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. [ADFA] These documents may
implicate Clinton... Bush... and possibly the Secretary of the Treasury at
that time, Mr. Bensen. Tom references a document at this point that shows billions headed
toward Mao Pala.

Specialist in counter-intelligence FBI Agent Frank B. Ingram's signature appears on a
document reportedly confirming that Vince Foster did arrive in Switzerland on July 7,
1993. Foster arrived in Switzerland with an irrevocable bank transfer. This bank
transfer was to facilitate a withdrawal of $250,000,000 from an
Ameritrust Corporation account kept in Switzerland. Which Wanta also had a
controlling interest in, as well as George Bush.

According to this FBI document these funds were withdrawn for the
purpose of being deposited at a later time in the Children's Defense Fund. Of
course the Chairman of the Children's Defense Fund was none other than Hillary Rhodam.

Other documents obtained, show involvement with this account in
some money laundering associated with computer software leading back to

Vince Foster as you know was very heavily tied to Systematics Inc, Jackson Stevens...
[interrupted here]

Host had a scheduled guest appearing in a couple of minutes, and
had to cut this short. But Tom concluded by stating that he feels that the two NSA
binders removed from Foster's office by Deborah Ghoram, contained information relating
to Promise Software, and a $47,000,000 wire transfer that took place in 1988,
which Tom feels was related to laundered money associated with Systematics and
Steven's Inc.

Regarding Kenneth Starr, evidently Wanta was facing Wisconsin tax charges. He
made contact with Starr for representation. Within a week of Wanta
contacting Starr, Mr. Starr was hired by the Wisconsin Education Department, with
which Donna Shalala is closely connected.

Tom also stated that he didn't get pleasure out of bringing to
light information that might reflect poorly on the intelligence community. He felt those
agencies had been set up to support our nation. But they had been abused by greedy
individuals has subverted those organizations to their own benefit, blackmailing
anyone who could blow the lid off their operation.

Tom wanted people to seriously consider two words.

Washington Mafioso


Sarah McClendon
on or about 8-24-97 Sarah McClendon


3133 Connecticut Avenue
Suite 215
Washington, D.C. 20008

By Sarah McClendon

Washington, D.C. --- Leo Wanta, whose purchase of huge sums in Russian
rubles is credited with bringing down the Soviet Union in the Cold
War, will be put through a third party lunacy test in Madison,
Wisconsin circuit court on Tuesday.
He has successfully been declared
of sound mind in two previous lunacy tests under the Wisconsin state
attorney general's office. His own attorney, James Shellow of Madison,
Wis., is instituting this test. Shellow says that under the rules for
attorneys in Wisconsin he has to notify the court that he thinks the
lunacy test should be given. Shellow admits to being a former attorney
for a deceased Mafia chief in Wisconsin named Belistiari. Shellow
thinks Wanta will be declared sane in the upcoming hearing on Tuesday,
but Shellow claims to know nothing as to how Wisconsin was able to
extradite Wanta in chains and shackles from Switzerland, where he was
doing business with Swiss banks after having given up his citizenship
in Wisconsin. Wanta claims that he had just been made ambassador to
Switzerland and Canada when Wisconsin state officials seized him
bodily in Switzerland. Wanta claims that they took his briefcase from
him at that time which contained billions in Treasury bills and
Promise software technical equipment which the U.S. was using to get
inside information about foreign treasuries.

Although the briefcase was taken by Wisconsin authorities in 1993, it
has never been returned to Wanta nor has he any knowledge of what
happened to its contents.

The charge is that he owed Wisconsin originally approximately $14,000.
He claims to have paid back that amount in 1992. The state attorney
general's office seized his house worth $120,000 and sold it for
$60,000, but there is no record of this in the Department of Revenue
in Wisconsin nor is there any trace of the proceeds from the sale.

Wanta was buying rubles from Russia at the request of the President,
Ronald Reagan. Wanta had worked at the White House, the National
Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency and six other
government agencies during his career.

He and President George Bush set up the Ameritrust account in the
Credite Suisse bank for the U.S. government to use in case it needed
to counter terrorists from overseas, according to Pat Cameron, Los
Angeles attorney for Wanta. Wanta says that when former president
George Bush sought to withdraw funds from the $210 billion on deposit
that Wanta, a co-signer of the account, refused to give his signature
for the withdrawal because the funds, he said, belonged to the U.S.
government, not to an individual.


