NATO Ushers in Antichrist

Nato Attack on Serbia has Global Implications

    The WINDS ceased from updating with regular news reports over two years ago when the U.S. Senate refused to remove President Clinton from office. It was evident that all credible resistance to the corrupt regime in Washington had collapsed, and that nothing more could be said by The WINDS that hadn't already been put in print. The WINDS staff unanimously decided to close shop and prepare to remove their families from the corrupt system.

    Two months following Clinton's acquittal in February '99, the United States, in concert with its NATO allies, attacked the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia) under the pretense of stopping human rights violations against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.

    By destroying Serbia's infrastructure, NATO brought Yugoslavia to its knees to force them to hand over their former nationalist President, Slobodan Milosevic, to the World Court at The Hague in the Netherlands. With their economy close to collapse, their environment poisoned by NATO bombing, and cash for restoring basic services desperately needed, a few political leaders in the Serbian government decided to take matters into their own hands and turn Milosevic over for trial. They did so just 24 hours before a donors' conference made up of western countries. It was reported that a billion dollars was on the table for Yugoslavia, contingent upon Milosevic's extradition.

   The official story is that Milosevic is a war criminal, that he supported Serbs who committed atrocities in the Bosnian civil war, and that he committed genocide against the ethnic Albanians. Many of these charges, however, have already been proven to be complete fabrications. In this report we will examine the bigger picture behind the NATO attack on Yugoslavia and what its implications are for the world.

A "Continuum" of an Ancient Ambition

    Almost a month ago President George W. Bush visited Camp Bondsteel, the fortified American military base in Kosovo. In a speech before U.S. military personnel he revealed his intention to break yet another pledge made during his presidential campaign - to speedily remove American forces from the Balkans and leave the Balkan intervention to European nations. Speaking of the NATO allies Bush declared, "We came in together and we will leave together" and that there is "still a lot of work to do."[1] In other words, Forget what I said during my campaign. We're in the real world now.

    This continuation of the Clinton foreign policy may not come as a surprise to those who know the truth about American politics, but it will come as a disappointment to the millions of voters who placed their hopes in Bush as champion of conservative values, someone who would roll back America's involvment in globalization.

    For those who do not know what "globalization" means, it means the consolidation of all the economies of the world into one "global economy", an economic model developed by multinational corporations for multinational corporations. It also means the consolidation of the other spheres of life - social and political. In other words, a global economy, government, culture, and religion. Whether you want it or not.

    Multinational corporations are corporations that have assets in many countries and loyalties to none. They move those assets to regions where they can profit the most at the expense of their host - whether it be through exploiting cheap labor for manufacturing or taking advantage of lax environmental standards.

    Multinationals are not necessarily manufacturing companies. Some of them are gigantic "hedge funds", huge reservoirs of investment capital that speculate on national currencies, or buy up local industries, utilities, highways, and other important infrastructure. Multinationals, through the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, force countries to "privatize" their industry and infrastructure so multinationals can come in and take control of them. This completely removes local control of the economy and subjugates the nations to the power of finance capital. Essentially, multinationals are the engine of globalization. They finance organizations in different countries promoting a "global culture" which is essentially a social revolution where old cultures, traditions, and loyalties to tribe and family are suppressed in favor of a promiscuous, western-style consumerism. This insures the enslavement of the nations to the multinationals who now rule the world.

    Globalization is the age-old dream that won't die. The Bible tells about man's first attempt to elevate himself to the position of God. The people said, "Let us build a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make for us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth." And God said, "Behold the people is one, and they all have one language ... and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do." So God threw a wrench into the works.

    But the ambition lived on. Over an hundred years ago the Rhodes scholarship was established by British diamond magnate Cecil Rhodes to promote a secret society, "gradually absorbing the wealth of the world" ... "which ultimately leads to the cessation of all wars and one language throughout the world."[2] Both world wars of the last century were used as a vehicle for establishing world government. At the Munich conference in 1939, just before war broke out in Europe, H. G. Wells proposed a "new world order", and before Congress at the onset of the Gulf War, President Bush Sr. proposed a "new world order". There is nothing "new" about it.

