The Matter of Howard Hughes

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    The curious facts, posed in the form of the questions below, and the further information in the attached/linked pages relate to the Matter of Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. and its "fruit from the same poison tree".  These fruits may be shown to include (but certainly aren't limited to), billions of dollars in estate tax fraud, political appointments, campaign finance, corruption, illegally arming China & Saddam Hussein, and related ilk.   For more general information about who was Howard Hughes and why his money/estate is important, please click on the link or the buttons following these questions.

    1.    Why was it James A. Baker III, who was chosen to be immediately dispatched to Florida to stop the recounts in the 2000 presidential election, even predicting that the matters would get mired in the courts?  Wasn't it Baker who was the first to file an action with the court, to stop the legal counting of votes?  Why did James A. Baker appear in front of the camera more times than George W. Bush & Dick Cheney, until Vice President Gore conceded?  

    2.    Is it a coincidence that another law firm with profound Hughes interests (Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher) would send a law partner (Ted Olson) to present the case before the U.S. Supreme Court?  Is it proper then for President Bush to appoint Ted Olson as the Solicitor General, who is the person who represents the Executive Branch before the U. S. Supreme Court?  Is it a coincidence that this is the same law firm that Ken Starr spent so many years working at as a partner?

    3.    What would you think the following may have in common?  Ken Starr, James A. Baker III (who is a former, Sec. of State, Sec. of the Treasury, and twice White House Chief of Staff under Presidents Reagan and Bush), Enron (formerly Hughes Tool), Hughes Aircraft, Hughes Electronics, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute?  How about fraud, billions of dollars in estate tax fraud, corruption, satellite and missile technologies transfers, the "China-Hughes" Conspiracy, and even including arming Sadaam Hussein in Oct. 1989, and doing so by charging the U.S. taxpayers well over $1 billion dollars to do it?

    4.    Is it a "coincidence" that Ken Starr would decide and publicly announce on the very day of the public release of the Rep. Christopher Cox Committee report in early June, 1999 that he would NOT pursue Susan McDougal and Julie Hyatt Steele any further?  What has been done, since the Cox committee found that Hughes had violated the law and egregiously compromised national security, with their transfers of missile and satellite technologies to China in 1995, when Ken Starr was representing Hughes and he was the special prosecutor?

    5.    Why would Ken Starr and apparently the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee take seemingly evasive moves, to prevent Ken Starr from answering some relevant Request for Admissions and Interrogatories when he appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on November 19th. and November 20, 1998?  Has Mr. Starr presented his client list that he was requested to do by Congress?   Who and what is being protected here and why?    Would the answers to these questions expose Mr. Starr and others involved in the Matter of Hughes with their participations and their motives?

   6.    Did you know that Mr. Starr is the lead counsel of record in the case Hughes Aircraft v. United States; U.S. Federal Court of Appeals; 94-5149, 95-5001: wherein on April 8, 1998, he won this $112 million satellite patent royalty lawsuit against us, while costing the United States over $50 million and international embarrassment as the Whitewater Special Prosecutor?  Would it surprise you to learn this was the very technology that failed the Galaxy IV satellite on May 19, 1998, resulting in 45 million pagers failing, along with China TV and other communications clients?

    7.    Per issues relating to China and satellites, do you find it curious and ironic a guy named Starr may be profoundly shown to be deeper into this issue than any focus on the Clinton Administration, as congress has been investigating and is due to hold hearings?    Would it surprise you to know Mr. Starr represents CITIC a company owned by the Chinese military?

    8.    Are you aware that on June 13, 1998 Reuter’s (quoting the New York Times) stated that the Chinese army was using U.S. satellites?

    9.     Is this quote a little bit of a memory refresher: “The primary Hong Kong company involved was APT, which is a public company partly owned by Costind, the scientific and research arm of the Chinese Army, the Times said. Costind leased receivers aboard an APT satellite which was built by a part of Hughes Electronics, a subsidiary of General Motors the Times said.”?

    10.    Would you be surprised to learn that Mr. Starr's Hughes relationships go so far back that he was the Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher "Hughes Man of the Year" in 1975?  What did he do to deserve this?