Subject: More on Leo Wanta
Newsgroups: misc.activism.militia
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Date: 1997/09/08

From Sarah McClendon 9-7-97
Tel. 1-202-483-3791
Fax 1-202-328-1818

By Sara McClendon

Washington, D.C. --- Mystery increases as to how state officials
of Wisconsin can abduct a man no longer a resident, charge him with
state income tax evasion, shackle him in arm and leg irons, and
bring him back into this country and hold him in an arrest for four
years. Leo Wanta did not have an American passport as he had
surrendered that when he was named briefly ambassador to Canada
and Switzerland.

Wanta had lived in Austria since 1988 but was charged by
Wisconsin Attorney General with not having paid $14,000 in state
income taxes in 1989.

[Wanta] says he cannot get the Civil Rights Commission to
take any interest in his case. Wanta thinks now that only
President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore could free him.

He says he has paid Wisconsin the $14,000 twice but can
get no receipt. In the meantime he says he had billions of dollars
in U.S. Treasury certificates in his briefcase when taken and no
report on what state officials did with its contents.

Why does he not simply walk away from the imprisonment
which he describes as illegal?

"They would charege me with walking away without bail when
I want clearance", he said.

"But what I wonder--if state officials can do this to one
citizen, could not other citizens be in danger of a similar action
from some other state officials seeking to claim back taxes"?

The case involves why the U.S. State Department is not
seemingly interested in protecting an ambassador who alleges that
he still holds that rand and why is not the Justice Department not
interested in protecting the civil rights of this man?

Wanta refuses to buy his way out with the state officials.
He says he has billions on deposit in various companies in banks
in foreign countries but he does not wish to pay any sums to
Wisconsin authorities.

His attorney, Pat Cameron of Los Angeles, has not been
able to get any information about his repayment of taxes to the
department of revenue of Wisconsin. When the $14,000 was first
levied against him, he was sentenced to 18 years in state court
for not having paid, a sentence which Cameron described as

It looks as if this house arrest of Wanta and his refusal
to assign any of his fortune in the billions to Wisconsin as a
citizen will go on forever. He claims that he once owned a house
worth about $120,000 which the state sold for $60,000 without
giving him any return or receipt.

Wanta served nine different government agencies in the
past including the Central Intelligence Agency and the White

Capital Times (Madison, WI.)
November 21, 1995, Tuesday, ALL EDITIONS



Leo Wanta, the Appleton man who claimed to be an international businessman
with connections to government agencies but was portrayed by prosecutors as
an international con artist, will be spending the next few years in
Wisconsin prisons.

Wanta, 55, who was convicted in May of tax evasion, was given an eight-year
prison term Monday by Dane County Circuit Judge Michael Torphy, who also
ordered a six-year probation to follow.

For his part, Wanta -- described as delusional by his own attorney --
continued his scam to the end, claiming the court had no jurisdiction over
him, that he was a victim of a vicious Department of Revenue and state
Justice Department.

''I know there is a conspiracy and subterfuge here,'' Wanta said when given
a chance to speak.

At various times he has claimed to be a CIA agent, an ambassador from
Somalia, a close friend of former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush,
and an international businessman.

Assistant Attorney General Douglas Haag, who prosecuted the case, and
attorney Steven Epstein, who represented Wanta, disagreed mightily over who
Wanta was and what he should get for a sentence.

''As tax fraud cases go, this one is big-time,'' said Haag, who established
during the trial that Wanta made $ ?166,000 in 1988 and claimed to have
made nothing, and made $ ?63,000 in 1989 and claimed zero on his taxes.

Haag said that money came from a $ ?500,000 scam in which Wanta got people
to invest in a currency exchange deal.

''Mr. Wanta is in fact a con man, nothing more and nothing less,'' he said.
''He is a con man who cons con men.''

Haag said Wanta was arrested in Switzerland in 1993 for attempting an $ ?81
million bank fraud. Wanta claimed diplomatic immunity in that case,
contending he was the Somalian ambassador to Canada. The Swiss deported him
to the United States, where he was arrested in New York on the Wisconsin
tax fraud charge.