    Secretary of State Madeline Albright told us as much. On January 15 she appeared on a Sam Donaldson ABCNews web-cast in her usual black attire and talked about how well the transition was going with Bush's nominee for Secretary of State, General Collin Powell. Then she made this revealing statement:

"[Collin Powell and I are] doing everything we can to prove a very important point, is that, [sic] American foreign policy doesn't come in four year segments. There's a continuum."

No, it doesn't matter who you elect.

    In 1980 a book entitled Aquarian Conspiracy was published and became a best seller. Written from a New Age perspective, author Marilyn Ferguson described an "open conspiracy" in the world: a positive, cooperative movement of progressive thinkers who are working to move society to the next level of human evolution. She also described the conspiracy as a "web", not having a visible leader or center, and still maintaining continuum of thought and direction even though individuals within the movement may come and go -- much like the "continuum" Secretary Albright was talking about.

    The reason there is no visible center, or "hub", is because it is a spiritual movement, guided by a spiritual force that is providing a "continuum" of leadership toward the goal of globalization. Some welcome this movement as the best hope of mankind, but in reality it is the embodiment of evil and the personation of Satan, the antichrist.

"Ye Shall Know Them By Their Fruits"

Madeline Albright before symbol of NATO

    Secretary Albright embodies the dark side of globalization. She can talk about committing genocide against the Iraqis as though she were discussing football scores. Sam Donaldson asked her about an accusation made by Saddam Hussein last year that U.S. economic sanctions had killed over 1,350,000 Iraqis, most of them children, since the Gulf War. Secretary Albright didn't refute the body count but replied, "That wasn't the fault of the U.S."[3] In other words, it was that evil Saddam's fault because he isn't bowing low enough yet. This was the same Secretary who, in 1996, told Leslie Stahl on the CBS show 60 Minutes that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children due to U.S. enforced sanctions were "worth it" in order to pressure the Iraqis into cooperating with U.N. weapons inspectors. If there is a war criminal, it is this woman.

    Secretary Albright was the public salesman of the NATO attack on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia) in 1999[4], so much so that some pundits dubbed the campaign "Madeline's War." This attack was a violation of the U.N. charter and other international treaties, the same ones the U.S. accused Iraq of violating when it invaded Kuwait. The United Nations Security Council did not authorize this attack, and the U.S. and Canada didn't get authorization to make war from their respective legislative bodies as is required by their constitutions. The "rule of law", so piously preached by these deceivers, is only for those they plan to rule.

    NATO's pretext for advocating the attack against Yugoslavia was "Operation Horseshoe"[5], a plan supposedly intercepted by western intelligence that detailed Yugoslavia's plan to "cleanse" Kosovo of its ethnic Albanian population. Defense Secretary Cohen suggested 100,000 Albanians had already been slaughtered and the rest were in danger of being killed or driven out of Kosovo. Some western leaders suggested as many as 500,000 would be killed before it was all over. But "Operation Horseshoe" was proven to be a complete hoax created by the German defense ministry to generate support for the NATO campaign. These facts were published in the 4-2-00 edition of the London Sunday Times and created a political scandal in Germany. Moreover, after the war, NATO's own estimates show that only 2,000 people, Serbs and Albanians, died in Kosovo before the NATO bombing - certainly not genocide. The genocide story has simply never been proven to be more than deceptive propaganda for the purpose of starting a war.

    James Bissett, former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia, questioned NATO's "humanitarian" motives in Kosovo. In a speech he gave in Canada he said:

"We recall Hitler's justification for invading Czechoslovakia was because he claimed the Czechs were violating the human rights of the Sudeten Germans ... we are beginning to find out more about the truth of this war [against Yugoslavia], a war we were told was being fought for human rights. ...There is absolutely no evidence that the Serbs were planning to drive out all of the Albanian population from Kosovo prior to the NATO bombing campaign.

