Comcast Corporation
1500 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102 1-800-Comcast


Ralph J. Roberts
Chairman of the Executive and Finance Committee of the Board of Directors and Director
Comcast Corporation

Brian L. Roberts
President, Chief Executive Officer and Director
Comcast Corporation

John R. Alchin
Executive Vice President, Co-Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Comcast Corporation

Julian A. Brodsky

Stephen B. Burke
Chief Operating Officer, Comcast Corporation
President, Comcast Cable Communications, LLC.

David L. Cohen
Executive Vice President
Comcast Corporation

Lawrence S. Smith
Executive Vice President and Co-Chief Financial Officer
Comcast Corporation

Arthur R. Block, Esq.
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Comcast Corporation

Mark A. Coblitz
Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning
Comcast Corporation

Robert S. Pick
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
Comcast Corporation

Lawrence J. Salva
Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer and Controller
Comcast Corporation

C. Stephen Backstrom
Vice President, Taxation
Comcast Corporation

Amy L. Banse
Vice President, Programming Investments
Comcast Corporation

Karen Dougherty Buchholz
Vice President of Administration
Comcast Corporation

Joseph F. DiTrolio
Vice President, Financial Operations
Comcast Corporation

Marlene S. Dooner
Vice President, Investor Relations
Comcast Corporation

William E. Dordelman
Vice President, Finance and Assistant Treasurer
Comcast Corporation

Kamal Dua
Vice President and General Auditor
Comcast Corporation, Philadelphia, PA

Leonard J. Gatti
Vice President, Financial Reporting
Comcast Corporation

Kenneth Mikalauskas
Vice President, Finance and Assistant Treasurer
Comcast Corporation

William J. Montemarano
Vice President, Internal Audit
Comcast Corporation

D'Arcy Rudnay
Vice President of Corporate Communications
Comcast Corporation

Joseph W. Waz, Jr.
Vice President, External Affairs and Public Policy Counsel
Comcast Corporation

Founded in 1963, Comcast has grown from a single system cable operation into one of the world's leading communication companies, focused on broadband cable, commerce and content. Comcast Cable is the country's largest provider of cable services, and is expanding its cable operations to deliver digital services, provide faster Internet service, and develop and deliver innovative programming. QVC is the premier electronic retailer, providing TV and Web-based shopping in the US, the UK, and Germany. As our company evolves, we will continue to look to the future and the provision of new communications technology, new opportunities, and more choices, providing people with the communications products and services that connect them to what's important in their lives.



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