ENRON'S John H. Duncan

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FIRSTROW, FROM LEFT, Ken L. Harrison, John A. Urquhart, Robert A. Belfer, Norman P. Blake, Jr., Robert K. Jaedicke, Ronnie C. Chan, Jeffrey K. Skilling, Kenneth L. Lay and Wendy L. Gramm. Second Row, from left, Bruce G. Willison, John H. Duncan, Joe H. Foy, Charls E. Walker, John Wakeham, Jerome J. Meyer, Herbert S. Winokur, Jr. and Charles A LeMaistre.

• John H. Duncan, director: Sold 35,000 shares for $2 million.

Blind Faith: How Deregulation and Enron's Influence Over Government Looted Billions from Americans

Duncan, 70, a member of the Enron Corp. board of directors since 1985, also serves as a director of EOTT Energy Corp., Chase Bank of Texas, N.A. and Group I Automotive Inc. Causey, 38, is Enron Corp. senior vice president and chief accounting and information officer.