   11.     Is it a coincidence that Mr. Starr (as a member of President Reagan's 1980 Justice Transition Team) recommended Carol Dinkins to the Justice Department, who is the wife of the Hughes Texas Attorney ad litem O. Theodore Dinkins, who's own former law clerk has sworn an affidavit with words to the effect that 95% of the material evidence in the Matter of Hughes was fraudulently concealed?

    12.    Is it a coincidence that as presidential candidate Texas Governor George Bush enjoyed record breaking fund raising, that his largest contributors come from Houston and California, where the Matter of Hughes is hubbed and where (California) major Hughes assets exist?   Is it also a coincidence that the CEO of Enron (formerly Hughes Tool Company) Mr. Kenneth Lay is one of Gov. Bush's campaign fund raising "Pioneers"?   What might the Houston Republican political machine have as a motive to put one of their own back into the White House?   What might we expect to see happen again if this occurs and to who's benefit might this prove to be?

    13.    Would you be amazed to learn that the long time Houston law partner to Hughes Estate Administrator William Rice Lummis was none other than James Addison Baker III, who served as: (1) President Reagan's White House Chief of Staff; (2) President Reagan's Secretary of the Treasury; (3) President Bush's Secretary of State; (4) President Bush's White House Chief of Staff and thus (5) held high level Cabinet positions from 1981-1993?

    14.    What would you say if it is shown that Department of State documents exist, which show a communiqué from Mr. Secretary of State James Baker to Sadaam's Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz, in October, 1989, assuring Sadaam of Baker's "personal interest",  in obtaining Dept. of Agriculture's CCC credits, including those which may have been used for Hughes guidance systems in Sadaam's Soviet-built SCUDs and a $1 billion satellite downlink station . . . all at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers?

    15.    Is it a coincidence that the first company back into Kuwait, post liberation in 1991, was Mr. Starr's former law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher and the second company back into Kuwait was Enron (formerly Hughes Tool)?

    16.    Does James Baker owe about 100,000 Gulf War Syndrome Veterans, their families, Saudi Arabia, and the nation of Israel huge explanations and apologies for keeping silent about Sadaam's Hughes-guidance systems enhanced SCUDs, at all material times, even as these missiles attacked our troops and our allies, if it is further shown to be true that Baker knew if he disclosed his knowledge, that his "personal interests" and profiting would be exposed?

    17.    Did you know that former President Bush signed a "Waiver of Conflict of Interest" on August 8, 1990, for James Baker, then Sec. of Defense Dick Cheney, and others during the Gulf War?  Is this kindred to his pardons in the Iran/Contra Affair, as one of his very last acts as President, which effectively killed the investigation?

    18.    Why would Attorney General Janet Reno fine National Security Advisor Sandy Berger over $20,000 in November 1997, for the delays in his divesting his oil industry stocks (which he did in 1996), when she has failed to take appropriate actions against James Baker, et. al. who held far more impressive oil interests, at all material times, which continues today?

    19.    Would the United States benefit if the apparent billions of dollars in Hughes Estate tax fraud were remediated and the money was returned to the national debt?

    20.    Did you find the "job swap" of James Baker and Donald T. Regan in January, 1985 to be curious?

    21.    Are you aware that Donald T. Regan was the CEO of Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, when they determined the Howard Hughes Estate was worth $168 million, with the interests in five (5) Las Vegas hotels and casinos worth $1 each?

    22.    Would it surprise you to learn that after the Hughes Estate was determined to be worth $371 million, that it settle with the IRS (Sec. of the Treasury Donald T. Regan) for $345 million in taxes on August 29, 1984 (leaving $26 million in the entire estate) and shortly later Hughes Helicopter alone sold to General Dynamics for $470 million?  How much do you think the rest of the Hughes Estate, sold after 1994, were worth?  Is it a coincidence they were finally sold after all of these years, and shortly after they were shown to be worth far more when they were settled for estate taxes in mid-1984?

    23.    Do you want to know why it appears it may be shown how these people may have been participants in the stealing of the Hughes Estate and subsequently also got themselves appointed to very high level positions in the federal and some state governments, during the time when then the national debt was tripled, along with other scandals?

