Editorial 11/19/98

Money, snake, UN symbols


"Now The Serpent Was More Subtle Than Any Beast"


    Americans have a grand idea. The idea placed before us is that we are free and elect our national officials. Our children go to school and learn the basics of freedom. We are leaders in the world and lead all the other nations in freedom. We get together every so often and sing our national anthem, usually at a good-spirited sports event. On TV our children can see the likes of Snow White, Bambi and a host of other good-spirited films. On the weekend good people go to church. At Christmas everyone can give everyone else a present and love and singing are in the air. We all pay our taxes so that our good and benevolent government can run smoothly and help everyone around the world live like we do. We have all the cars and computers we want and we want all the poor people around the world to have those things too. Isn't America beautiful and isn't Saddam bad? We will make Saddam good, too, or we will have to do away with him because we are good people and he is a bad person. So goes the fairy story of life in the United States.

    The United Nations is believed to be a formation of all peoples of the world in loving cooperation feeding the hungry and caring for the needs of the less fortunate. This great new religion will be the salvation of man if we all just pitch in and volunteer for the united effort.

    Now the reality. I do not want to slide off into the clichés of the love of money, but there is one point that is the foundation of the world society now and the United States in particular. Money is the foundation. At first we consider that money is not a bad thing. We all use it. We have heard that the love of money is the root of all evil. This is not a trite platitude. It is what has created the very foundation of American and British culture which has been largely exported to the entire earth. In days of old it was the missionary who was sent to foreign lands to bring the poor heathen to the God of the west. Now our missionaries are of a different sort. Our missionaries today wear kakis and their warfare is called Desert Storm or has some other descriptive name. We did not succeed in winning the world by free choice to the God we had, so now we will force the world to worship the god of money we have replaced Him with.

Going With The Flow

    First of all, it would be well to build a simple picture of how money flows. I will keep this simple since a perfect chart would take up my whole memory supply and a chart as big as a mountain. I like the word "cabal" since it sounds good and points to the true source of power. Webster's Dictionary defines cabal as "a small group of secret plotters." The personal gratification that the cabal receives from world control is power. It would be analogous to a poker player winning every game he played by manipulating the deck.

    Some like to point to the Rockefellers and others in high places as being the leaders in this cabal. While it is true that there are leaders, we have all been players. When you play the game, you are part of it. A leader cannot go anywhere without a follower. I recently read a story of a lady who had to raise her son all alone. She came to America to give her son a better life. She lived in the city and was somewhat rough and of foreign descent, speaking English poorly. The book had one feeling sorry for her as she had to go against evil, selfish shop owners who would not recognize her plight. When she would buy produce, she would sometimes damage the produce so she could get a better price claiming it was defective. One Christmas she stole some goods for her poor boy who would not have a Christmas. Our hearts went out to this thief and deceiver. From this small lady to those at the top of the ladder we have the same deceivers and thieves. Have you ever tried to deceive someone concerning the condition of something you were about to sell them? This is the spirit of cabal. This spirit now rules the world.

    World finance is rooted in the same motivations of self-interest just described. With sentiment, emotion and deception they have turned the earth into a web of slavery. Every facet of American and world culture revolves around money and the truth of anything ultimately comes down to that. If it is not profitable, it is evil. If it is profitable, it is good. When one watches his television news he sees a world out of control. When one sees the commercials on those programs he sees a world brought back into control by simply purchasing this or that drug, buying this or that car, or shopping at one store or another.

    Our national politicians are paid for largely by huge financial interests in high places. The aids and bureaucrats that assist our Congressmen are permanent fixtures and guide the obedient and newly elected officials through their appointed duties. They are to pass and sign legislation that will aid in the creation of money and control for the cabal. The taxes that flow into the treasury are channeled through the various organizations which the cabal uses for its financial base. Hundreds of billions of military dollars go to the factories owned or controlled with debt by the forces of finance and control. One of the new themes these days that has been put out for we cattle to eat is "election reform" and "term limits." The thought is placed before us that when elected officials spend too long in office, they get friends and generally get too much control so we need to get them out and vote for new innocent ones every so often. Actually, what is happening is that "term limits" ensure we elect green, politically ignorant people into office so that the cabal establishment will get more humble obedience from them while they are "learning the ropes." If elected officials spend too long in office, they may start to understand what's going on and want to run things themselves. Therefore, the idea of term limits is floated so that everyone will think they are getting something good when they are not.

Extortion Payments

    Tax dollars are used for loans administered by this power and from which they take large profits. Taxes pay for many of their industries from which government procurement comes. Taxes pay for interest on huge debts which are forced on government and industry by the various needs legislated by the legislators who have been set up by them. Income taxes pay for all kinds of special projects the cabal initiates deem necessary for their operation. Some of these projects around the world are for the cause of revolution and national disruption. They are for the overthrow of existing governments and for the installation of cabal initiates. These are all paid for by humble, obedient citizens and controlled by the cabal. Certain taxes, such as property taxes, are levied ostensibly for the running of one's local community. The local communities are charged with debt for various government mandates. This, in turn, fuels the cabal machine and the taxpayer will not dare withhold his means since it will mean he will not have a place to live if he does.

