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PLEASE NOTE: the first sending of this story on Wednesday, July 14, 1999, WAS APPARENTLY BLOCKED BY THE E-MAIL COMPUTER OF AMERITECH.NET. WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT? CENSORSHIP. Apparently, the Establishment did not want this discussed on the same day as the Chicago Sun-Times Story, 7/14/99. Also please note: Admiral Engen, expert on Air Traffic Control, former head of FAA, was murdered just after the apparent assassination attempt on Gore. The press fakers said his glider somehow fell apart in the air, killing him. Some believe he was among the small group of admirals and generals that have since 1995 sought to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Clinton for treason. If Clinton arrested them for mutiny, they intended, if they survived and were not assassinted, to defend themselves at Courts Martial charging HIM with documented treason which they had. We are about the only ones writing about these very brave flag officers, and about certain murder plots. Savvy historians compare the current dark period of American history with that of Caligula in Roman times.POST THIS STORY FAR AND WIDE FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD. Sherman H. Skolnick 7/15/99.Message-ID: <378d009a.51ed350f@ameritech.net> Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 14:26:50 -0700 From: Sherman Skolnickone X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.04 [en]C-AIT (Win95; I) MIME-Version: 1.0 To: skolnick@ameritech.net Subject: Plot to Assassinate Vice President Gore? Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

PLOT TO ASSASSINATE VICE PRESIDENT GORE? by Sherman H.Skolnick, moderator/producer, public access Cable TV Program "Broadsides" in Chicago and chairman/founder, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts

Two or more airplanes were all headed reportedly for a crash with Air Force Two carrying Vice President Albert Gore, Jr., as his plane flew over the Chicago area. The incident apparently occurred July 9, 1999, but was kept embargoed, that is, delayed or suppressed, until an eleven paragraph story ran in the Chicago Sun-Times, July 14, 1999. So far, others in the mass media have steered clear of the story? Why? Like the murder of President Kennedy, were the mass media either informed in advance or ordered how,if at all, to run the story?

One of two major newspapers in Chicago, the Sun-Times is owned by British tough-nose financier Conrad Black jointly with reportedly mysterious Red Chinese and ethnic Chinese billionaires who have an unpublicized armlock on the Chicago markets. Their fortunes based reportedly on dope smuggling into the U.S. primarily through Chicago, of high purity heroin called "China White", clandestine weapons deals, and the harvesting of human body parts sold to U.S. hospitals. The body parts, sold as casually as auto pieces, are from political prisoners in mainland China arbitrarily condemned to death as the orders come in for hearts, livers, kidneys, and such. [So as not to damage the human body parts, the political prisoners are not shot but rather, beheaded.] The illicit funds are a massive river of loot reportedly laundered on the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Although an open secret, major newspapers, such as the Sun-Times, and other financial papers like the Wall Street Journal, publish virtually nothing about the Chinese and the Chicago money laundries. The Chinese funds are disguised as soybeans and foreign currency trading.

Are the Chinese through the Sun-Times story blackmailing Clinton into silence about nuclear secrets sold or given to the Chinese? Under a a headline "Quirk of radar jars VP's plane", the Sun-Times had details such as "Gore was in the government 747 traveling from Seattle back to Washington when the pilot received urgent instructions from air traffic controllers to make a jarring 60 degree turn to avoid a crash. Radar showed a second plane 25 miles away--only a couple of minutes apart--at the same 33,000-foot altitude and in conflict with the vice president's aircraft. Air Force Two was traveling about 600 m.p.h." According to other sources, the FAA and the Sun-Times are reportedly concealing that yet a third plane likewise almost crashed into Gore's plane.

Aviation sources familiar with air traffic control say they never heard of a situation where two or more airplanes were all headed for a crash with another plane. Foul play, they contend, should rightfully be suspected when two OR MORE airplanes were all somehow steered into a possibe crash with the Vice President's plane.

