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What started it all...........
The breakthrough for signals from the internet on the phone began with
the Carterfone decision in 1968, founded by Tom Carter, Dallas, Texas.
Jim Devlin, Then Data Automation, purchased The Carterphone Modem and
later was the founder of WORLDCOM - Dallas, TX

SUPREME COURT RULED..."The Carterfone Decision"
1968 -- The FCC issues a landmark ruling that the
Carterfone, invented by Dallas businessman Tom
Carter, and other customer devices could be
attached to telephones in AT&T's national telephone
network, creating substantial new business
opportunities in telecommunications.

"dogmonsterboy" - wrote:

Just South of  George W. Bush Turnpike
"The Telecom Corridor®
Is one of the most distinctive high tech areas in the world.

Its origin and growth were the result of a number of fortuitous
happenings. 1972 -- MCI
locates its first facility in Richardson. As MCI grows, it attracts
suppliers of telecommunications equipment to Richardson. 1989 -- MCI
announces the relocation to Richardson of 1,000 employees along with
the bulk of its network engineering operations. 1999 -- DART committed
to building a fourth passenger rail station in Richardson just south
of  George W. Bush Turnpike.

"William Conway Jr., former chief financial officer of MCI
Communications, hooked up at New York's
Carlyle hotel in 1987 to form the company, the Carlyle Group spent two
lost years investing in a hodgepodge of companies. It wasn't until
1989, when the company brought in Mr. Carlucci, fresh off his two-year
stint as U.S. secretary of defense, that Carlyle got serious in
government. In 1991 the company made a name for itself by facilitating
a $590 million purchase of Citicorp stock for Prince Alwaleed bin
Talal. Shortly thereafter, Carlyle snatched up defense contractors
Harsco, BDM International, and LTV, turning the companies around and
selling them to the likes of TRW, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin. The
Carlyle Group has diversified its holdings since then, investing in
everything from bottling companies to natural-food grocers. In the
process, it has become one of the biggest, most successful
private-equity firms in business, with annualized returns of 35
percent. (Judging by the early numbers from some of their funds,
however, like many other private-equity funds, 2001 will be a
considerably less profitable year for Carlyle.) "They are the new
breed of private equity, acting more like a large mutual fund of
private companies," says David Snow, editor of

A Web site that tracks private-equity firms.

The numbers are impressive: Carlyle employs 240 people, as opposed to
the 10 or 12 typical of most private-equity firms. It has ownership
stakes in 164 companies, which collectively employ more than 70,000
people., the California Public Employees' Retirement System is in for
$305 million. Carlyle has succeeded by raising money first, then
finding the talent to manage it. For instance, it raised a fund for
buying out telecom companies and hired William Kennard, the former
U.S. Federal Communications Commission chairman, to run it. Accused
early on of being nothing more than a bunch of Washington
grip-and-grinners, Carlyle has proven its critics wrong. At a Salomon
Smith Barney private-equity conference last March, a panel of
professional investment managers were asked who the best fund managers
are. Carlyle cofounder Mr. Conway was one of two managers chosen. Like
everyone else in the United States, the group stood transfixed as the
events of September 11 unfolded. Present were former secretary of
defense Frank Carlucci, former secretary of state James Baker III, and
representatives of the bin Laden family. This was not some underground
presidential bunker or Central Intelligence Agency interrogation room.
It was the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C., the plush setting for the
annual investor conference of one of the most powerful,
well-connected, and secretive companies in the world: the Carlyle
Group. And since September 11, this little-known company has become
unexpectedly important. That the Carlyle Group had its conference on
America's darkest day was mere coincidence, but there is nothing
accidental about the cast of characters that this private-equity
powerhouse has assembled in the 14 years since its founding. Among
those associated with Carlyle are former U.S. president George Bush
Sr., former U.K. prime minister John Major, and former president of
the Philippines Fidel Ramos. And Carlyle has counted, Prince Alwaleed
bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Alsaud of Saudi Arabia, and Osama bin Laden's
family among its high-profile clientele."

"Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal reportedly believes AOL is the
'anchor' of the Internet. Billionaire Prince Alwaleed
bin Talal said Thursday that he intends  to double his investment in
America  Online (NYSE: AOL), bringing his stake to a whopping $2.05
billion (US$)"

What was Neil Bush doing in Jidda, Saudi Arabia, last week?
Officially,  (Dubya's) youngest brother was a keynote speaker at an
international business forum. (Among the main backers of the event: the
Saudi Binladin Construction Group and Prince Alwaleed bin Talal."
" Top Twenty Republican Donors with Global Consumer Brands 7.MCI
Worldcom - $1,074,608"

"Bush speaks to the 21st Century Workforce Summit at the MCI Center in
Washington, D.C., Wednesday June 20TH, ( 2001). White House photo by
Paul Morse."