"It is estimated that over three million Kurds have been dispossessed and over 30,000 killed by Turkish military forces. This is a human rights issue that makes Kosovo appear rather inconsequential in comparison. Our NATO leaders seem unconcerned about the human rights of the Kurds.

"Why so little concern about the plight of the Iraqi children suffering as a result of the American and British led sanctions against that country? ... Nobody seems to care.

"And so it goes, the list is a long one. Obviously the Western democratic leaders are selective about their human rights concerns. There was no suggestion of intervention in Chechnya, another example of human rights violations on a scale that made Kosovo look like a picnic."[6]

    The fact of the matter was, human rights were never the issue. Milosevic was a huge thorn in their side. He was a Serbian nationalist who at one time enjoyed immense popularity in Serbia. He was seen by Serbs as a savior to their nation, someone who would restore their national dignity and assert their sovereignty over their cultural heartland in Kosovo. Milosevic frequently vocalized his suspicions about western interference in Yugoslavia. He obstructed the imposition of a western-style political and economic system on his country, calling his opponents "western agents" who want to "sell out" Serbia to "international forces." He refused to budge under eight years of western economic sanctions. In short, he wasn't playing ball with the New World Order, and since they are the only "savior" in town, he had to be humiliated. So NATO went in and made an example of him.

A "Marvelous Precedent"

    World order is being established by precedents, as if to say, "We got away with this once, we can do it again." The NATO war against Yugoslavia essentially set a new precedent - the right of countries to interfere in the internal matters of another country. This first phase was set in the Gulf War under President Bush senior. During that war CIA director Stansfield Turner made this statement on CNN:

Saddam Hussein

We have a much bigger objective. We've got to look at the long run here. This is an example - the situation between the United Nations and Iraq - where the United Nations is deliberately intruding into the sovereignty of a sovereign nation.... Now this is a marvelous precedent (to be used upon) all countries of the world....[7]

    This precedent was fully matured under President George Jr. when Milosovec, already in prison in Belgrade pending a trial on a number of charges, was turned over to The Hague by western-affiliated politicians in the Serbian government. His extradition was technically a kidnapping because a Serbian high court blocked his extradition until it could hear Milosevic's appeal. But, as we have seen, the rule of law is applied selectively in the New World Order.[8]

    The news outlets have not failed to emphasize to the world that this is the first time ever a head of state has been extradited to The Hague for alleged "war crimes". The presidents, prime ministers and other heads of state will not fail to draw a lesson from this -- that they are in jeopardy of being extradited to the World Court if they defy the forces of globalization as Milosevic did. No national leader is exempt now. This marks the beginning of a new, more powerful era in world government.

Control and Exploitation

    Careful analysis will reveal a manifold purpose for the NATO attack on Yugoslavia. First, the integration of the Balkans into a "unified" Europe, a goal recently expressed by President Bush Jr. and by Secretary Albright during the NATO campaign, when she appeared on Larry King Live and made the following declaration:

"The Balkans are not just some appendage of Europe. They're a huge portion of Europe. And what we're trying to do as we enter the 21st century is to have a Europe that is whole and free for the first time in history."[9]

    That's right. What couldn't be achieved by Alexander the Great, Rome, Napoleon, and Adolf Hitler is now being accomplished by the forces of globalization ... except for the "free" part.

    The integration of the Balkans into a multicultural Europe necessitates the "reconstruction" of Serbia into a multicultural society -- part of the global culture. As NATO was bombing Serbia and Serbs were fleeing ethnic violence in Kosovo, Admiral Ian Garnett, a British NATO officer, was quoted as saying on CNN:

"We want decent, ordinary, peace-loving Serb families to stay, so Kosovo can be a model to the rest of Serbia of a modern, multicultural state."[10]

    CNN also reported that Belgrade had its first "gay rights" parade on the day Milosovec was handed over to the World Court, an event that turned into a riot when offended Serbs reacted, some of them shouting, "Serbia is not a gay country!"[11]

It is now.