    24.    Have you ever wondered why the national debt tripled during the 1980's and where a lot of the money went?

    24.    How might recovery of the apparent billions of dollars due in taxes help the U. S. economy and taxpayers?

    THEN, please feel free to navigate this site and to send me, or the proper authorities referenced herein, any questions or commentaries you may have.  I am sure the proper authorities would be delighted to hear from you.  (See: Contacts' Directory to write or call for official answers, answered by officials)  This may include the FBI/DOJ, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee and other senate leaders; who you may also wish to contact and ask your appropriate questions.  My associates and I are also awaiting the latest answers and appropriate actions in the Matter of Hughes and its "fruit from the same poison tree".

    As Howard Hughes's worst nightmare was that his lawyers would steal his money . . . he has got to be spinning like a lathe.


Bizarre Billionaire Industrialist

Howard Robard Hughes, Jr, was the legendary bizarre billionaire industrialist, who died intestate (without a valid will found and probated) on April 5, 1976 and it appears it may be shown his worse nightmare, "the lawyers would steal his money", became true.  Worse yet, many of these used these gains to also posture themselves with political appointment, inclusive Cabinet positions in the Reagan and Bush administrations.  And if you know anything about Howard and think he was weird . . . just take a look at those who are purported to be related to him and his lawyers.  The truth here is not only stranger than fiction, but fiction is faint compared to the factual.

    Howard Hughes earned his initial wealth and fame by running successful companies, producing movies such as "Scarface," and breaking several world records as a pilot in the 1930s. But his lasting notoriety came from the eccentric turn of his personality in 1950, when he went into complete seclusion and even refused to have his photograph taken.

    From then on, Hughes became the subject of rumors and legends about his secretive business dealings, strange diet and even his personal hygiene habits.  Born in Houston, Howard Robard Hughes was orphaned at 17 and inherited his father's oil-field equipment business, Hughes Tool Company. That operation became the foundation of Hughes' expanding business empire, and within two years Hughes moved to Hollywood where he produced "Hell's Angels" (1930), "Scarface" (1932) and "The Outlaw" (1943), among other films. He introduced Jean Harlow, Paul Muni and Jane Russell to the silver screen.

    Hughes' business empire would grow to include Hughes Aircraft Company, RKO Pictures Corporation, a controlling interest in Trans World Airlines, and real estate in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In the active, public phase of his life, Hughes pursued many hobbies, and in 1938, he set an aviation record, flying around the world in 91 hours 14 minutes in a Lockheed 14. In the 1940s he designed the Spruce Goose, a 700-passenger wooden flying boat. In 1947, Hughes flew the contraption on its only journey -- a one-mile voyage 70 feet off the ground.

    In 1950, Hughes ranked as one of the world's richest men when he suddenly dropped out of public life. In 1971, after years of mystery, writer Clifford Irving sold a manuscript purported to be Hughes' autobiography for $750,000. It proved to be a grand fake, the legend of reclusive Howard Hughes grew, and Irving went to jail.

    Hughes' final years were spent abruptly moving from place to place in the Bahamas, England, Mexico and other locations. He would arrive quietly at a luxury hotel after elaborate measures to ensure complete privacy, and was rarely seen by anyone except a few male aides.

    The world learned later that Hughes had developed strange mental obsessions including a fear of germs. He refused to cut his fingernails or hair, and would often go for weeks eating only one meal a day.    In this period Hughes would work for days without sleep in a black-curtained room, and he became emaciated and deranged from his bizarre diet and excess drug use.

    He died in 1976 without an heir or an official will; his estate was valued as high as $2 billion. Several wills appeared, including one found in Salt Lake City at the offices of the Mormon Church, but all were proved fakes

Enron was previously called Hughes Tool - as in Howard Hughes. From it's own
website it would appear that Baker Hughes, a gigantic corporate combination of
the Baker and Huges texas oil and gas interests, owns or is a major partner
with every player in Iran Conta, the Gulf War, the international oil industry,
the Saudis, arming China with advanced U.S. technology, the Rockefeller oil
interests and our new "war on terrorism". Visit their website and you will be
amazed at the companies they own and what they are into.

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