9/11 Conspiracy: A Summary

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9/11 Conspiracy: A Summary
By Michael Pardo michael@universalway.org

Michael Pardo is an independent researcher who revealed several years ago that
the speed of light was not constant:
The Pattern of All Things Considered -


9/11 Conspiracy: A Summary

"By way of deception, thou shalt do war."

This is a summary article: documentation of the details follows below.

It took a little while, but finally, the truth has risen to the surface in the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy, with the resulting implications and manifestations.

It can now be reported that there was a dangerous dirty double-dealing and deadly duel of blackmail going on behind the scenes between the United States and Israeli governments right after the 9/11 tragedy, which first resulted in an historic decision by the U.S., for the first time ever, to back a United Nations resolution calling for a free and independent Palestinian state in the Middle East, which subsequently resulted in Israel's bold defiance of weak demands by the United States for Israel to withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories where brutal massacres are continually perpetrated (accompanied by the failure of Israel to observe numerous United Nations resolutions regarding the current crisis, such similar resolutions which have caused Iraq to be bombed, blockaded, and invaded), and finally resulting in the U.S. government following a long-standing plan drawn up by Israeli double-agents in the Bush administration to prosecute a war on Iraq (The Office of Special Projects), followed by a planned and scheduled regime-change in Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia (and an eventual deportation of all Palestinians from the alleged Holy Land), all designed to accomplish the final solution for Eretz Israel: possession/control of all the lands in the Middle East from the Mediterranean Sea to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

It can now also be reported that the U.S. government, and many nations of the U.N., are in possession of proof of the duplicity, complicity, and possibly the total responsibility, of the nation of Israel in the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy, along with the Flight 587 crash over Queens, New York shortly after 9/11, among several other recent "Black Propaganda" operations carried out by the nation of Israel and the Israeli secret intelligence service known as the Mossad.

Initial information springing up right after the 9/11 tragedy, including the behind-the-scenes reaction and some resulting policies of the Bush administration, indicated that the U.S. government was aware of Israeli prior knowledge of the attack, and considered Israel as a suspect in the masterminding of the conspiracy through an attempt to implicate Arabs, Muslims, and Osama bin Laden in the disaster, for the purpose of turning international opinion, which was mounting against Israel, instead against their Muslim enemies and force the U.S. and the U.N. to brand and consider Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat as a "terrorist" who should be included as an enemy in the subsequent "War on Terrorism" which resulted. This was done by the Israeli Mossad master-minding the 9/11 tragedy through remote control of the airplanes by a previously secret radio control system, with subsequent blame being placed on the Islamic Al-Qaeda network and Osama bin Laden through a massive misinformation campaign designed to cover up the real truth in the matter, such misinformation campaign which was perpetrated by the controlled United States media.

Using the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy as an excuse to promote New World Order policy by implementing Soviet-like domestic programs in the homeland and attacking the enemies of the New World Order all throughout the world: also build an oil pipeline through Afghanistan and regain control of the Afghanistan heroin trade, by ousting the Taliban government, with whom the Bush administration had been negotiating the year before 9/11 regarding the aforementioned issues; the Bush administration established the "War on Terrorism" which also promoted the goals of the New World Order, and which has proven to be totally consistent with the desired foreign policy of the nation of Israel, which was itself being promoted within the Bush administration by the Zbigniew Brzezinski and Paul Wolfowitz cabal, such cabal which came to be known as "Team B." This although no proof was ever provided by the U.S. government positively linking Osama bin Laden and Islamic "terrorists" to the 9/11 attack.

When Flight 587 went down over Queens, it was not an accident but another black propaganda operation carried out by Israel and the Mossad designed to implicate Arabs, Muslims, and Osama bin Laden, and information implicating the Israelis in a black propaganda project analogous to 9/11 was the reason why the Bush administration covered up the cause of the Flight 587 tragedy, instead of the reported reason that the projected economic effect of another terrorist attack would severely harm the U.S. economy.