"Last Friday afternoon, the Republican Party celebrated "America's
Youth" at MCI Center The afternoon was a strange neo-fascist youth
rally The myopic, faithful cult of Dubya - I have been to the other
side, observed the species in its natural habitat - wore three piece
suits  (The last time MCI Center was used for a political rally was
back in November, just before the elections; Ralph Nader packed the
place for a day of speeches) we learned about the new first lady's
passion for reading from the giant monitors that flanked the stage and
heard performances from Destiny's Child, 98 Degrees and Jessica
Simpson. Colin Powell, a few Olympians, even Dubya himself trotted out
on stage to read quick, easily digestible sound bites from the
TelePrompTers. My favorite part of the festivities, without a doubt,
was when teen pop vixen Simpson appeared, bouncing around on stage in
a shirt tied off to reveal a "compassionately conservative"
appropriate strip of perfectly-tanned midriff, flanked by her wildly
gyrating (was that, gasp, a pelvis thrust? John Ashcroft wouldn't
approve) vinyl-clad dancers. In a moment which could only be described
as scriptedly spontaneous, the exuberant Jessica urged her audience to
sing along as she changed the words of her smash pop hit "Boy, I think
that I'm in love with you" to "George, I think that I'm in love with
you." Seem weird, even a bit creepy? I thought it was a little
sexually charged for a Republican celebration of America's Youth -
some blond vixen tossing her hair, pursing her lips, belting out a
love song to a man old enough to be her father"

"WorldCom has taken a beating in recent weeks, losing half its market
value since January 1 and its stock is trading near six-and-seven year
lows. WorldCom's CEO Bernard Ebbers felt it necessary to tell
investors ***that its exposure to Global Crossing was less than $10
million ***."

"Network operators such as Qwest Communications International Inc.
(NYSE:Q - news) and WorldCom Inc.(NasdaqNM:WCOM - news) also have
struggled as wholesale prices plunged, and business customers cut back
on technology spending in the weak economy."

"WorldCom's CEO Bernard Ebbers felt it necessary to tell investors on
Thursday at a scheduled quarterly conference call that the company had
comparatively little income reported from IRUs, that its exposure to
Global Crossing was less than $10 million, and that it had few
financial creations like the special purpose entities allegedly used
by Enron to hide debt. The Global Crossing class-action plaintiffs'
attorney points an accusatory finger at Arthur Andersen as well as
carrier itself, though without naming the accountancy in the suit.
"Look at who the accountants were. Arthur Andersen," said Joseph
Weiss, lead attorney in the class action lawsuit from Weiss and
Yourman. "Who were the accountants for Enron? Who were the accountants
for Tyco? ... I think that's all that needs to be said."

"MCI Chief Says He Repaid Debt, Borrowing From His Company Fri Feb 8, 2002
By FLOYD NORRIS The New York Times  Bernard J. Ebbers, the president
and chief executive of WorldCom, said yesterday that he had paid off
his margin loans by borrowing more than $250 million from the company
he runs. In a conference call with investors, Mr. Ebbers said that he
now owed WorldCom $339.7 million on two loans, and that WorldCom had
guaranteed an additional $35 million loan, bringing his total
obligation to the company to $374.7 million. He has the right to
borrow $24 million more from the company, he said. The debts are
secured by the value of Mr. Ebbers's investment in WorldCom, including
its MCI tracking stock. Shares of WorldCom rose 83 cents yesterday, to
$7.52, but MCI shares declined $1.45, to $7.61, on concern that it
might have to reduce its dividend next year.  At those prices, Mr.
Ebbers's stake, as disclosed in filings with the Securities and
Exchange Commission, is worth $136.1 million, or $238.6 million less
than he owes. Nearly a year ago, Mr. Ebbers owed $183.7 million to the
Bank of America and $84.6 million to WorldCom. The B. of A. loan
became payable if WorldCom stock declined as far as it has, but it is
not clear when WorldCom provided the money to pay off the loan.  Mr.
Ebbers said that he had sufficient assets other than his WorldCom and
MCI stock to pay his loans and that those assets, which he did not
identify, were now up for sale. "There is no foreseeable future where
I will have to sell my shares," he said. The conference call came
after WorldCom reported that its fourth-quarter profit fell 64
percent, to $258 million, from $725 million a year earlier. Revenue
dropped 11.5 percent, to $8.5 billion. The company also disclosed that
it would write off $15 billion to $20 billion of good will from
previous acquisitions. Mr. Ebbers was combative in the conference
call, saying there were unfounded rumors about the company. "To
question WorldCom's viability is utter nonsense," he said. "I highly
recommend everyone step back and focus on reality, rather than the
fear factor." WorldCom is split into two groups. The WorldCom Group
includes the data, Internet and international businesses. The MCI
Group tracks its small business, long-distance phone and wireless
messaging services.  The company said earnings for the WorldCom Group
were $305 million, or 10 cents a share, a 48 percent decline from $585
million, or 20 cents a share, in the quarter a year earlier. The MCI
Group reported a fourth- quarter loss of $89 million, or 75 cents a
share, in contrast to a profit of $125 million, or $1.09 a share, a
year earlier. The group's revenue fell 16 percent, to $3.2 billion.
Mr. Ebbers said MCI would be able to continue paying its quarterly
dividend of 60 cents a share this year, but he stopped short of
promising the dividend would continue indefinitely. At yesterday's
closing price, the stock yields 31.5 percent"