    The property tax is the one tax which takes independence away from the citizen of any country. Without some income, a citizen would be landless. When the IMF enters a country it is not long until the people have to learn this new science. Russia is even now having to deal with the taxation reformation imposed on it by international bankers and "austerity" brokers. Land represents independence until property tax is assessed, for then that man must place himself in the flow of capital in order to live. This is true unless one chooses to be homeless or a bag lady. Other monies could easily pay for the needs the property tax fills, but no other tax would sufficiently enslave the population. If the citizen had no income, he could not be taxed. When property tax is assessed, a man can be penniless but still be forced to pay, even if it means the forfeiture of his property. When property is confiscated for failure to pay, the tax collector receives many times over the actual tax through the auction.

    Christmas, especially, but other holidays and special occasions as well, fuel the cabal machine. Taxes are raised this way for the international debt machine as well as profits from products carefully and skillfully packaged for the TV viewer for sale. We know what to buy since it was on the TV the night before. The whole scheme is carefully manufactured for the flow of money which will give power to the cabal as it manipulates the schemes of control around the world.

In Debt to the Company Store

    Debt is another method of control. Laws are passed which so increase the cost of housing that paying cash for a house is nearly impossible. To purchase a home the great majority of the population must borrow the money. This great debt is called "owning a home." The citizen is locked into a long mortgage often paying several times the value of the home. Between debt and taxes, one is kept faithful to the slave trade. While faithful to it, he is allowed some measure of comfort and a few days off every year for a little enjoyment and personal pleasure. The rest of the time he is a dutiful servant of the bank and the leaders those bankers install in the political order of things.

    If a food company is a little too much out of debt , has a little too much political power, and not advertising quite enough on the media, thereby paying his debt to the cabal, a scandal will suddenly appear on some TV magazine, or some other outlet, explaining how that food establishment is responsible for seven deaths because of bad food handling and some form of bacteria. The food establishment then is in terror and borrows a huge chunk of money to upgrade and clean up, thereby paying interest to the bank. The food corporation will now begin a large advertising campaign which will funnel large amounts of cash into the media. In exchange for this humility, the media will do a special on one of its many news outlets reporting how this company has now one of the cleanest records and everyone is convinced that organization can now be trusted. If they humble themselves and buy lots of advertising, they will be treated accordingly. Success will be granted the organizations who sufficiently pay their dues.

    In this way, government, private industry and the taxpayer are all neatly in place. No one will dare step out of the circle or they will either not be elected, vilified through the media for some offense, or they will lose their home. If they play along and obey humbly these masters, the system will do what it can to keep them fed and keep their chains polished. All the people in this web cooperate since they see their own survival depends on all of the other slaves obeying as they do. Also, they feel somewhat jealous that some may not have to wear the chains they have to wear. This gives the cabal a million spies looking everywhere to observe if everyone is playing. If they see children outside when it is school time, they may report them. If they hear of someone not paying his taxes, he may be reported. The Soviet system of show and tell is in full operation to keep all of the citizens in humble submission. The "ministers of God" also do their part proclaiming from the nation's pulpits, "give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's." They do not mention to their sleepy flocks in any practical way that our souls do not belong to Caesar.

Humility--the Greatest Attribute

    The principles here are international as well. Iraq is not humble enough. The whole show Americans and the world have been exposed to is the simple process of how to make a nation submit humbly to the international pirates. Iraq has oil, but that is not all it has. Iraq has an independent spirit. They follow a man who has his picture everywhere and that man does not follow the cabal. Besides this, the man is not sufficiently respectful toward Israel. He is verbally intolerant of them and speaks openly of the international conspiracy controlled by the Jews. This is intolerable to the west which is largely controlled by Israel and its interests. Forces are set in motion to trap the adversary. One need only to entice someone such as the rebel Saddam to make some large international mistake, such as invading Kuwait. Now the snake can close in until the country is starved to death and properly submissive.

     The citizens of western countries may be sufficiently sedated by the media so as to miss the pogrom being initiated by their nations, but the victims of this are not so easily put to sleep. Bill Gertz in The Washington Times reported today that "an Islamic group in Iraq has called for a holy war against the United States, according to a broadcast by Baghdad's government radio. The Popular Organization of Islamic Conference issued a statement in Baghdad calling for a jihad, or holy war, 'by Muslims throughout the world against the U.S. administration.' ...The group's statement said 'striking [the U.S. administration's] interests has become a holy and legitimate duty recognized by divine and human laws so as to protect societies against U.S. injustice.'

     "The Iraqi group stated that the Clinton administration 'supports the Zionists, who have usurped holy Arab and Muslim places,' and said Muslims should 'seriously work to confront U.S. tyranny and condemn its hostile acts against faithful Iraq.'

    "The group said U.S. aggression against Iraq is a 'link in a chain of conspiracies, which will target all Arab and Muslim countries unless it is confronted with all means and capabilities'."