At the time of the passage of the U.N. resolution calling for a Palestinian state (shortly after 9/11), the United States was being blackmailed by Israel, with Israel threatening to release sensitive information obtained about U.S. government officials and policies obtained by the multiple levels of Israeli spy rings operating in the United States (some of the sensitive information relating to perverse sexual activities by U.S. officials, obtained through the facilities of the Israeli/Jewish international child pornography/slavery ring), while at the same time, the Bush administration was blackmailing Israel by threatening to curtail Israeli influence in the United States and release information regarding Israel's duplicity, complicity, and total responsibility in the 9/11 tragedy. Subsequently, the Israeli Mossad (with permission from Ariel Sharon) followed through on their threats and released information in the United States (primarily through the U.S. Patriot and Militia movements, now controlled by Israel, due to the efforts of deep-cover Israeli moles) that implicated the Bush administration in prior knowledge of the 9/11 tragedy, with the Mossad assigning the blame, as previously mentioned, to Arabs, Muslims, and Osama bin Laden: and this intelligence activity by the state of Israel has resulted in the Bush administration's almost total capitulation and cooperation with the desires of Israel in the Middle East.

Previously, and at the same time this was happening, behind the scenes, the Bush administration had launched an investigation into Israeli spying in the U.S., which subsequently resulted in the identification of more than 140 Israeli spies operating in the United States, an investigation which was a natural reaction on the part of a party being blackmailed, in an attempt to remove the source of the blackmailing threat, and which resulted in a new Pentagon policy of excluding foreign nationals (specifically Israelis) from unclassified information. However, this small spy ring was only the tip of the iceberg of Israeli spying, and many other levels of Israeli spies and subversives (sayanim) exist all throughout the U.S., including secret agents and offices of the Mossad which have been admitted by former Mossad agents as operating on American soil, despite continual denials by the Israeli leadership.

One of the threats perceived by the United States that would be carried out by such a collection of Israeli agents in the U.S. is the explosion of a nuclear device in an American city, or an attack on a U.S. nuclear power plant, followed by an attempt to implicate Arabs, Muslims, and Osama bin Laden again (and, as needed, Saddam Hussein): warnings about the nuking of an American city then appeared in the Zionist-controlled U.S. press (and in other Israeli/Jewish/Zionist controlled media), with the blame, again, being placed on Arabs, Muslims, Osama bin Laden, and also Saddam Hussein. This particular Israeli threat was connected to the U.S. war plan against Saddam Hussein of Iraq, with President Bush understanding that if he did not do something about Hussein (Israel's biggest enemy and threat in the Middle East), then Israel would have carried through on its threat, which would then have been used to his advantage by Bush and the administration. The desired result of this planned war on Iraq was less the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, more the destabilization of an enemy of Israel and the destruction of any remaining chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons facilities in Iraq, and the maintenance of Israel's position as the most powerful nation (and the only nuclear power) in the region. And it also became clear that another one of the desired results of the Iraqi war ploy was that Israel wants the U.S. to eventually take essential control of the Saudi Arabian oil fields, oust the anti-Israel Saudi power structure, and place U.S. Zionist generals in control of Saudi Arabia: all as part of a master plan which would place essential control of the huge majority of Middle Eastern oil in the hands of the Israeli-controlled U.S. government (Eretz Israel).

However, many people throughout the world were aware of the fact that the Iraqi war ploy was an element of the conspiracy which might eventually catalyze the essential destruction of human civilization. Already heard was the nuclear saber-rattling by U.S. President Bush and Great Britain Prime Minister Blair, who both stated that if weapons of mass-destruction were used by certain Middle-Eastern nations (enemies of Israel), then the U.S. and Great Britain would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons in response. This stated policy, a shift in nuclear policy for both nations, suggests that the U.S. is backing down in fear to Israel's nuclear threat, and follows the pattern of the United States prosecuting the foreign policy of Israel.

The Iraqi war ploy was prosecuted, both by President Bush and the "Team B" cabal (The Office of Special Projects), even though it was largely based on the violation of U.N. resolutions by Iraq: mostly resolutions regarding inspection of certain manufacturing facilities. This while Israel itself is in violation of dozens and dozens of similar U.N. resolutions, has NEVER allowed a U.N. weapons inspector into the country, and has been saved violation of dozens more by U.S. veto. Furthermore, Israel is the only nation in the region which actually possesses nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction: in fact, it is claimed in some intelligence circles that Israel is the third most powerful nuclear force in the world.