What A Wonderful Tool The Internet Is

"Attempts to reach Lozano in Austin were not immediately successful. 
Her attorney, Christopher Gunter, said Tuesday night: "She's
disappointed, obviously." Gunter said he has not seen the indictment
and cannot comment on the evidence. He wouldn't comment on his
client's innocence or guilt. Lozano sent the package to former Rep.
Tom Downey, who was helping Gore prepare for debates, with a note
bearing the name "Amy Smith," the indictment alleged. "I will call you
soon to find out what other materials can be useful to the VP. Good
luck. Amy," the note said, according to the indictment. Downey turned
the package over to the FBI, which began an investigation. Gore and
his staffers said they didn't know anything about how the package was
sent. The Bush camp seized on news that a Gore staffer had been
suspended for boasting about a "mole" planted in the Bush campaign.
The staffer later said he made the mole story up. A spokeswoman at
Gore's transition office could not be reached.  Downey said Tuesday he
was glad the FBI got to the bottom of the caper." OK here is the
question: is the person mentioned immediately below CHRISTOPHER GUNTER
The same person mentioned above " Her attorney, Christopher Gunter"
Anyone who can find out one way or another can help to clear up this

Please do your research carefully. Thanks. Yahoo! Insider Trades -
3-Jan-01.  Enter symbol: symbol lookup, Declared ...

(other insiders) not reported  Transactions Reported Over the Last Year
Date Shares Stock Transaction 1-Apr-00 3,000 EXUS Proposed Sale (Form
144) of Restricted Shares.

Estimated proceeds of $12,000.
Exus Networks, Inc. has offices all around the world. Our head office
is situated in New York, USA. Here is the list of our branch offices
along with contact information. See also: Locations. Head office USA
Exus Networks, Inc. 29 Broadway Suite 1110, New York, NY 10006 Tel:
1-212-514-6600 Fax: 1-212-514-6600 Email:  Branch
offices Cyprus Exus (Cyprus) Ltd. Libra Chambers, 8 Rigas Fereos St.,
3rd Floor, Room # 31A Limassol Tel: (357-5) 347-444 Fax: (357-5)
344-641 Kazakhstan Exus Kazakhstan LLP 164 Kabanbay Batyra street 5-th
floor, office 513, 480012 Almaty Tel: (7-3272) 587-755 Fax: (7-3272)
927-758 Poland Exus Poland 8, ul. Chalubinskiego, suite # 38/70,
00-613 Warsaw, Poland Tel: (48-22) 830-04-28; 830-06-51 Fax: (48-22)
830-13-13 Ukraine Exus Ukraine 5 Solomenskaya St., Suite 14, Kiev
03110 Tel: (380-44) 276-2295 Uzbekistan Exus Uzbekistan 74 Center-5,
suite 6, Tashkent 7000 Tel: (998-71)137-6392 Fax: (998-71) 234-0032 SC
Teleport 37 Pobedy Prospect. 28 Korpus, Kiev 252056 Tel: (380-44)
241-8472 Fax: (380-44) 241-8472 Partners Sharing our vision for the
future of IP based telephony and integrated communications, Exus
Networks works with some of the world's leading telecommunications,
computer and investment companies including: Cisco Systems
GlobalCenter Worldcom Global Crossing GTS Mind CTI Hughes Network
Systems Working closely with our service providers, partners and
investors enables us to successfully deliver products and services of
the highest quality to meet the needs of customers in a highly
competitive and ever evolving market.
2andSymbol=TX "E*

