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The 11 September attack has been described by experts as being too
sophisticated for a lone terrorist group to execute.

More 9/11 deliberate disinformation - you judge!
Wed Jun 12 05:30:46 2002

More 9/11 deliberate disinformation - you judge!


 Richard Shand - rshand@shaw.ca  - wrote:
  Dear Mr. Vardon,
  I am a private citizen and Vietnam veteran living on disability benefits in
  Burnaby, BC, Canada. I appreciate your efforts in bringing so much
  information before the public. I know that are very busy with American Patriot
  Friends Network but would appreciate your assistance with the following
  On September 18, 2001, a friend e-mailed me an article on Pakistannation.net
  entitled "NEWS EMBARGO AFTER ISRAELI LINK LEAK" which reported that the
  Israeli Mossad was responsible for the World Trade Center and Pentagon
  attacks. (The article is no longer available on Pakistannation.net.)
  I was interested in contacting the author of the article, given as David
  Stern, for further information. Last month I was able to trace the origins of
  the article to an e-mail sent to six Islamic news services on September 13,
  2001. (Priscilla Lozen, News Specialist with Middle East News Online has
  confirmed receipt of the e-mail.) A copy can be found on the EMED-L
  (Listserve for Emergency Medical Practioners, University of California, San
  The time of the e-mail is given as 6:59:42 AM (time zone unknown.) It had
  been forwarded to Dr. J. A. Terranson by Muhammad Ali Khan
  mckhan@ureach.com, Chief Editor of Media Monitors Network (MMN), at 10:45:01
  -0400 (PDT).
  The article also appears on the American Patriots Friends Network as an e-mail
  from David Stern by way of MMN.
  The time listed on this e-mail is 9:59 AM.
  You were evidently one of the first recipients of the e-mail outside of the
  original six contacted by David Stern. Can you confirm if the time is correct
  and whether or not you received the article directly from MMN?
  Muhammad Ali Khan was evidently very active in promoting the article but later
  on September 13, he posted a disclaimer on the website. This web page can no
  longer be found but I was given an archival copy by Mario Profaca, moderator
  of Spy News, an eGroup list.
  The article appears to be deliberate disinformation. David Stern's e-mail
  address was given as sternintel@hotmail.com but the mailbox is "no longer
  available." (Note that that anyone can sign up for Hotmail, using a
  fictitious name.) There is a David L. Stern who lives in Hillsboro, Oregon
  and works as a cryptographer expert with Intel Corp. However, he denies any
  knowledge of the article.

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 Received: Give me a little time check this all out.

 I've had open heart operation and am in recovery...

 I am BCCing this to my webmaster for assistance.



From: "David Stern (by way of Media Monitors Network (MMN)
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 9:59 AM
Subject: [MMN] News alert


Stern-Intel (Canada). A US military intelligence source revealed details
of an internal intelligence memo that points to the Israeli Mossad
intelligence service having links to the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.

The intelligence source, who requested his name be withheld, confirmed the
internal US intelligence memo circulated four weeks ago described
information that pointed to the threat of a covert Israeli operation on US
soil to turn mass public opinion against Palestinian Arabs via an apparent
terrorist attack on US interests that would give Israel the green light to
implement a large scale military onslaught against the Palestinian Arab

The 11 September attack has been described by experts as being too
sophisticated for a lone terrorist group to execute. "This attack required
a high level of military precision and the resources of an advanced
intelligence agency. In addition, the attackers would have needed to be
extremely familiar with both air force one flight operations, civil
airline flight paths and aerial assault tactics on sensitive US cities like
Washington, Stated David Stern an expert on Israeli intelligence
operations. The attacks targeted the Pentagon, World Trade Center towers, with the white house and air force also being targets according to the FBI.

"The attacks have certainly turned US public opinion firmly back in
Israel's favor after 11 months of Palestinian uprising, heavy criticism of Israel
over war crimes allegations and racism by a UN conference in Durban. The
attacks serve no Arab group or nation's interests but their timing came in
the midst of international condemnation of Israel for its policy of death
squad assassination of Palestinian political and police figures", added

If verified, the news of Israel's involvement in the US attack will come
as no surprise to intelligence experts. The state of Israel has a long
history of covert operations against Western targets with attacks on the King
David Hotel, USS Liberty, murder of a Scandinavian UN envoy as well as espionage
against the US during the Jonathan Pollard case.

On Wednesday the US defense department issued a warning to its officials
to halt the leak of information on the investigation which it says is
happening on a daily basis since the attacks occurred.

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