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American Computer Company
New secrets linking AT&T & Sandia with the Manhattan Project

Special to ACC Imagine
Cranford, NJ 07016. April 10, 1998
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A spokesperson for the American Computer Company
indicated today that based on markings on the
Shopkeepers notebooks, it has concluded that the
Majestic-12 papers leaked by the FBI, and the Top
Secret/Majic Handbook, first revealed by Stanton
Friedman in print, and indicated by Mr. Friedman as
having been leaked to him by an acquaintance in 1984,
are REAL, but not what some people may have concluded it
to be. ACC is presently searching for additional
supporting material about Majic it believes still exist
that will explain it satisfactorily, and referenced
recent FBI reports about the MJ-12 documents apparently
leaked to hide MAJIC.

ACC told a Press Conference that it all should be
interpreted in the PROPER LIGHT OF AT&T's 44 YEAR
LABS: SANDIA. The Spokesperson said MAJIC was an actual Z-Division program for contending with the possibility of military Alien Contact sidebar to the A-Bomb Tests. The Spokesperson added that the MJ-12/Majestic-12 documents were created as a phony "smoke screen" to misdirect the Soviet Union during the 60's away from hardware in the possession of the Z-Division since the 1940's, and the "ebe's" and "grays" may be clever misinformation concoctions of Military Intelligence to hide the Truth about as of yet unidentified alien species behind a cloak of deniability, by creating images that evoke the "little green men" response from the Public. The Spokesperson added that it seemed very likely that the Pentagon does have an Alien Space Craft, but will NEVER share it with the Public, formally, and will continue to leak misinformation like MJ-12 to misdirect us and hide any leaks by those who feel that keeping the Truth a secret is wrong. ACC indicated that it applauds those who leaked the Truth, as "PIONEERS IN THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM", and vows to keep up "the Pressure" on those leaking Misinformation.

Between 1947 and 1954, technologies then in the possession of the United States Government, including the Transistor, Maser, Optical Transducer, and various other technologies, were placed into development within the Z-Division of the Sandia, Lawrence Livermore, and Los Alamos National Laboratories.

Informally from 1947 to 1949, and formally, under a contract initiated by President Harry S. Truman, (click below "More Information Here" for Truman Letter), from 1949 to 1993, American Telephone & Telegraph and its divisions, Bell Laboratories and Western Electric, operated Sandia Corporation, which served as the general management of the Z-Division, and its three key laboratories, and presided over other National Laboratories, all of whom cooperated on the overall development by AT&T/WE of the United States Nuclear Umbrella, including the Nuclear Bombs and Reactors, their research and development, the assembly, the creation of Nuclear Materials for the bomb, their storage and deployment, and the various delivery systems, and war strategies for their creation, AND the defense against them. To that end, Western Electric and numerous subcontractors, many of them "outside subsidiaries" created by AT&T, operated the ENTIRE NUCLEAR ARSENAL, ITS DELIVERY SYSTEMS, MILITARY TRAINING, MATERIALS HANDLING and every other related activity.

Within the Research Labs of the Z-Division, had come some materials obtained by the Department of the Army / Pentagon, without any explanation given, materials presumed to be from a foreign government by Bell Labs and AT&T. However, before long, it became quite clear that that foreign government was far from an earthbound government.

As the CENTRAL CONTROL MANAGEMENT of the entire atomic physics, nuclear weapons and aerospace military industrial complex, AT&T was in a very unique position. For the next 45 years, AT&T literally gained unbelievable technological advances from the fundamental research and development into physics, semiconductors, and materials needed for the Nuclear Defense of America.

The materials Z-Division maintained were originally kept NEAR or AT Sandia National Laboratories. This is key, because Sandia Corporation, which maintained the Laboratories involved, was a SUBSIDIARY of AT&T (today, it has been transferred to Lockheed Martin, the Aerospace Giant).

It has been suggested by many, that some kind of "Shadow Government" was afoot, based on evaluation of papers like MJ-12, and the Majic Manual.

Presidents Truman and Eisenhower, however, are the source of this perception.