Announces Acquisition of Exus Networks, Inc. 12/6/00
NEW YORK, Dec 6, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- E* (OTC Bulletin
Board: ETWM) today announced that it has entered into an agreement to
acquire Exus Networks, Inc. in a stock transaction. Exus is a rapidly
growing provider of high quality, high performance global data
networking and Internet related service via Satellite to medium and
large businesses, multinational corporations and Internet service
providers. By utilizing the footprint of the most advanced Satellite
technology, Exus is afforded a serviceable marketplace that includes
Eastern Europe, Central Asia, China, Middle East, South America,
Central America and the United States. Exus Networks, Inc. is a New
York Corporation with current branch offices and subsidiaries in
Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. A partial list of
customers who have already subscribed to Exus services: Schlumberger
Logelco, Inc., Texaco Aksi, Western Geophysical Co., Newmont Mining
Corp., Amerada Hess, Mobile Oil, Lucent Technologies (Poland), ABN
Ambro Bank, Chiyoda Corp., First International Oil Corp., and the
Special Service to the President of Georgia (Ukraine)."

"Global Crossing LTD. to Hold International Telecommunications
Conference in Barcelona Starting April 6 Former United States
President George Bush to Open Conference Bermuda - March 19, 1998 -
Global Crossing Ltd., the leading private developer and owner of
transoceanic fiber optic cable systems around the world, announced
today that it would hold a three-day International Conference and
Atlantic Crossing Project Update Meeting in Barcelona, Spain,
beginning April 6, 1998." "Roster
of Insiders and Form 144 Filers - Global Crossing Ltd" ABDUL-AZIZ, TAL
Shareholder 19-Jan-01 ARAIMI, SALIM J and MOHAMED R Shareholder
21-Aug-00 BIN HAMOODAH COMPANY Shareholder 17-Apr-00 CASEY GLOBAL
HOLDINGS Shareholder 10-Apr-00 o CASEY PACIFIC HOLDINGS Shareholder
Shareholder 10-May-00 o OMAN INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Shareholder
30-May-00 PRINCETON, UNIVERSITY TTEE Shareholder 8-Aug-00 o QWEST
AEROSPACE Shareholder 6-Jun-00 Yahoo! Insider Trades - Global Crossing
Ltd ... 373 shares) Director 8-May-00. BUSH GEORGE and BARBARA
COMMUNITY PROPETY TRUST  Officer of Subsidiary Company, President,
Global Crossing Dev.Co 9-Nov-00  .

George Bush's US$ 14.4 million payoff by Global Crossing Former president
George Bush Sr. quietly took US$14.4 million for a "speech". Exactly
what did Global Crossing get or expect from the Bush Dynasty?

"Bush: Read my stock tips Former president joins telecom elite as
speech reaps $14M bonanza
March 19, 1999: LONDON (CNNfn) - Former U.S. President George Bush has
made one of the most lucrative speeches  in history. Bush was able to
net a fortune after he agreed to take shares in the fast-growing
telecom firm Global Crossing in lieu of his $80,000 fee, according to
a newspaper report Friday. The Wall Street Journal reported that
Global Crossing (GBLX) Chairman Lodwrick Cook invited Bush to make a
presentation in Japan last year, before the company began trading on
Nasdaq. Bush even cut 20 percent from his normal fee in testimony to
his friendship with Cook. Bush made the speech and pocketed the
low-priced shares ahead of Global Crossing's float last August. The
stock since has soared from its launch price of 9.5 to a high of 60.
Following a two-for-one stock split, the shares closed at 48 Thursday.
Bermuda-based Global Crossing, which is building a fiber-optic network
that will circle the globe, will see its market capitalization climb
to $30 billion if this week's acquisition of Rochester, N.Y.-based
Frontier Corp. (FRO), a local and long-distance
operator, goes through. Bush's opportunism makes him leader of the
global league of political speechmakers. Margaret Thatcher, the former
U.K. prime minister, can claim only $150,000 per speech." Denver Post:
George Bush pockets US $14.4 million payoff - What did Global Crossing
get or expect from the Bush Dynasty for its money? Lodwrick Cook - The
co-chairman of GC is a Trustee of the George Bush Presidential Library
Foundation and former Chairman, and current Director of the Ronald
Reagan Presidential Foundation. At least no one can say  he's not
politically savvy. An alternative url is