Here are some other factors that assassination researchers would consider: 1. Reportedly fronting for the Chinese in Chicago in the reputed clandestine deals as well as blackmail and extortion, is Rahm Emanuel, for many years Clinton White House Senior Advisor and now a heavy-hitter with Wasserstein & Perrella, Chicago unit of a New York based financial services firm that reportedly handles deals for the Red Chinese. Described as a campaign fund "fixer" and expert in blackmail, Rahm Emanuel in recent statements seems cold to the idea of supporting Gore as Presidential candidate in the 2000 election. {By the way, with more expected dirty tricks like the apparent aircrash scenario, there is no guarantee that the 2000 election will be conducted just as usual.] 2. The Gore presidential campaign has, or is about to obtain, a reputed picture clearly showing presidential hopeful George W. Bush, now Texas governor and son of the elder Bush, snorting cocaine with Bill Clinton. More and more people, of course, are becoming aware that Bill has been a cocaine user whose nose is rodded out from the same. But it might come as a campaign surprise, helplful to Gore, to show George W. with Clinton. The picture, supplied by government agents, would open the whole question of George Herbert Walker Bush and his sons, Jeb, Neal, and George W., being involved with Clinton and others in dope smuggling through the southern states including through the Mena, Arkansas airport arranged by CIA. According to European publications, Jeb Bush, with his Columbia-born wife, are reportedly implicated with known criminals in Spain and elsewhere laundering dope and other clandestine funds through European banks. Neal Bush narrowly escaped jail in the downfall of his Silverado Savings & Loan Association of Denver, reportedly used by CIA to wash domestic assassination funding. A Chicago lawyer, Jay Steinberg, and others with Hopkins & Sutter, Chicago, reportedly whitewashed the Silverado mess. 3. Gore campaign pundits apparently have advised Gore to distance himself from Clinton who, generally unknown to the public, has been very close to the elder Bush. Gore can probably rightfully claim he was, prior to "the picture", unaware of Clinton's dope connection to the younger Bush. Some believe Gore, to have any chance of winning the presidential election, would have to demonstrate that he is not interwoven in the numerous Clinton scandals, financial and sexual. At a post-election party in the past, Bill Clinton reportedly got Tipper Gore, Albert's wife, drunk, and raped her, that is, had some form of sex with Tipper NOT consenual. A member of the Gore circle, when confronted with these details, urged an independent-minded journalist not to go with the story but said it most likely did happen. Bill Clinton, according to his secret medical records, penetrated by savvy hackers, is reportedly HiV positive. Thus, if the records were revealed, numerous women messed over by Bill, would have to come forward to be examined for AIDS. Two newspapers have the documents, reportedly the Baltimore Sun and the Chicago Tribune, but whose lawyers have advised against publishing the same, as the newspapers might be drawn into liability of Federal Tort Claims actions brought by the women.

So, there are numerous reasons for the possible political assassination of Gore. Although a horrible matter to consider, it must candidly be discussed. Long ago it was said, "To kill the king, you need the aid of the Palace guards". Prior to the 1996 re-election, the Secret Service reportedly all disappeared from guarding Gore at a political rally. In assassination research jargon, this is a "security vacuum", making it easy for a would-be assassin, aided by the Secret Service, to blow away a high official. Remember, the head of what is now called the U.S. Secret Service, Lafayette C. Baker was part of the plot to murder President Lincoln. {See: "Lincoln Conspiracy" a compilation in paperback.] The Secret Service failed to fire back a single shot in protecting John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza. Questions: Did the Secret Service, as required, have one of their top people supervising the radar when Gore's plane flew into the zone of the Air Traffic Control in Aurora, the FAA facility just west of Chicago? [Some say the answer is no.] Or, at that moment, was there an Air Traffic Controller on duty with, as required, topmost security clearance? [Again, some say the answer is no.] This is a developing story. More details as they are available.

For a heavy packet of printed stories by Sherman H. Skolnick, compiled with the assistance of associates worldwide, send $5.00 [U.S. funds} PLUS a stamped, self-addressed BUSINESS sized envelope WITH THREE STAMPS ON IT to: Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick,Chairman, 9800 So. Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office: 8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days: (773)375-5741. Recorded phone message, a regular call: (773) 731-1100. e-mail: skolnick@ameritech.net WEBSITE EXPECTED TO BE UP AND WORKING after July 15, 1999: be sure to spell it right and notice there is an s after skolnick: skolnicksreport.com It will contain many of my stories posted on other websites since 1994 as well as current stories and items.

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