    Another apparent purpose of the invasion was to "liberate" the vast Trepca mining works, a conglomerate of 40 mines and factories and arguably the most valuable piece of real estate in the Balkans, worth from $5 to 6.5 billion by a 1997 estimate. The Trepca complex includes the Stari Trg, one of the richest mines in Europe. Trepca contains an estimated 17 billion tons of coal and lignite as well as reserves of zinc, cadmium, gold, and silver. It has several smelting plants, 17 metal treatment sites, Yugoslavia's largest battery plant, and plans for a power generating plant that could, supplied by the coal reserves, supply electricity to much of southeastern Europe.[12]

    After NATO had driven the Yugoslav army from Kosovo, the International Crisis Group (ICG), a highly connected think tank supported by financier George Soros, issued a paper entitled: Trepca: Making Sense of the Labyrinth. In this paper the ICG urged the UN authority in Kosovo to "implement a rapid and categorical takeover of the Trepca complex" to make way for their eventual privatization. The paper also recommended that the Stari Trg mine be developed first because of its profitability and appeal to "donors interested in setting Kosovo on its feet."[13]

    It is important to note here that, according to WorldNetDaily, South African President Thabo Mbeki recently signed over control of the South African economy to George Soros and a group of 12 multinational corporations. South Africa possesses one of the largest concentrations of mineral wealth on the planet.[14]

    A year before the NATO campaign Mytilinaios SA, a Greek mining company, received a 30-year concession on the Trepca complex worth $519 billion.[15] In the agreement Mytilinaios would have forwarded one third of Trepca's mineral production to the international market in exchange for equipment and facility upgrades. Such figures suggest that Trepca's earning potential is $1.56 trillion over the next 30 years at today's wholesale prices.

    About the time this contract was signed the World Bank began conducting simulations which "anticipated the possibility of an emergency scenario arising out of the tensions in Kosovo." This report suggests that the World Bank began setting its sights on Kosovo long before the "genocide" deception was floated in the press. [16]

    According to a World Bank publication, their goal is to establish a model "open society" in Kosovo with a "thriving, open and transparent market economy" - or in other words, an economy fully accessible to multinational corporations and foreign investors.[17] Since the NATO-backed government of Kosovo consists mainly of young rebels from the Albanian KLA, it is unlikely that they can be trusted to protect the activities of multinational corporations. Hence the need for U.S. "peace keepers" in Kosovo.

The True Face of World Peace

    When Rockefeller protégé Marc Tucker wrote to Hillary Clinton congratulating her on her husband's election victory in '92, he told her that John and David R. Rockefeller felt "this country has seized its last chance" by voting for Bill Clinton, and urged her forward in developing a "human resource" strategy for the incoming administration.[18] It is clearly evident that those involved in formulating policy for the global system see their motives as altruistic and their agenda as indispensable to the salvation of the human race. The world is threatened by war, starvation, overpopulation, pollution, and disease, and they have the answers.

    If you browse the writings and speeches of George Soros you will hear a man dedicated to improving the world. There are many, perhaps thousands, of honest, good intentioned people working within the United Nations system to alleviate human suffering and remedy its causes around the world. If one doesn't know God, then he would have to embrace this humanistic "savior" as the best hope of the world. Indeed, almost the entire world has embraced him by making choices based upon their instinct for self-preservation. This includes modern-day "patriots" who rant against the effects of globalization but are afraid to put their lives on the line against it. They, like most people, don't want to lose their comforts.

    The Bible predicts a time when evil finds free expression through human instrumentalities and exalts itself as a god. In many Christian circles this personality is described as the antichrist. Some say the antichrist is Satan who has taken on a human form. The Bible, in several places, describes the character of this process.