 " Bush, George W. Bush, George W. Barbour, Haley profile
Barbour Griffith and Rogers Telecommunications U S West  $120000*
"Frontline: The Future of War Directors of United Defense, Crusader's
Manufacturer Image Courtesy of United Defense Gen. (USA-Ret) John M.
Shalikashvili General John Shalikashvili was assigned to Washington,
D.C., as assistant to then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Colin
Powell. He currently serves as a visiting professor at Stanford
University and on the board of several organizations, including United
Defense; L-3 Communications Corporation; Bradley University; and, the
National Bureau of Asian Research. Casper W. Weinberger Weinberger was
Secretary of Defense during the course of the Iran-Contra affair. In
June, 1992, he was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of
concealing from congressional investigators and prosecutors thousands
of pages of his handwritten notes. The personal memoirs, taken during
high level meetings, detailed events in 1985 and 1986 involving the
Iran-Contra affair. Weinberger claimed he was being unfairly
prosecuted because he would not provide information incriminating
former President Ronald Reagan. Weinberger was scheduled to go on
trial January 5, where the contents of his notes would have come to
light and may have implicated other, UN-indicted, conspirators. While
never directly linked to the covert operations of the Iran-Contra
affair, he is believed to have been involved in the cover-up of the
ensuing scandal. According to Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh,
Weinberger's notes contain evidence of a conspiracy among the
highest-ranking Reagan administration officials to lie to Congress and
the American public. Source: Who's Who in America.  1976-77Corporation
executive, former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare. Born in
San Francisco, CA, August 18, 1917; son of Herman and Cerise Carpenter
(Hampson) Weinberger. A.B., magna cum laude, Harvard University, 1938;
LL.B., Harvard University, 1941. Married Jane Dalton, August 12, 1942;
father of Arlin Cerise (Mrs. Richard Paterak) and Caspar Willard.Law
clerk to U.S. Judge William E. Orr, 1945-47; with firm Heller, Ehrman,
White and McAuliffe, 1947-69, partner 1959-69; member, California
Legislature from 21st District, 1952-58; vice chairman, California
Republican Central Committee, 1960-62; chairman, California Republican
Central Committee, 1962-64; chairman, Committee on California
Government Organization and Economics, 1967-68; California director of
finance, 1968-69; chairman, Federal Trade Commission, 1970; deputy
director, Office of Management and Budget, 1970-72; director, Office
of Management and Budget, 1972-73; counsellor to the president, 1973;
secretary, U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1973-75;
special counsel, vice president, director, Bechtel Corp., 1975--.
Formerly staff book reviewer, San Francisco Chronicle; moderator,
weekly TV program Profile, Bay Area, station KQED, San Francisco,
1959-68; Chairman, President's Committee on Mental Retardation,
1973-75. Board of directors, Yosemite Institute. Served from private
to captain, infantry, U.S. Army, 1941-45, decorated Bronze Star.
Writer, column on California government, 1959-68.. Frank C. Carlucci
Carlucci is Chairman and a Partner in The Carlyle Group, a Washington,
D.C. based merchant bank. Prior to joining The Carlyle Group in 1989,
Carlucci served as Secretary of Defense from 1987 - 1988. He served as
President Reagan's National Security Advisor in 1987. Before returning
to Government service, Carlucci was Chairman and CEO of Sears World
Trade, a business he joined in 1983. His Government service included
positions as Deputy Secretary of Defense (1980 - 82), Deputy Director
of Central Intelligence (1978 - 80), Ambassador to Portugal (1975 -
78), Under Secretary of Health Education and Welfare (1973 - 75),
Deputy Director of OMB (1970 - 72), and Director of the Office of
Economic Opportunity (1969). Carlucci was a Foreign Service Officer
from 1956 to 1980. Carlucci serves on the following corporate boards:
Ashland, Inc.; BDM International, Inc.; East New York Savings Bank;
General Dynamics Corporation; Kaman Corporation; Neurogen Corporation;
Northern Telecom Limited; The Quaker Oats Company; SunResorts, Ltd.,
N.V.; Texas Biotechnology Corporation; Pharmacia & Upjohn, Inc.;
Westinghouse Electric Corporation; and the Board of Trustees for the
RAND Corporation. Among his awards and honors are: Herbert Roback
Memorial Award, 1989; George C. Marshall Award, 1989; Honorary Doctor
of Laws Degree, University of Scranton, 1989; Woodrow Wilson Award,
1988; James Forrestal Award, 1988; Presidential Citizens Award, 1983;