But the real truth is that the entire Iraqi war ploy again exemplifies how the Rothschild family still has the upper hand and holds sway over the Illuminist element of the New World Order conspiracy, and can and will have their way whenever they want to; furthermore those who once thought they were not under the thumb of certain people, have found out, and will find out even more in the future, that they really are controlled by the ultimate puppet-masters in the world, and are themselves simply puppets to their real masters.

This control is highlighted and observed whenever President Bush and/or the U.S. government/administration support any questionable action of the Israeli government that, should any other nation in the world have done the same thing, the U.S. would have vehemently opposed such an action. Such regional wars of obvious aggression, with nuclear weapons following chemical/biological weapons, must eventually precipitate a global nuclear war, or, under the best case scenario(!), a limited nuclear war which would still leave the planet decimated and the human race in danger of extinction. At the same time, Israel has stated that it is already preparing for World War III, and the Chief of the Israeli Mossad has recently stated that the 9/11 disaster was the beginning of that World War. Thus, Israel is prepared to throw the entire world into nuclear war should it not obtain everything it wants (Eretz Israel: all the lands of the Middle East from the Mediterranean Sea to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers), and this is another implicit threat that is now obvious to the international community.

The pursuit of the Iraqi war ploy was accomplished without the required consent of the United Nations, and the result of the Iraqi war ploy has been the discovery of 0 (zero) weapons of mass destruction by the invaders of Iraq (the alleged reason for the invasion in the first place), which has further turned international concern over the war of aggression into international contempt and fury, and which has aligned many of the nations that were in opposition to the war (and powerful elements of the U.N. Security Council) against the United States and its invading allies. And while it is likely that weapons of mass destruction which existed in Iraq before the war made their way out of the country during the invasion, the discovery of no weapons of mass destruction just fuels the fire of public international opinion against the U.S., Great Britain, and Israel.

At this time, both in Afghanistan and Iraq, U.S./British/Israeli control is limited only to several miles within the capitol and other major cities of the invaded nations, while Islamic war lords and local political parties still control the majority of both nations, resulting not in a complete conquering and destruction of the invaded nations, but a total destabilization of the societies of both nations instead. And while the stated goal of the first two invasions of the alleged "War on Terrorism" has been to get Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, at this time, questions still remain as to whether the captured Saddam is actually Saddam Hussein or just another one of his "doubles," doubts have already been expressed over whether Hussein's sons were really killed (the U.S. government has recently admitted that the photographs taken of Hussein's dead sons were actually wax mockups of them), and it is becoming well-known among the international intelligence community that Osama bin Laden died a few years ago of a kidney/liver disease, and his body was captured and frozen by the Bush administration for presentation to the U.S. public at an appropriate time before the 2004 presidential election. And now, the "War on Terrorism" continues unabated, and reports from throughout the world attest to the continued survival of the ideals which they held while in public power: all while the U.S. and its allies continue to prosecute the war while failing to uncover any true weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, all of which implicates the invaders as having ulterior motives behind the entire "war."

At this time, the public relations element of the Israeli master plan has failed, with more nations and people than ever in the world calling for Israeli compliance and acquiescence, opposing the policies of Israel and supporting the Palestinian cause and the Arab/Islamic nations, especially in light of the mass arrests, tyrannical oppression, and brutal massacres that have characterized Israel's related re-invasion of the occupied territories. At the same time, Israel has lost enemies in the extended region through the overthrow of the Taliban and Hussein governments, and has gone a long way towards the destruction of the infrastructure of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories (although at the same time gaining numerous additional enemies throughout the world and sowing the seeds of future opposition and hate in Palestine), and it must be observed that, in light of the motto of the Israeli Mossad "By way of deception, thou shalt do war," Israel has succeeded so far in this element of its plan.

