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by Sherman H. Skolnick

Cynics have their own way of explaining things. Such as? Clinton returns from Europe amid a growing scandal called "Whitewater". He mutters to himself, "I have to have a distraction". A few hours later, a devastating earthquake shakes California. Conspiracy theorists shout, "Ah-Hah! I told you so! Scientists now have a way of triggering off earthquakes."

This may just be a fanciful way of expressing it. Maybe Mother Nature just handed the President a change of subject at a convenient time, on a national holiday, Dr. King's Birthday.

Sooner or later, Clinton may find his credibility has disappeared. Can a lawyer-liar continue nevertheless to be the front man, supposedly running the country, huh? Is he going to go along with the Whitewater mess because his bosses, the Ultra-Rich, order him to do so? He was picked, some believe, just because he was BLACKMAILABLE. Others think the American Murder Association, A.M.A., and the health insurance cartel want Bill and Hillary to go.

Under the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Gore would become President and there has been a reported deal to make John D. Rockefeller 4th, called Jay to be cute, Vice President---all by appointment, under the 25th Amendment, without an election. [And, some say Jay itches to be President without an election and hence might want Gore removed or assassinated for that purpose.]

Another possibility is to declare, "or create", a national emergency and invoke the little-known provisions to suspend the U.S. Constitution! If so, the General who was head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, would step up to the White House microphone and say, "I'm in charge here." Sarcastic folks expect to see him on TV standing---now get this---next to a banner of the Nazi era, depicting his family's pro-Hitler background. A change in the White House most likely would cause a stock market crash and be the basis for the so-called "national emergency".

Little known is the fact that key federal judges around the country war two hats: as Judge and as selected officers for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. As FEMA operatives, they would automatically refuse "habeus corpus" and other constitutional rights to political activists on the National Security Index. Computer-generated arrest warrants for such outspoken folks are already waiting. Concentration camps have been built in remote areas, including offshore-Alaska.

The inside, sinister joke is that the mass media act as one trumpet for the Rockefellers and their ilk. The media fakers don't need a FEMA directive to censor and falsify the news. Why, they do it every day, right now! The press whores never allowed a candid, public discussion of the series of Executive Orders, the blueprints for dictatorship. In a so-called "national emergency", the so-called "head of the country" would issue martial law decrees; taking over the farms, the factories, communications, the courts, and the economy of the country.

FEMA has computerized, crisis-action programs to control all this. Some contend it is unconstitutional, BUT, with the Courts closed...uh, after all, who would publicly proclaim the illegal nature of these decrees?

In Chicago among the FEMA operatives are 7th Circuit Federal Appeals Chief Judge Richard A. Posner [(312)435-5806] [See my later story, "Chief Crook Enters Microsoft Mess".] Posner is also a representative for the Billion Dollar stock portfolio of Rockefeller's oil-soaked University of Chicago where Posner was once a law professor. Posner is a dictator even on a quiet day! Another "FEMA Hitler" has been Chicago Federal District Judge[now Senior Judge] Paul Plunkett [(312)435-5775].

To save the Constitution, some say, "Keep our crooked President, right or wrong". [Just as the House of Representatives passed the Impeachment Resolution in 1998, an hour later, President Clinton caused the CIA Inspector General to release Volume 2 of a report on the CIA and the Dope Business. Some say the wide publicity of the Report would have toppled the government. So Clinton apparently later held the U.S. Senate by blackmail, hostage to the situation and they did NOT remove him from office.]

The bottom line: should a crook be kept in the highest office, if removing him would topple the U.S. Government? Stay tuned.

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