"Out of one of them there emerged a little horn, which as it grew put forth its strength towards the south and the east and towards the fairest of all lands [It gradually took over the earth]. It aspired to be as great as the host of heaven, and it flung down to the earth some of the host [starved some with sanctions], even some of the stars [hauled them before The Hague], and stamped on them." Daniel 8:9,10

"In the last days of those kingdoms, when their sin is at its height, a king of grim aspect will appear, a master of stratagem. His power will be great, and he will work havoc untold; he will succeed in whatever he does. He will work havoc on the mighty nations and the holy people. By cunning and deceit he will succeed in his designs; he will devise great schemes and wreak havoc on many when they least expect it..." Daniel 8:23-25.

"The king will do as he pleases [He doesn't keep his own laws. Those are for his subjects]; he will exalt and magnify himself above every god, and against the God of gods he will utter monstrous blasphemies ... indeed heedless of all gods, for he will magnify himself above them all..." Daniel 11:36,37.

    The second epistle of St. Paul to the Thessalonians, chapter 2, tells of a day of "final rebellion against God, when wickedness will be revealed in human form." One cannot scan the news without seeing this wicked spirit spewing forth blasphemies against the God of heaven, uttering curses and threats toward all who do not bow down before it. The talking head may be wearing lipstick, and saying words like "democracy" and "human rights", but the spirit is there just the same. As we look at this grim king, this master of deceit and stratagem who is working havoc in the Balkans and the rest of the world, and succeeding, how can we see anything else but the antichrist we have been warned about?

    "The coming of the wicked one is the work of Satan," Paul writes, "whom the Lord Jesus will destroy with the breath of his mouth and annihilate by the radiance of his presence." Another Savior appears on the scene and consumes the "wicked one" with the brightness of truth, and the surrender he requires of all is no less than that required by his enemy. Each person may choose who he will yield himself to, but no one is going to remain neutral.

The Appearing of a Different Savior

    We have just seen an overview of the present antichrist who is now in control of the earth in ways not many had conceived of just a few years ago. There are also Biblical references to the true messiah who is to come and expose this earthly king. We have seen the false messiah, but where is the true one? Many have come and gone who have made this claim. What is it that marks this true appearing of an anointed One? The prophecies seem clear that the false and the true messiah collide in what is termed "the battle of Armageddon" -- the false messiah appearing first, and then the true Messiah exposing him for what he is.

    The WINDS, in this special report, is examining one such personality. This individual, who refers to himself as Michael, resides in the wilderness of New Mexico where there is a secluded ranch situated in a small, picturesque valley. Piñon pine, juniper, and cottonwood trees dot the landscape. A number of travel trailers are situated in the grassy meadows near an old rock ranch house, two fenced gardens, and a windmill. Overlooking the ranch is a bluff with distinctive rock outcroppings and trees. So remote is this idyllic setting that no artificial light obscures the night skies, making the Milky Way and other celestial bodies a nightly viewing pleasure. It is thirty miles by dirt road to the nearest town.

New Mexico ranch view

    This ranch was purchased almost a year and a half ago by a 60-year-old Christian minister from a small church in the northwest United States. He and his flock felt compelled to leave that region due to the influences that were moving into their area. Through a series of events that he describes as "Father's doing", he felt divinely "forced" to go on a trip to find this retreat, a land he associates with the wilderness described in Revelation chapter 12. A few years earlier this minister reported seeing a "sign in the heavens" that revealed to him this necessary move.

    He said that two weeks after leaving on his trip he was "led" by divine providence to this remote New Mexico ranch. A little while later he was able to purchase it free and clear in what was to him a miraculous provision. He then invited his congregation to come and live there, and a number of them did.

    In the first camp meeting of this congregation on their new property, this minister, who would later become Michael, was strongly impressed to invite his congregation to "marry" him. He explained the "marriage" as being a relationship where the people are of one heart and one mind. He invited them to be married as a vine is married to its branches. The congregation understood this as meaning there would be no divisions or disagreements, no jealousies or offenses, no impatience or tempers. The congregation agreed to and accepted this invitation.

