Waxman Shows Lieberman Damning Enron Video

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Waxman Shows Lieberman Damning Enron Video
Thu Feb 21 22:14:29 2002

Waxman Shows Lieberman Damning Enron Video

WASHINGTON - 02.21.02 | US Representative Henry A. Waxman, the ranking democrat on the House
Government Reform Committee investigating the Enron scandal, today alerted Senate Governmental Affairs
Committee Chairman Joseph I. Lieberman, whose own committee is conducting a parallel investigation into the
Enron matter, to the existence a recently obtained video. The video demonstrates pressure brought to bear on
Enron employees by Enron executives to buy Enron stock.

An aide to Rep. Waxman Said ; "A videotape of a 1999 Enron employee meeting that Rep. Waxman
obtained shows a woman who appears to be Ms. Olson telling employees that they should "absolutely" invest
all their 401(k) savings in company stock. This videotape provides evidence that seems to conflict with Ms.
Olson's testimony that she would have advised Enron employees to diversify if the law permitted such advice. It
also appears to cast Ms. Olson's personal financial transactions in a new light."

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