Both Presidents gave AT&T the "keys to the vehicle", ordering the ENTIRE US MILITARY STRUCTURE to
work very closely with AT&T, Sandia and the Laboratories it was feeding and managing, and to be responsible to AT&T's management who, in essence, was given the means to "Run the Whole Show" regarding the R&D, Development, Delivery, Defense and Deployment, both of the Nuclear Weapons, Aerospace and Ground Weapons for their delivery, Space Defenses and Radar, and innumerable other projects, including the development of Super Fast Computers and Communications to make it all possible to beat "the Russians"

From 1949 to 1993, AT&T operated the United States Nuclear Attack and Defense Umbrella and ALL OF ITS MILITARY Support was subservient to AT&T, including
NORAD, much of the Air Force, a lot of the Army, the top brass at the Pentagon, parts of the CIA, FBI and NSA, and the DIA and OSI, all of which reported, defacto, to the Management contracted to run Sandia Corp and, ultimately, the Nuclear Bomb and Defense Projects.

In addition, AT&T, as a prime provider of the Government telephone systems, and thousands of other contracts, was placed into so great a position of power, that its capabilities ACTUALLY TRANSCENDED the power of our Government in many ways. It is very likely that this transcendence actually VIOLATED CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, because the powers AT&T wielded were well beyond that a civilian, non-government business is ordinarily supposed to wield. Such led to an enormous erosion of the combined work of the US National Laboratory efforts which became indivisible with AT&T's own, and ended up giving AT&T an enormous lead in semiconductors, advanced physics and communications, which it wields today through its enormous network of outside subsidiaries. In the lee of the end of the Cold War, AT&T has downsized its management efforts, eliminating companies like NCR in Dayton, Digital, sold to Compaq, and diminishing its internal operating management by the spinning off of Lucent Technologies, Inc into a public company including the Western Electric and Bell Laboratories assets that survived the enormous reduction in budgets that had been feeding them.

In addition, AT&T is continuing to play a key role in the long term development of technologies beneficial to its subsidiaries like Motorola, by integrating relationships with the laboratories using the auspices of "public funding" to develop technologies like Extreme Wavelength Ultra Violet Lithography, crucial to the development of microprocessors with Gate Sizes smaller than .13 Micron, just one short generation beyond where our fastest military microprocessors are today.

For 44 Years AT&T Built the US Nuclear Arsenal (Click below "More Information Here".

And, AT&T has enormous Power we have to recognize. Click below for a History of AT&T R&D since the 1800's (note the lack of any mention of Sandia). AT&T is in control of spin off Lucent Technologies ( Click below for a History of Lucent R&D ), and has "outside subsidiary" relationships over many companies, such as Motorola, purchased secretly in 1947 ( Click below for the "official" history of
Motorola, which makes no mention of the AT&T
connection), and Sun Microsystems.

After acquiring the Truman Contract to operate SANDIA NATIONAL LAB, AT&T had discretion to classify as Top Secret virtually any project it felt was essential for the Nuclear Defense. (Click below for an interesting parable by Sandia). And, AT&T could whisper in congressional ears, the President's ears and Military Ears and coordinate nearly any form of political, legal or legislative effort it chose to. In the final analysis, it seems very likely that AT&T even thought to protect itself from being determined at the core of what we are now calling the "Nuclear Conspiracy", by having itself decentralized and broken into parts, eliminating the likelihood that International Competition in telecommunications and technology, could ever permanently harm AT&T. It seems probable that AT&T and Lucent have continued to use that power sparingly to maintain a defacto monopoly over most of the WEB, through various clever intellectual property schemes involving JAVA (Sun is another AT&T related company, as is Netscape), and Internet Protocol, which was integrally evolved by Digital Equipment and AT&T for the Defense / Advanced Research Projects Agency originally, Digital being another AT&T related company, recently bought by Compaq. Hence, commercialization of the formerly defense oriented Internet has become critical for the future of AT&T, and its "children", and so one can begin to understand where much of the impetus to attack Microsoft through the "antiTrust" system of justice and lawsuits over its effort to carve out a big piece of Internet Commerce, has come from. It is very difficult to detect where and how AT&T plays a role in business and government. After 40 years of operating the US Nuclear Umbrella, and a Century of operating the US Telephone and Telecommunications Networks, the lines between AT&T and same have probably become undetectable in many ways and in many sectors of society.

