Enron Executives

Board of Directors

Robert A. Belfer
Norman P. Blake, Jr.
Ronnie C. Chan
John H. Duncan
Wendy L. Gramm
Robert K. Jaedicke
Charles A. Lemaistre
John Mendelsohn
Paulo V. Ferraz Pereira
William C. Powers, Jr.
Frank Savage
John Wakeham
Herbert S. Winokur, Jr.

Enron Chairman & CEO Kenneth Lay Stephen F. Cooper, Interim CEO & Chief Restructuring Officer
Jeffrey McMahon, President & Chief Operating Officer
Raymond M. Bowen, Jr., Exec. VP - Finance and Treasurer
Mark A. Frevert, Vice Chairman
Michael Brown, COO, Enron Europe
Richard B. Buy, Exec. VP, Chief Risk Officer
Richard A. Causey, Exec. VP, Chief Accounting Officer
Dave Delainey, Chairman and CEO, Enron Energy
Enron Board Member Wendy Gramm, wife of Sen. Phil Gramm (R-TX)James V. Derrick, Jr., Exec. VP and General Counsel
Janet Dietrich, President, Enron Energy
James Fallon, President and CEO, Enron Broadband
Mark E. Haedicke, Managing Dir. and General Counsel, Enron Wholesale
Stanley C. Horton, Chairman and CEO, Enron Transportation
Steven J. Kean, Exec. VP and Chief of Staff
Mark E. Koenig, Exec. VP, Investor Relations
John J. Lavorato, President and CEO, Enron Americas
Former Enron CEO Jeffrey SkillingMike S. McConnell, President and CEO, Enron Global Markets
Jeffrey A. Shankman, COO, Enron Global Markets
John Sherriff, President and CEO, Enron Europe
Kenneth L. Lay, former Chairman, President and CEO
Lawrence "Greg" Whalley, former President and COO
Jeffrey K. Skilling, former CEO
Andrew S. Fastow, former CFO

Political Action Committees

Top Enron Individual Donors 1989-2001American Dream PAC
American Renewal PAC
American Success PAC
Americans for a Republican Majority
Business Industry PAC
Electric Power Supply Association PAC
Enron Corporation PAC
Fund for a Responsible Future
Interstate Natural Gas Association of America PAC
Keep Our Majority PAC
Leadership for America's Future
Restore America PAC
Republican Majority Fund
WESTPAC/FKA Western Coalition PAC

View graphs of the amount of political contributions by Enron executive, the amount given to presidential candidates by Enron executives, and amounts given by top individual donors at Enron.
Search C-SPAN's Campaign Finance Database for information on political donations from these Enron Executives. Search by name.Choose an election cycle, then type in three or more letters of the LAST NAME (or last name, first name) of a person and find out to whom that person has contributed.  


Enron Subsidiaries

Citrus Corp.
Enron Energy Services
Enron International
Enron Wind
Enron Online
Florida Gas Transmission
Portland General Electric
Midwestern Gas Transmission
Northern Border Pipeline Company
Northern Natural Gas
New Power
Transwestern Pipeline Company


Auditors and Financial Analysts

Arthur Andersen LLP
Moody's Investor Services
Motley Fool
Precursor Group
Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Standard and Poor's
Thompson Financial/First Call


Congressional Committees with Jurisdiction

House Energy and Commerce Committee
House Education and the Workforce Committee
House Financial Services Committee
House Government Reform Committee
Senate Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs Committee
Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee
Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee
Senate Finance Committee
Senate Governmental Affairs Committee
Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee



Federal, State and Industry Agencies with Oversight Authority

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
California Attorney General Bill Lockyer
California Public Utilities Commission
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Financial Accounting Standards Board
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Public Oversight Board
Texas Workforce Commission
U.S. Bankruptcy Court Southern District of New York
U.S. Department of Justice
U.S. Department of Labor, Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission - EDGAR Online SEC Filings




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