Wanta is also described in the book, ''A Thieve's World,'' as being
involved in an attempted scam involving Russian rubles.

''He is a world class con man,'' said Haag. ''A snake oil salesman. But he
was unable to sell that snake oil to the jury.''

Haag asked for a sentence of 13 years in prison and another 12 on

Epstein, on the other hand, said Wanta clearly is delusional.

He called Haag's allegations ''a lot of shadows and smoke and allegations
of wrong doing around the world,'' but pointed out Wanta has never before
been convicted of a crime.

''The portrait that has been painted by Doug Haag is not the real Leo
Wanta,'' said Epstein.

''He exists in a different world,'' Epstein said of his client. ''The fact
of the matter is he is in a different orbit,'' Epstein said, adding that
Wanta actually believes the stories he tells.

Epstein, who said the tax evasion sentences of Leona Helmsley, Michael
Milken and even the notorious Al Capone were less than Haag's
recommendation, asked Torphy to let Wanta go for the 444 days he has spent
in jail since he was arrested.

Wanta, a portly, gray-haired man, then arose and began an extended speech
in which he blamed his woes on others, cutting short his remarks only when
Torphy reminded him that the case had already been tried.

''I just want to be left alone,'' Wanta said, adding that if that was done,
''I won't sue them for false arrest.''

Torphy said he was sentencing Wanta only on the tax matter.

''I don't purport to sentence him as a con man,'' the judge said. ''I don't
purport to sentence him as a swindler.''

But he said the tax evasion was serious enough to warrant prison time and
as deterrent both to Wanta and to others.


The Strange Case of Leo Wanta

 From: Dave Feustel (
Subject: The Strange Case of Leo Wanta
View: (This is the only article in this thread) | Original Format
Date: 1997/09/15

Bulletin - 9/14/97

Update to the Strange Case of Leo Wanta

As of today (9/14/97) Ambassador Leo Wanta remains a political prisoner
in the state of Wisconsin. Wanta, not unlike Paula Jones, Billy Dale
and even Al Gore, is victim to the Clinton's unconstitutional use of
the power of the Whitehouse to punish and/or even silence people who
have information that could substantiate allegations of illegal
activities on the part of the Clintons.

1) NBC News reports today that Paula Jones and her husband are now to
be audited by the Internal Rev- enue Service. Coming on the heels of
reports that Hillary is giving orders to FBI Director Louis Freeh to
investigate people who have talked on the telephone to Vice President
Al Gore , one has to ask "Is Hillary now running the IRS too?"

2) Ambassador Wanta was illegally arrested in Switzerland by the State
of Wisconsin right before Vince Foster's death. Wanta was then
illegally extradited from Switzerland to the State of New York.

3) Strangely, in New York, all charges against Wanta were dropped by
the state of New York. Ambassador Wanta, (who also was a Somalian
ambassor to Canda) was then immediately arrested again by Wisconsin
Attorney General Jim Doyle as Wanta left the Federal Court in New
York. Wanta was then illegally extradited from the State of New York
to Wisconsin. Wanta has been under `house arrest' in Wisconsin for
over 3 years with no criminal charges filed to date by the State of
Wisconsin. This house arrest constitutes an unconstitutional criminal
confinement of Wanta by the State of Wisconsin.

4) A summary judgment hearing that would release Ambassador Wanta is
scheduled for Sept 23rd.

5) Ambassador Wanta should now be immediately released and be allowed
to testify in front of either the Senate Banking and/or Oversight
Committees. Wanta is prepared to provide some very interesting testi-
mony which might lead to the immediate arrest of certain people
involved in the investigation into Vince Foster's death as well as
others involved in the death itself.

Dave Feustel


Who is Leo Wanta? - by J. Orlin Grabbe -


Justice Denied for Leo Wanta - Received via Email 12/08/97

U.S. Dept. of the Treasury Office of Internal Affairs/Sector V-New Orleans
FROM: Ambassador Leo E. Wanta/Stillpoint.ops Diplomatic
Passport No. 04362 & 12535 Ministry of Foreign Affairs WANTA LEO EMIL

Former Naval Intelligence Officer Delmart Edward "Mike"
Vreeland warned of impending terrorist attacks a month before 9-11.


What Congress Does Not Know about Enron and 9/11


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