We have the feeling that AT&T could get implemented ANYTHING IT WANTED from 1949 to 1992. It seems very likely that the MAJIC project group and its manual, hidden for so long, represent an actual Military
Operation organized for reasons AT&T knows, in 1952, after the Air Force and AT&T concluded that the United States and Planet Earth were at risk to possible INVASION by a Foreign Power of unusual nature, to whit, that it did not originate here in our Solar System. Whether this was a real threat or a perceived threat is unknown.

According to a qualified source, there have been over 200+ confirmed MILITARY SIGHTINGS of unknown craft entering Earth Orbit and/or the Earth's Atmosphere, which have NEVER BEEN REPORTED TO THE PUBLIC, between 1945 and 1995, many of them around the time that AT&T and the US Military and the Russian Military set off High Altitude and Ground Based Nuclear Blasts. It is thought that such Blasts may operate, in our Space Time Continuum, like something of a "Signal Flare" in the Cosmos.

Aside from the Roswell, Corona and Texas incidents in the late 40's and early 50's, which have been attributed to lack of "alien knowledge" of our Atmospheric Conditions, the many hundreds of confirmed MILITARY SIGHTINGS of unknown craft, have been very carefully watched by a descendent of the original MAJIC Project Team - called E-2, for want of a better name, which is charged with investigating and verifying ANY and ALL KNOWN INCIDENTS involving confirmed "potential alien" craft in near earth orbit, or
transatmospheric/atmospheric flight paths, and any landings. All so-called "confirmed hits" are being centrally categorized in an electronic center somewhere in the United States in what is called "The Center For Alien Information Control" (CAIC), presumed to be located at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

A special team of OSI Agents of the Military Services, is responsible for "ground security" - the investigation of any reports of sightings or other unexplained phenomena, and for adding to the growing catalog of "CAIC" information, postulates and conclusions. In addition, the OSI Agents are charged with recruitment of "counter intelligence and control" operatives, typically lower echelon military or ex-military personnel, who are charged with the job of "cleanup" - in the information control sense - causing interference with civilian reports and analysis, to maintain the "full value" of the intelligence gathered by CAIC, and to keep public knowledge of the effort at an absolute minimum.

The United States Military does, apparently, have some kind of hardware in its possession which could be extraterrestrial in origin, as much as this comes as a surprise to American Computer Company. Interestingly, since about 1968, Rome AFB, identified as a possible storage site for the alleged UFO has quietly and formally served as the Military/Business Conference Center, for Sandia and related Labs to exhibit their wares to interested "technology transfer" partners. Click "More Information Here" below for information about GOMAC. Here is an example of a search of the Information Directorate at the Rome Lab at the Airbase, (the bottom article describes just one example of joint research between Bell Telephone Laboratories and Oak Ridge Labs stored at the Library of the ID, available for technology commercialization, in this case 1970 research into "ferroelectricity"). Click link below for this sample list of now PUBLIC DOMAIN research tomes of interest at Rome Labs. One may assume that hundreds of thousands of such projects took place between 1947 and the modern era.

The network of information flow within AT&T and Lockheed Martin, and within the OSI and the Pentagon, that involved American Computer Company in the epicenter of this controversy, has been very carefully investigated and analyzed. It is clear that all four sources are responsible for the leaks we have gathered, ranging from the information about the Shopkeeper's Notebook, the top secret Skystation Space Platform that the US and Russia are both aware of, but which the public had no idea was "up there", and various other facts, including the knowledge that led to our understanding of what MAJIC and what the CAIC and E2 are, along with the rapid awareness of who was behind antagonistic assaults on ACC and its WEB.

To some degree our work on the Valkyrie Supercomputer runs into some degree of competitiveness with the DOE's Parallel Computation Projects at Sandia, such as the Teraflops Supercomputer and ISIS++ software which provides simultaneous sparse linear equation solutions applicable to many fields of science.

Our conclusion? The United States Government can not lower its standard of international politics, to state to all the world that Aliens from another "world" have come here to observe us.

The US Government can not go public, unless and until such Aliens from another "world" suddenly emerged in environmental hazard suits and trotted down Pennsylvania Avenue to shake Bill Clinton's hand, on National Television.