    The minister later contrasted this gentle "invitation" to that of the "worldly husband", the antichrist, who uses coercion against his adherents, and those who won't obey are jailed, bombed, starved, or killed by other means. He said that it was Christ himself inviting his sons to be married, and even the minister didn't fully grasp the "dawning of Messiah," as he put it.

    It was shortly after this camp meeting that God began impressing him to study the Song of Solomon in the Bible. It was a book he had a natural aversion to because of its sensual imagery and expressions of unrestrained love. He studied The Song and shared his study with the congregation. He told The WINDS that right after the study was published on his web site, while sitting in a chair in his home, God told him, "You are Messiah." He said that as these words were spoken to him, the literal presence of God came inside of him and completely delivered him from the pressures and temptations of his earthly life. When this Spirit entered him, all of his previous ways of thinking changed.

    As he shared this "coming" with his congregation, it created a degree of turmoil in their little community as many of them had known him for many years and were familiar with him. They immediately noticed that he expressed himself differently, as though he had become another person altogether.

    Moreover, they hadn't expected Christ to come this way, and yet here he was, and they were forced to examine the foundation and fruits of their beliefs. Also, many were just beginning to plan how to enjoy their new surroundings with their families, and the sudden and evident change in their spiritual leader, and the implications to their own lives, upset the dynamics of their interpersonal relationships. The congregation was facing a crisis the magnitude of which they hadn't anticipated. The minister noted that these kinds of "upsets" happened at the appearing of Jesus also, but people always hope for a different kind of "coming" than the one being experienced by this group. Jesus introduced a kingdom in his day that few men really desired, and this new Messiah appears to be doing the same.

    The initial "earthquake", as some in this little church termed it, was followed by after shocks of even greater magnitude. This Messiah shared with the congregation that his Father had named him "Faithful," who was the rider on the white horse in Revelation 19. He said he was shown that his work largely involved the work of "Michael", the Archangel who is the person of Christ. He began speaking and writing to his flock using the imagery of The Song of Solomon, and said he felt greatly desirous to woo and draw his congregation into the love relationship with their heavenly Father, as was described in The Song of Solomon, speaking to them as Christ in the first person. He declared that they were entering the time of the "Marriage of the Lamb", and that none could be saved who weren't "married" to the Lamb. These things are all clearly explained along with other similar thoughts on his web site.

    When speaking of his marriage to the church, Michael told his congregation, "I don't mean pretend married, I mean REALLY married." He emphasized that all must enter a heavenly marriage and have the unity that is found there. Marriages where one mate oppresses or dominates the other in any way, had to come to an end, and they were all to experience only one marriage -- the marriage of the Lamb.

    To the congregation such developments were nothing short of "earth shattering", as one church member put it. Yet the congregation remained at the ranch they call "The New Land." Michael had invited the church to continually test what was presented. "Go to the Father" he would say, "Ask Him if these things are from Him." Everyone in the land did that very thing and many returned with the accounts of what their Heavenly Father had told them. All remained within the Messianic movement now appearing to them.

    Michael told The WINDS, "The consummation of the marriage of the Lamb is a key element of the union between God and man." An event illustrating this "consummation", one which reportedly came as a surprise when he announced it, is chronicled on Michael's web site. He describes this event as "provocative and confrontive."

    At this point the question begs, Who is this man who claims the church as his bride? Is there significance in this claim he is making, right after the antichrist becomes established? By looking at these comparisons we can see two saviors being proclaimed. One is the "earthly messiah"; he is the one we know pretty well by now, and the other who states he has "come from heaven." It would appear that the two spirits are clearly in confrontation. How can one be "married to God" and loyal to the images of the New World Order? The WINDS has always maintained that this is impossible.