    When America bombed Iraq, it was not the armaments only that took a hit. It was the food supplies, water supplies, sewers, schools, and much of the rest of the basic needs a people might have. Now, with much of their society in serious stress, a large portion of the population cannot sufficiently take care of themselves. This demoralizes the country and makes way for a spirit of rebellion and revolution within and without. This outside pressure, supported largely by the taxpayers of America, feeds the cabal and brings down one more nation into their net. Whomever the revolutionaries are will now be beholden to the cabal since they just had the Republican Congress vote to provide them with $100,000,000 of our tax money for weapons and other infrastructure needs. The revolutionaries are painted as freedom fighters who are ready to fight the evil dictator so that they might live freely and as Clinton said, "without oppression." No mention is made of the oppression America and the UN forced upon Iraq through sanctions or from the mercenaries hired by them to attack that nation. Western nations may ignore protests that come from sources they label as extremist, but people are people. Everyone is the same in that regard. When unjust oppression comes upon a people from any source, they will take the measures they can to stop the source of that oppression.

    If cabal sponsored revolutionaries take over a country and kill all the evil people (people who were against the cabal) they will find they have a new dictator. With this new dictator, and since they owe him so much, comes the inevitable overthrow of their religion and culture. Now they will have freedom so that the Western sex trade through satellite and other low moral degradation is fed into the society, as has happened in Kuwait. When this happens, money sufficiently replaces their God and the cabal rests assured of the souls of the nation. The nation is sufficiently taxed and all property is controlled so that if any man wants to express a little independence by not paying his cabal fee, he can be relieved of his property and his family. The children will be educated on cabal farms often called public schools and the adults will work in cabal institutions by various names with little free time except at Christmas or other approved holidays of the peculiar breed of cattle that they are.

All For The Buck

    The wars we have fought for freedom have turned out to have been fought for money. Our own nation is surely blessed with toys, but we have no more independence and permission to express our free thinking in action than a monkey in a zoo. Yes, monkeys in a zoo can chatter all they want, but they cannot go anywhere. There are ways to eliminate those who act independently by thinking free or thinking in ways which the cabal does not approve. When a man is sufficiently separated from acting out his free thinking, he becomes a tentacle of the great adversary. He becomes an eye or some other body part of this internationalist spirit.

    People are handled by fear. First of all, there may be some dark stain dredged up against the individual who may express some kind of rebellion to the institution. The press might report that when this person was arrested he had thousands of dollars in cash in his possession as if that were a crime. Ohhhhhhh! Thousands of dollars! He must be an evil man since only evil men have thousands of dollars in cash. This lends to the perception that all personal money should be in a bank and being used by the cabal. If it is not in a bank, the people sin. If innuendoes and inferences to evil do not work, there is always an IRS tax audit. This comes in handy. One is made to be a Saddam on a very small scale when Uncle comes for you. There are ways to strike fear into the hearts of anyone who will not sufficiently go along. There are ways to make the citizens look like Saddam.

    But know this, if you dutifully put your influence on the side of this cabal, if you give your child over to the cabal schools (all authorized forms of public education), and you show sufficient offense at anyone speaking of the International Conspiracy, you will be left in your cell without too much trouble from them. If you do your duty and vote for one of their representatives (most folks on the ballot), if you volunteer your time in their various good deed projects, you will be allowed to continue paying your bills and interest payments without being molested by them. In other words, if your spirit flows with the spirit of the cabal, then, it is God you will have to face and His tribunal will not tolerate the evil of that society.

I...saw a beast [political power] rise up out of the sea [masses of people] having seven heads [G7 nations] and ten horns [NATO], and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. And the beast was like unto a leopard [U.S. swiftness], and his feet were as the feet of a bear [Russia], and his mouth as the mouth of a lion [Britain] and the dragon [Satan] gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death [Soviet Russia, Socialism]; and his deadly wound was healed: [World Socialism restored]: and all the world followed after the beast. And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?" Rev 13:1-4

The Conclusion

     This morning, Kenneth Starr gave his report to the Congress concerning the evidence his office has uncovered regarding the basic deception exposed in the highest office of the land. Mr. Starr carefully laid out the details of dishonesty and collusion which has been practiced by officials in high office. He also laid out the technical details of how a nation under law must proceed and has proceeded in this case. Kenneth Starr's calm and deliberate approach to the law obviously has had its effect. Even the spin doctors and media foilers express the best they can hope for now is a draw which will essentially leave things as they are. The political hacks and pundits will continue to protest the investigation but that will not erase the truths that we have all been made to see.

     This current event before the cameras is a small drop of water compared to the special investigation that has been launched by the God of heaven. The cunning and deceit of men, whether Jew or gentile, whether Greek or Roman, whether male or female will be carefully and dutifully exposed. While there has been a subtle destruction of all things just and true, it is revealed that we have all played a part. Only those who have confessed that part and turned from it will be exonerated. All others will receive the sentence appropriate to the crimes they have been party to.

    The Great Satan, sometimes called Antichrist, now rules, but he will only rule for a little season. Soon, he and his tentacles will be ashes. God's special investigation now completes its work. The difference in this case is that the political spin doctors and the media will not alter the course of this investigation or influence its conclusion. The difference in this case is that the national polls will have nothing to do with the outcome.


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