National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, 1981; Defense
Department Distinguished Civilian Service Award, 1977; Health,
Education and Welfare Distinguished Civilian Service Award, 1975; and
State Department Superior Service Award, 1971. Carlucci, born October
18, 1930, is married to the former Marcia Myers, and has three
children: Frank, Karen and Kristin. William E. Conway, Jr. Mr. Conway
is a Founder and Managing Director of Carlyle. Mr. Conway was Senior
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of MCI Communications
Corporation from 1984 until he joined Carlyle in August 1987. Mr.
Conway was a Vice President and Treasurer of MCI from 1981 to 1984.
While at MCI, Mr. Conway arranged several billion dollars of debt and
equity financing, both in the public and private financial markets,
and negotiated MCI's most significant acquisitions and divestitures.
Prior to joining MCI, Mr. Conway served in a variety of positions for
almost ten years with The First National Bank of Chicago in the areas
of corporate finance, commercial lending, workout loans and general
management. Mr. Conway is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the
University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Mr. Conway
presently serves on the Board of Directors of the following publicly
traded companies: Global Crossing Ltd. and Nextel Communications Co.,
Inc. He also serves on the Board of the following private companies in
which Carlyle has significant investments: The Aerostructures
Corporation, Lear Siegler Services, Inc., USMR Holdings, Inc., Federal
Data Corporation, United Defense Industries, Inc., Prime
Communications, LLC, US Investigations Services, Inc., EG&G Technical
Services, Inc. and Dr Pepper/Seven Up Bottling Group, Inc. (formerly
The American Bottling Company). Peter J. Clare Mr. Clare is a Managing
Director of Carlyle. Mr. Clare joined Carlyle in 1992 and has focused
primarily on the defense, aerospace and information technology
industries. Prior to joining Carlyle, Mr. Clare was with First City
Capital Corporation, a private equity group which invests in LBOs,
public equities, distressed bonds and restructurings. Prior to joining
First City Capital, Mr. Clare was with the Interfunding/Merchant
Banking Group and Leveraged Buyout Department of Prudential-Bache
Capital Funding where he analyzed various transactions with an
aggregate value totaling $3.2 billion. Mr. Clare is based in Carlyle's
Hong Kong office. Mr. Clare also worked for the Palmer Group, a
merchant bank formed by Russell E. Palmer (former dean of The Wharton
School and former managing partner of Touche Ross) to acquire
businesses in the Philadelphia area. Mr. Clare presently serves on the
Boards of Directors of Federal Data Corporation and United Defense
Industries, Inc. Allan M. Holt Mr. Holt joined Carlyle in 1991,
initially with primary responsibilities as Senior Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer of one of Carlyle's portfolio companies, where
he was involved in the negotiation and sale of the business. Prior to
joining Carlyle, Mr. Holt spent three and a half years with Avenir
Group, Inc., an investment and advisory group which acquired majority
equity positions in small and medium-sized companies and provided
active management support within its acquired companies. Mr. Holt was
also previously with MCI Communications Corp., where as Director of
Planning and Budgets he managed a group responsible for the
development, review and analysis of MCI's multi-billion dollar
financial operating and capital plans. Before joining MCI, Mr. Holt
was with Coopers & Lybrand. Mr. Holt is a graduate of Rutgers
University and received his MBA from the University of California,
Berkeley. Mr. Holt presently serves on the Boards of Directors of
Composite Structures, L.L.C., Entertainment Publications, Inc.,
Federal Data Corporation, USMR Holdings, Inc., United Defense
Industries, Inc., Lear Siegler Services, Inc., EG&G Technical
Services, Inc., Gemini Air Cargo, Inc., US Investigations Services,
Inc., Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc., and Kuhlman Electric Company.
Mr. Holt's primary investment focus is in the defense and aerospace
and information technology industries. Tom Rabaut President and CEO of
United Defense, L.P. Francis "Buzz" Raborn Vice President, Finance and
Chief Financial Officer, United Defense, L.P. Robert M. Kimmit Vice
Chairman of the Board of Directors and President, Commerce One, Inc.
and former U.S. ambassador to Germany."
The Future of War

1970-1972 - Data Automation Communications - Carterfone, Inc.
Tech. rep. promoted to sales of teletype terminals
and computer time sharing services.

History of ENVAX

Who Is Ken Vardon?

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