However, many PERSONNEL employed by the various entities, along with their various and sundry managers, including those at AT&T which are equally unwilling to reveal their historical role RUNNING the United States Nuclear Umbrella, as they are to reveal how Alien Technologies and Knowledge may have come into their possession are not, inherently, BAD PEOPLE.

Accordingly, they have found this simple means by which to tell all of us the Truth, despite how Politically Impossible. Here we have PEOPLE who suspect, for instance, that their are Artificially Created Features on Mars, but can not prove it, PEOPLE who have personal knowledge of whatever IS in the possession of the Government that may never be DECLASSIFIED. People of conscience who have managed to get the word out, nonetheless.

Here is the MAJIC Brochure, approximately two years after an alleged "alien ambassador" may have died in the hands of the Air Force charged with his (or her) care. (Click link below.)

It is interesting to note that recently, theologists at the Vatican have begun to debate the "Alien Question".

For some of SANDIA CORPORATION's History, just the "politically sanitized version" courtesy of Sandia, click link below.

The political ramifications of AT&T's enormous role in the National Defense is at once both frightening and laudable. We can thank them for PREVENTING Nuclear Holocaust. We can criticize them for POLLUTING our planet with an enormous amount of radioactive waste and fallout. We can even condemn them for failing to tell us that Shockley, Bardeen and Brittain were just very good "Science Analysts" - the First Transistor really should have been called the First Transistor built by Humanity.

The political ramifications of those who have steadied a leak of enormous proportion through the United States National Security Net, without being detected is also laudable.

We at American Computer want everyone to consider the full implications.

It has very little to do with US at ACC. We undertook to try to find out WHAT THE TRUTH REALLY IS. To that end, we started releasing concepts from the Notebook hoping to rock a boat to the point, that the facts suddenly emerged. But, we are convinced at this point, that the facts which have been leaked, are about as far as anyone will get, until a later time in Human History.

The truth is not "out there", the truth is: the Government, the Military and AT&T CAN'T or WON'T TELL US OPENLY. But, they wanted us to know, NONETHELESS. And so, they found a way, for all those with the spirit of space in their blood, the openness of mind to let it in, and the intelligence not to act childishly and assault the messengers.

And now, we all do know the Truth.

We Are Not Alone.

That is all...

More Information Here

(c) Copyright 1998. American Computer Company. All Rights Reserved.
The above Opinion is not neccessarily that of American Computer Company.

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Branton files:

"Commander X", a self-alleged member of a government
intelligence network called "THE COMMITTE OF 12", who are devoted to defending the Earth and preserving our constitutional Freedoms, mentioned the following details that he and other associates of his had uncovered:

"...The underground...base outside of Dulce, New Mexico, is perhaps the one MOST FREQUENTLY referred to. It's existence is most widely known, including several UFO abductees who have apparently been taken there for examination and then either man-
aged to escape or were freed just in the nick of time by friendly ... forces. "According to UFO conspiracy buff and ex-Naval Intelligence Officer Milton (William) Cooper, '...a confrontation broke out between the human scientists and the Aliens at the Dulce under-ground lab. The Aliens took many of our scientists hostage. Delta Forces were sent in to free them but they were no match for the Alien weapons. Sixty-six people were killed during this action. As a result we withdrew from all joint projects for at least two
years...' "CENTURIES AGO, SURFACE PEOPLE (some say the ILLUMINATI) entered into a pact with an 'Alien nation' HIDDEN WITHIN THE EARTH." Commander X alleges. "The U.S. Government, in 1933 agreed to trade animals in exchange for high-tech knowledge, and to allow them to use (undisturbed) UNDER-GROUND BASES, in the Western U.S.A. A special group was formed to deal with the 'Alien' beings. In the 1940's 'Alien Life Forms' (ALF) began shifting their focus of operations, FROM CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA, TO THE U.S.A. "The CONTINENTAL DIVIDE is vital to these 'entities.' Part of this has to do with magnetics (substrata rock) and high energy states (plasma)... This area has a very high concentration of lightning activity; underground waterways and cavern systems; fields of atmospheric ions; etc..."

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