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Just found this interview with Wanta:


Facsimile Transmission
9-21-97 Tom of Venice

TOM: Are you under house arrest in Wisconsin?
WANTA: Yes. It's illegal.

T: When did you go to work for the U.S. government?
W: September 20, 1963.

T: In what capacity were you hired?
W: DEA and CIA with Senator Alexander Wiley(R-WI) as my sponsor.

T: What were your overall project jobs?
W: Aerospace, munitions, and currency.

T: When did you go to work for the Republican Party?
W: 1965.

T: Did you work for the Nixon campaign in 1968?
W: Yes, with Ray Fleming in communications.

T: Did you play a role in the Indochina conflict?
W: Yes, in tank projects and "B" bombers.

T: What was your capaciaty or role with the president?
W: I worked in the Department of Defense.

T: Did this role continue in the Carter Administration?
W: Yes. It was non-political. My skills were in demand.

T: In 1980 when President Reagan was elected, did your role in government
W: Yes, I went to work for Jim Baker who helped me get work with Bill Casey
in the CIA special operations branch -- Black Ops.

T: What role did Vice President George Bush play?
W: He was the Supervisor of Record.

T: Please explain your operation in the old Soviet Union.
W: We dealt with the fusion bomb and the destabilization of the Soviet
economy. My partner was Kok Howie Kwong of the Chinese Secret Service.

T: The Chinese worked with the United States in the ruble destabilization?
W: You bet!

T: You were detained in Switzerland on July 7, 1993?
W: Yes. The Swiss police arrested me on Wisconsin State tax charges.

T: What happened next?
W: I spent 130 days in a dungeon.

T: What happened next?
W: Prime Minister Rabin of Israel wrote a letter to the Swiss demanding my
release, given I was chairman of the AmeriTrust account.

T: What happened next?
W: The Swiss government released me and I was sent to New York state.

T: What happened next?
W: The federal judge in New York state released me, but I was arrested by
the state of Wisconsin on the steps of the federal courthouse as I left the

T: This is while you were still Somalian Ambassador to Switzerland?
W: Yes, of course. I had previously been Ambassador to Canada.

T: You were in Switzerland to execute a 70 billion dollar credit for the
U.S. Treasury?
W: Yes. Along with Vince Foster and Geneva Farrell. We were to meet at the
Hotel Dekpix in Switzerland.

T: What was the role of George Bush in the AmeriTrust account?
W: Bush felt he could never lose the election and would be able to grab(??)
all the money himself.

T: Of course, Clinton won the election.
W: Yes. And Vince Foster and Mickey Lee Cantor called me and drew up an
instrument for $250,000,000 for the credit of the Children's Defense Fund.

T: What about the rest of the fund?
W: There was $210 billion in the account, $250 million to the Children's
Defense Fund, $70 billion was to be assigned to the White House, and some
to be directed to foreign nations.

T: Why was Vince Foster silenced?
W: He was upset about me and felt the AmeriTrust funds were being misdirected.

T: What was Foster's role with Bill Casey?
W: The Contra/arms laundering in Arkansas.

T: What is your understanding of the role of Ken Starr?
W: Protect the Clintons.

T: Explain to us your meeting with John Brown of Little Rock, Arkansas.
W: Mr. Brown drove up to Lacrosse, Wisconsin and said he was a Registered
Agent of Ken Starr. He demanded that I give him documents in my possession.

T: Did you give him the documents?
W: Yes. I was under house arrest and felt a great deal of pressure.

T: What were the documents about?
W: They were files relating to Mena, the DEA, Barry Seal, and the Chinese
COLA accounts.

T: What do you know about Mena?
W: It involved the Arkansas Development Finance Authority run by Bob Nash
which used Mitsui Mfg Bank to launder Japanese yen.

T: What else do you know about Mena?
W: It involved Bill Clinton, George Bush, Vince Foster, Bill Hakr and Webb
Hubbell. Japanese yen was laundered through the Bank of China in exchange
for U.S. dollars.

T: What else should we know about Mena?
W: Of course Barry Seal was the pilot bringing in the drugs. He reported to
Bill Casey.

T: Did George Bush know about the murder of Barry Seal?
W: You bet!

T: What about the arms operation in Arkansas?
W: Arms were shipped through Honduras through the Chinese COLAs accounts.
My partner was eventually murdered with the help of Chinese Intelligence.

T: That partner was Kwong?
W: Yes.

T: What was the role of Hillary Clinton?
W: She was president of Standard LaFarge and helped launder the arms
profits through its headquarters in Quebec, Canada.

T: There is a hearing due on the 23rd of September, 1997.
W: I am hoping that my attorney's request for a summary judgment will be

T: That would lead to your release?
W: Yes, I hope.

T: Would you testify before the Senate Intelligence or Banking Committee?
W: Certainly.

T: Thanks for your cooperation.

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and
opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those
who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible
government which is the true ruling power of our country." Edward Bernays
Who is Leo Wanta? - by J. Orlin Grabbe - orlingrabbe@orlingrabbe.com

Justice Denied for Leo Wanta - Received via Email

The names below are mentioned on the listed pages with the name

U.S. Dept. of the Treasury Office of Internal Affairs/Sector V-New Orleans
FROM: Ambassador Leo E. Wanta/Stillpoint.ops Diplomatic
Passport No. 04362 & 12535 Ministry of Foreign Affairs WANTA LEO EMIL

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