Enron-FedGov Corruption: CIA Used in Corp Espionage, Rackets

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Published on: February 15, 2002
In a blockbuster exclusive, The ENQUIRER reveals that the scandal-plagued Enron Corporation secretly employed CIA agents to carry out its nefarious dealings! The agents used human intelligence and information gleaned from a satellite project called "Echelon" to help Enron land billions of dollars in lucrative contracts overseas. The issue that goes on sale Friday also features an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the bankrupt company, a "sin city" of greed, adultery and corruption where top executives lived the high life — and ordinary investors lost their shirts.


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Enron-FedGov Corruption: CIA Used in Corp Espionage, Rackets
Sun Feb 17 09:41:54 2002

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The Bigger Picture

Enron-FedGov Corruption: CIA Used in Int'l Corporate Espionage, Racketeering!

No big surprise, but VERY, VERY INTERESTING -- how there were a LARGE
number of employees of G W shrub's CIA working for/with the Enron
corporate upper echelon; helping the company maneuver, manipulate and
play dirty with regard to a number of lucrative international deals; by
providing private and confidential information about certain situations
-- information acquired by the CIA and NSA's TOP-SECRET "ECHELON" global
electronic spying network, and then turned over to ENRON for them to use
in making THEMSELVES even MORE dirty MONEY!!

OUR CIA and OUR CIA's resources were USED by ENRON upper management --
those OH SO VERY GOOD FRIENDS of one G W shrub -- to further their OWN
rampaging greed, lust (the involvement of Enron subsidiary Dynacorp's
Kosovo staff in MASSIVE organized child sexual abuse) and the like.

The fact that Enron was in fact so CLOSELY allied with the Bush
administration AND the CIA makes their proven connection to and
involvement in negotiations by the BushMob, CIA and Big Oil with the
Taliban last year an issue of definite interest. Enron WAS one of the
corporate BigOil-linked entities which last year was STRONGLY pushing
for their BushMob buddies to get that CASPIAN SEA OIL moving through
Afghanistan QUICKLY -- no matter WHAT it took.

And the ubiquitous CIA -- working not ONLY for the benefit of the
BushMob but ALSO for the benefit of ENRON -- was right in the middle of
this whole shebang; which resulted in SUCH a big BANG on 9.11.01.

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CIA involved in Enron corruption

Excerpt From: The National Enquirer
ENRON: The Shocking Story of How They Ripped Off America

Feb 26, 2002

The corruption at Enron went far beyond unbridled greed and rampant sex
-- it also involved international espionage and electronic spy warfare,
The ENQUIRER has learned.

"No one cared about morals at Enron, at least not at the upper levels.
It was an 'anything goes' atmosphere and they got the help of the U.S.
government along the way," said a top Washington insider familiar with
several secret investigations into the company.

"There have been at least 20 CIA agents on the payroll of Enron in the
past eight years. They were given leaves of absence without pay and put
on the Enron payroll. "They trained Enron employees in intelligence
gathering and security and also worked in other corporate capacities
around the globe. It was through intelligence gathering that Enron was
able to get billions of dollars in lucrative contracts in Asia, South
America and Europe.

"Basically what the CIA operatives were able to pro-vide was detailed
information on bids made by foreign companies on projects of interest
to Enron.

"They used human intelligence and also info gleaned from a satellite
project called 'Echelon.' The satellites intercepted e-mails, phone
calls and faxes with detailed business information.

"With this information, Enron was able to put pressure on foreign
governments through powerful figures in U.S. government. Enron could
easily go to a local authority in, for example, Saudi Arabia or India,
and say, 'Our government is not going to be too happy with you unless
Enron gets the contract. '"

Amnesty International cited Enron for engaging in human rights
violations and conducting illegal payoffs to police and mid-level
officials in India to put down protests over its construction of a $2.8
billion power plant in Dabhol.

"It was the CIA-trained employees and CIA insider information that made
it possible for Enron to force its will on the citizens of Dabhol,"
said a retired CIA operative.

The opposition to Enron's CIA tactics at Dabhol became so critical last
August that Vice President Dick Cheney implored Indian government
officials to support the completion of Enron's project.

The Washington insider disclosed: "Using the CIA for economic
intelligence began with President George Bush Sr. and then exploded
under President Clinton, when even the Commerce Department was
infiltrated by CIA agents.

"Pure and simple, US. intelligence agents were involved in corporate
espionage?' A source with ties to the CIA revealed: "The cozy deal
between Enron and the CIA allowed the 'on loan' undercover operatives
to return to the Agency's payroll before Enron's collapse."

Agents believe that foreign agents were also at work in Enron, the
Washington insider added.

"What has the Justice Department investigators upset now is that a rogue
CIA agent may have been compromised by a foreign nation. The
money-hungry atmosphere at Enron left many vulnerable to blackmail.

"We know that there are intelligence agents from at least three European
countries -- France, Germany and Italy -- who are currently very
interested in the Enron probes. This thing has the potential of being
the biggest scandal ever!"

And what makes the scandal most outrageous is the suffering it's caused
rank-and-file employees and investors who were wiped out by the
company's collapse.

Many former employees were enraged when Enron founder Lay's wife went on
TV and said she and her husband were close to bankruptcy.

"When she cried, I cried -- with anger!" one former worker declared.

"They've got palatial homes all over the place and maybe they'll have to
sell a few. But how dare she plead poverty when so many ex-employees are
starting to wonder where their next meal and the mortgage money is
coming from!"