    Michael said, "It would be instant destruction to make the claims I am making of myself if it were not true or if I were simply coming from ego. The Father brought me through a severe process of having my eyes opened to my own natural corruption innate to humans, causing me to lay my self-righteousness down and become empty of my natural self. This opened the way for the anointing of Messiah to come into me. I have given up my own life in the truest sense, and am merely carrying out my heavenly instructions, much like when Abraham had to do the unthinkable when God told him to sacrifice his son, related in the book of Genesis. If I wouldn't have followed my Father's instructions in making myself available for His leading at this time, I would have been out eating grass somewhere," a reference to the fate of King Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible.

Doomsday Cult or Second Coming?

    During the time of Jesus some felt that he was a danger, and similar thoughts may have crossed the minds of some in this congregation. But there is also ample evidence to the contrary, evidence that has, so far, convinced the entire congregation that he is who he claims to be.

    Among this man's followers is his son who has belonged to this group for 14 years, and before that attended his father's church when he was a minister in a large, mainstream denomination. Since "Michael" calls him "Faithful Son", we will also, for the sake of this article. Faithful Son told The WINDS that he experienced a tremendous inner struggle when his father announced that he was Messiah. He had always looked up to his dad as a rock of stability, and now it looked to him as if his father were moving in a strange direction. At least, it was strange from his own familiar point of view.

    "I knew that if he were just being extreme, it wouldn't last for more than a week," he told The WINDS. He had always known his father as a man of sterling integrity, but it had seemed to him that his father was sometimes "passionately opinionated," a trait that "runs in the family," he added. "Since Messiah came, I haven't seen a trace of any of those old things, not a speck. The old dad is history."

   Faithful Son had difficulties with some of the things this new Messiah presented as truth. He went to his father to try and persuade him that his direction might be in error. His father received him and listened to him. "I was totally disarmed by his lack of self, and his loving, gentle spirit," said Faithful Son. "He had nothing to prove, nothing to defend. He said quietly he understood what I was going through, because he had gone through it, too." He said that it was the spirit of God he saw in his father that convinced him that he was being led of God. Michael told Faithful Son that he was simply instructed by the Father to open to the congregation the things he had been given. As Jesus had said, "I only do what I see My Father do."

    Faithful Son said, "Just the other day I heard my wife tell someone on the phone, 'This has changed my life, and I know your beliefs haven't done anything for you.' That is what I would say to anyone about this. I was your typical, self-righteous conservative Christian. Christ's coming contrary to my orderly beliefs, especially the marriage, was just what I needed to nail this big ego right to the floor. Nothing else could have saved me. I testify, He is the true Messiah."

    And other members of this congregation will share similar testimonies -- that the events of the past year were perfectly adapted to their spiritual needs, and that the anointing of Michael is in verity the Second Coming of Christ. They believe that the intimate relationship between the Lamb and the bride is symbolic of the Union between God and His people. It is the "Marriage of the Lamb", they say, proof that God has come down in person and married them in fulfillment of Bible prophesy.

    This small congregation also see themselves as proof of the coming of Christ, much as the disciples of Jesus were proof of his Messiahship by the testimonies they bore after his ascension. Moreover, Michael said that he is merely the "first fruit" of many, and that all those who believe in him will be "as he is", and share the anointing of the Father with him.

    The story of what has happened on this New Mexico ranch would seem stranger than fiction to many observers, and would seem to be enough to cause even the bravest soul to leave for safer territory -- something Michael has consistently urged any possible unbelievers in the congregation to do. "Ask your God if I'm of the devil," he would say. "If I am, run for your life. If God says 'Hear ye him', then come and follow me."

    But the people in this church say it is Michael's otherworldly ability to expose to their own hearts their subtle self-love and dishonesty, the precise manner in which his "appearing" has offended their spiritual pride, and the incomprehensible way he has brought them face to face with the character and matchless love of the Father, that has compelled them to acknowledge him as the Sent of God. Jesus was also an offense to his generation, they say, looking at the reality of it, and they believe nothing this perfectly adapted to their needs could have come from human design. They equate Michael's exposing of their hidden defects of character to the biblical fires of the last days, a fire, they say, which will eventually consume the entire earth, just as fire destroyed Jerusalem after Jesus' ministry was completed.

