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From: Gary Stauffer


Dear Editor    The following Web Site is the Socialist Party U.S.A. The following Web Site is the 3rd Way
Socialist Party also part of Socialist International which is part of Socialist
Party U.S.A. < their organization.
their publication. There are 70 members
of the 3rd way in U.S. Congress. The third way wants to merge Capitalism and
Communism to produce Socialism.
Not just in the U.S. but World-Wide. There are 54 members of the Democratic
Socialists of America in U.S.Congress.  The 3rd why believes in World Trade and
Corporate Controlled Economy.  While the Socialist Caucus wants to bust up the
Corporate Structure and allow the World Government to have total control of the
World Economy. But even though they have their difference's they do see eye to
eye on most Socialists Issue's.  Such as Global Gun Control. By going go to links you will see all the Government links listed.
Congress, and Senate and so on. After looking at the many bills in the Congress
and Senate you will see there is resistance to this New World Order, which is a
Socialist movement.  You will see by examining the Committees that the
Socialists want to Ban Guns. All you need to do is look at the bill Sponsors and
Compare the members list of the Socialists Party U.S.A. and the third ways
Members list. Then you will see absolute proof who is behind Gun Control.
The 3rd way members are pushing every bill along with the so-called Democratic
   The Media uses the word Democratic Caucus as a way to hide publicly who the
Democratic Socialist Caucus really is. One must ask how did these people get
into congress?  Have major Control of Congress?   Where is that Watch-Dog media?
Why are they open about it? Well the answer to that is they are not open. Open
means the information you receive and I receive comes from the boob tube. CNN,
ABC, NBC and CBS. Is this press controlled?
   While some parts of Congress appears to be struggling to keep us out of
Global Control the other is struggling to put us under Global Control.
Meanwhile the President writes executive order one after the other without the
Consent of Congress or the Senate.
   For example in a trip abroad Last year President Clinton Issued a New
Executive order from the Embassy in England.  He didn't give it an order number
he gave it a name. It was posted on the White House Virtual Library.  Someone
found it on the Net. It was pick up by all the major right wing talk shows on
AM.  This executive order was called the Federalism executive order. It took
the states rights away from being self Governing.
The public out cry was so loud that President Clinton issued a suspension order
to Suspend the Federalism order.  6 months ago he lifted the suspension. It is
now law. The socialist wants to make regional Government. Do away with State
Boundaries. Where is the Public out cry now. So it appears to people there is a
struggle while really behind the Curtain there is not. There is 3 Governors
running for U.S. Senate this year. One is here In Missouri. These 3 are members
of the third way Socialist Party. Thousands of Americans
have died or been maimed in wars to stop the spread of Communism and Socialism.
Look how we now honor their memory.  The Ohio Chapter of the Socialist Party
Defines Democracy As Socialism and Democracy are one and Indivisible. Democracy
in Daily Life is the Core of Socialism. 
   In next several weeks the caucuses will be held and delegates chosen to go to
the State Elections. I'm calling for all you who doubt what I have written here
look for yourself.
   I'm calling for the church's to put aside their differences and talk to your
Assemble your people to the Local Caucus and sent delegates who are not
socialists to the State.
   This maybe the last year we will have open elections. If we stand together in
Unity They can't subdue us. If we stand in apathy and divided we will fall.

The other sources for the world-wide Third Way can be found on
Search term "The New Democrat"

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Subject: Principles of the Socialist Party USA Socialism and democracy are one and indivisible. The Socialist Party is democratic, with its structure
and practices visible and accessible to all members. We reject dogma and promote internal debate.
The Socialist Democracy in daily life is the core of our socialism!!

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