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Sun Sep 16 17:52:09 2001

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Sunday September 16, 2001



United States Ground Troops Land in Pakistan
en-route to Afghanistan Invasion

Britain Sending 50,000 Ground Troops

Turkey About to Invade Iraq in three pronged

Military experts can disclose that the U.S. 82nd
and 101st airborne divisions, or nearly half of
the airborne combat forces at the immediate
disposal of U.S. President George W. Bush, are
currently being airlifted to bases in Pakistan.

The bulk of these forces will be moved to the
northern Punjab region of Pakistan and take up
position near the city of Dera Ismail and in the
valleys at the foot of the Suleiman mountain
range, across from their main target the Afghan
city of Kandahar.

The United States also intends to lay siege to,
or capture, the Afghan cities of Medan, Galdek
and Maroof as well as the Arghastan Valley, where,
according to intelligence provided by Russia,
India and Israel, Osama bin Laden’s forces have
been concentrated in recent months.

The U.S. operations will include air bombardments
and missile strikes against Afghanistan’s
principal cities: Kabul, Jalalabad and Kandahar.

Afghanistan is not the only target. Washington is
planning a three-stage offensive against Iraq
with the participation of U.S., British and
Turkish forces.

Military sources reported back on Friday,
September 9, that the Turkish army is on a state
of war alert.

Now, our sources add that the Turkish army is
poised along its border with Kurdish northern
Iraq. It intends to invade the Shouman region and
capture the cities of Biyar and Tiwal in the
Urman district. The two cities are controlled by
Jund al-Islam, a Muslim group supposedly funded
by bin Laden.

The United States now understands that the 200
Taliban fighters who arrived there in mid-July,
puzzling many observers, were members of Bin
Laden’s general staff, pulled out of Afghanistan
two months earlier as part of his preparations
for Tuesday’s terror attacks in New York and
Washington. Now they may be targets of a
US-Turkish hunt in one prong of the thrust into

Also, Jordanian intelligence has reported a large
concentration of Iraqi forces on the main roads
leading from Iraq to Damascus and from Iraq to
the Golan Heights.

A top Israeli official said in answer to a
question from a military intelligence reporter -
"We may be back in the 1991 Gulf War, when the
administration of Bush Sr. depended heavily on an
Arab coalition and demanded that Israeli stand
aside. We were therefore prevented from fighting
back against the Scud missiles falling on Tel
Aviv. Now, too, Sharon has no wish to get
involved in American regional considerations. Our
only interest is to stop Iraqi forces from
reaching the West Bank and linking up with the

10,000 to 18,000 Iraqi troops have Invaded Jordan
en route to Israel

La Voz de Aztlan Exclusive. There has been a
general "blackout" of U.S. mainstream media
news to Americans. - LaVoz@Aztlan.Net

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