Since it is the nature of the criminal mind to try to turn their victims into the perpetrators, and paint themselves as the victims, and since blackmailers and their blackmail victims are prone to lie in order to cover up their guilt, it should not be expected that the full truth will ever be admitted by anyone associated with either the U.S., British, or Israeli governments, and it should be expected that subsequent denials and misinformation will be released in a continued attempt to obfuscate the truth in the matter. All in all, the lies that are being told about this matter are some of the biggest lies ever told in the history of human civilization, and the absolute evil manifested in this conspiracy, is some of the greatest evil ever manifested in the history of the world. However, researchers who study the conspiracy as identified herein and keep this article in mind in the near future, will return to discover that what was predicted in this article about future U.S./British/Israeli plans for the Middle East, has all come true, and that fact itself should be enough in itself to convince even the most conservative skeptics about the real truth in the matter.

And while past tragedies were obviously master-minded by the Israeli Mossad as part of their black propaganda operations, it is also obvious that sometime in the future, Islamic Al-Qaeda will strike at international New World Order Zionist targets: not because of any hate of "American freedoms" which they, or the people they represent, may hold, but as a response to a declaration of war against them and because of the oppression and tyranny heaped upon them by an unbalanced, unfair, and unjust American foreign policy which is both racist and representative of the forces of the New World Order, and which favors Israel to the extreme that U.S. manufactured weapons are being used to murder the enemies of Israel in Palestine; while at the same time, such events must be inspected extremely closely to determine if Israeli Mossad "war by way of deception" methods and techniques have been used to attempt to assign the blame on less guilty parties to such tragic events.

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The current Middle East crisis exists because in 1947, radical Zionist elements which had migrated to Palestine during and after World War II, fomented a revolution in Palestine that was mainly financed by Rothschild banking family interests, and started a terrorist war, which led to the forced relocation of many of the indigenous peoples who had resided in that land for close to two thousand years, this in violation of recognized forms of international law. Furthermore, in the Six-Day War of 1967, Israel invaded the territories that had been subsequently assigned to the Palestinians by international law, militarily occupying and subsequently building segregated settlements in those territories, with the intent of keeping the Palestinians imprisoned and subjugated in a manner reminiscent to the World War II internment of Jews, Italians, Germans, and Japanese, in concentration camps by both sides in the war.

The current intifada exists because on September 28, 2000, Ariel Sharon, with the blessings of then Israeli Prime Minister Barak, visited the Al Aqsa Mosque at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a calculated desecration of a sacred Muslim site, followed the next day by the murder of seven Palestinians by the Israeli forces, all of which was designed to be a deliberate provocation of the Palestinian people and catalyze the current intifada. The subsequent suicide bombings by Palestinian freedom-fighters which followed the murders and Sharon's visit to the Al Aqsa Mosque, had not been occurring before that visit, and Jewish experts themselves cite that desecration and provocation as the catalyst for the present intifada. Subsequently, the provoked intifada gave Israel, in combination with U.S. President Bush's alleged "War on Terrorism," the opportunity to invade the occupied territories and carry out the genocide, murder, and atrocities which have been committed, where the Israeli Defense Forces sought out and murdered most fighting-age men in the major towns of the territories, and where the economic and governmental infrastructure of the territories and the Palestinian Authority, and the elected leader of the Palestinian people themselves, Yassir Arafat, was attempted to be destroyed.

And only recently, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has exposed Israel's primary goal in their master plan, in his statement that it is Israel's intent to reoccupy 50% of the Palestinian territories, and this goal, along with the original terrorist invasion of Palestine in 1947, exposes the true intent of Israel to one day, according to Hebrew scriptures, occupy all the lands of the Middle East from the Mediterranean Sea to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers (Eretz Israel).

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Michael Pardo is an independent researcher who revealed several years ago that
the speed of light was not constant:
Inconstant Speed of Light May Debunk Einstein - http://www.you.com.au/news/1121.htm
Inconstant Speed of Light May Debunk Einstein - http://www.rense.com/general28/erin.htm
Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist - http://home.comcast.net/~xtxinc/CIPD.htm
Was Einstein a plagiarist? - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/11/15/einstein_relativity/
Michael's web site is archived here

│Provided, That no United States person may be considered a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power solely upon the basis of activities protected by the
first amendment to the Constitution of the United States.▓ 50 U.S.C. ▀

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