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by Sherman H. Skolnick

In Chicago, getting hotter and hotter has been a scandal involving the Federal Prosecutor's office here. A Federal Grand Jury has been considering charges against Assistant Federal Prosecutor William R. Hogan, Jr., and others. According to testimony already brought out, in related matters in Court, Hogan procured perjured testimony in his prosecution of the El Rukn dope and murder gang. As a result, several federal judges have already put back on the street some of these convicted terrorists! [Two federal district judges accused Hogan of procuring sex and dope for the criminals WHILE THEY WERE IN JAIL. Hogan reportedly had them briefly removed from prison and set up temporarily in a top floor of a Federal Office Building downtown Chicago---the headquarters of the IRS and the DEA.]

These dopers and killers want to be restored to their position in the gang. Result? Various murders. Also, Federal Grand Jury witnesses are being blown away. Such as? On Christmas Eve, 1993, a businessman was assassinated on the corner of 87th and Stoney Island, on Chicago's south side. The area is not the usual turf of the El Rukns, but the El Rukns have let it be known that anyone who witnessed the hit will likewise be dead.

At the time, the press took no interest in the murder of this potential key witness. The Federal authorities are NOT protecting the Federal Grand Jury witnesses. Why? Well, one reason is the new U.S. Attorney here wants the matter restricted to perjury.

Yet, Hogan and others in the Office also reportedly took bribes not to prosecute criminals in other cases. As known to the Justice Department, there is a ring of some six lawyers and non-lawyers who have bribed and blackmailed Federal Prosecutors here. Such as in the criminal case against officers and others of American Heritage Savings and Loan. Corruptly let go was Christian Henning, Jr., nephew and godson of Bishop Paul Marcinkus, until 1991, head of the Vatican Bank, and reputed mafia money-washer. Marcinkus has been the dominant force behind the First National Bank of Cicero, in the long-known Chicago suburban mafia enclave of Cicero. [The bank later changed their name to be the flagship of Pinnacle Banc Group, still later, as part of Old Kent Bank of Grand Rapids, Michigan.]

Among those in the ring reportedly have been Edward J.Lesniak [front man/lawyer for First National Bank of Cicero] and Victor J. Cacciatore. Failure to protect Federal Grand Jury witnesses is not new. As we have pointed out in a similar case in the Federal District Court here, 41 Federal Grand Jury witnesses were murdered in 1991 and 1992, during the Special Grand Jury hearing charges of theft of high technology by top officials in the Reagan and Bush Administrations. Known as the INSLAW Affair, it was covered up by former Federal District Judge Nicholas Bua, as Special Counsel appointed by the highly corrupt Justice Department to supervise the Federal grand Jury.[We brought a civil case against Bua for obstructing justice in blocking us as grand jury witnesses. His cronies on the federal bench put our case out of court without any open court hearings or legal formalities.]

High level treason was committed in selling the technology to sworn enemies of the United States.

In the INSLAW case, many of the Grand Jury witneses were murdered---now get this---by an FBI agent reportedly working for Bua and identified by us in Court, as Mike "Chuckie" Peters.

In the Hogan Affair, some suspect Chicago Police are being blackmailed by corrupt federal officials here to drag their feet in investigating the murder of the Federal Grand Jury witness. Hogan has the potential of wrecking the entire Federal bureaucracy here, implicating corrupt federal judges here, IRS and U.S. Customs officials and Federal Prosecutors---all reportedly involved in an apparatus known as the "Dope Underground", involving runaway corruption not limited to narcotics. Note: it may well be that history is repeating itself in Chicago. Just as Federal Prohibition of booze laws in the 1920s led to widespread institutional corruption, so too the so-called "War on Drugs" seemingly has given us similar side-effects.

Among those that should be facing indictment should be Hogan's supervisors including the former Chief Federal Prosecutor, as well as top IRS officials here who are secret partners in various criminal enterprises. Hogan was after 1993, three times removed as assistant federal prosecutor. He finally was RESTORED to his position with back pay awarded him as well. How? By blackmailing top Justice Department Officials who he accused of covering up the bribery of six federal judges in Chicago. Knowledgeable sources contend Hogan is "immune" from troubles. Why? Apparently because of his prior service for the American CIA. Question: have the El Rukn terrorist street gang been operating with the blessings of the spy agency? Some think so. Stay tuned.

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