Virginia Tech Shooting Monday 04/16/07

Seung-Hui Cho (left) in U.S. Marines uniform, pulled from Wikipedia [Source]

The pic above WAS on wikipedia but they pulled it a little while ago

Digital Camo is easy to come by..BUT Cho's has a marines nametag on it ..Why does this matter? Because ISSUE Marpat Camo has small globe and anchors mixed into the camo ,it can only be seen close up,I wish i could tell if this was ISSUE from the pic but i would guess that it is, because of the U.S.Marines nametag.....
IF it is ISSUE Marpat what is he doing with it and how did he get it, because its ILLEGAL for civilians to be in possession of ISSUE Marpat BDU's .... And who is his partner next to him there ?

If you notice the media has been spelling his name as Cho Seung-Hui..
If you look at the name tag in the pic it says HU ...Vtech has a Marine ROTC program...Cho has some sort of connection to the military



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