    It would seem there is one major difference between this Messiah and all others who have appeared over time, with the exception of Jesus Christ. This one does not take up arms in defense of the "truth" he believes. He takes up "light". He says that his work is to expose, and that the power of darkness is removed because of its exposure to the light. In "Michael's Diary", a page he maintains on his web site, he writes:

The destruction of the wicked comes by the revealing of their kingdom to them. They are exposed to the light and it brings down their safe fortress, the dark walls they hide behind. The light penetrates everywhere, removing the shadows. The Lion comes with a sword in his mouth, not a club in his hand. The revealing causes the saints to be made unmovable. "And that when the shattering of the power of the holy people comes to an end all these things would be accomplished." Daniel 12

    The Bible records that when Jesus came, he healed the people of their diseases and he also exposed the true nature of their false religion. It is also reported that Michael has healed the minds of many and exposed the fallacy in regards to the nature of antichrist and the nature of the New World Order. Michael has appeared to his followers as one they know to tell the truth. They say they recognize it as truth because "it works for them."

    Michael said, "The great trial some have felt from hearing me, is that they know what following me will cost them. It will cost them what it cost the followers of Jesus. It will cost everything."

Can We Just Ignore Him?

    The above report on Yugoslavia has been used to illustrate the totalitarian nature of globalization. People may be allowed to rant and complain, but economic realities affect everyone on the earth. Essentially, global government has become a present reality by means of the global economy. As we have seen with Iraq and Serbia, no nation on earth can afford not to play the game. Neither can any person that wants to provide the basic necessities of life for himself or his family. To survive in this globalized society one must necessarily, in actions if not in words, "jump through the hoops" of those running it. Most professed Christians and "patriot" groups "have achieved the Orwellian prediction - enslaved, [they] have been programed to love their bondage and are left to clutch only mirage-like images of freedom, its fables and fictions."[19]

    Conservative and "patriot" types want to "go back to the way it was, when there was more freedom." Many professed Christians look forward to the day when "Jesus returns" and saves them from the bad people, gives them mansions where they can live with their families and have plenty to eat, and makes everything peaceful and happy. Both concepts are pure fantasy and are the basis for the confusion and impotence in both groups. Both hope this Eutopian state will be realized someday, while today they cling to their comforts, possessions, their family, and reputations. They want to be king of their own world and hope they will never have to yield themselves up to the control of another person. This kind of freedom doesn't exist and never has.

    The group in New Mexico has been used to make this point. Here is a church that has, by appearances, achieved cult status because its leader says he is the Messiah. Haven't others done that? Aren't people brainwashed in cults? The negative images connected with "separatists" are very powerful in society today, and yet there are comparisons with the ministry of Jesus Christ that are identical. Here is a man, known in his community for years, who announces he is THE Messiah, the coming of Christ, and that you can't be saved unless you believe in him. He says that man must believe in him in order to receive this life for themselves. Such a claim would seem laughable on its surface because it flies in the face of conventional religious beliefs -- just as it did in Jesus' day. Even simple logic can draw a parallel between this man and the biblical Christ, who has over a billion professed followers today, a number that might cause one to question how many of that number know anything about the revolutionary character of the one they profess to follow.

    Such claims force us to one of two conclusions, each with its own ramifications. If this man is telling the truth, then one must ask the question, Do I want truth? Accepting him would mean significant changes in one's belief system and involve huge risks, perhaps the loss of those things that have been valued -- job, spouse, family, friends, reputation, even one's own life. If he is lying, well, we have two deceptions on our hands -- this false messiah and the globalist's version. It is generally believed that bad things happen to religious movements who separate from society to follow a cult leader claiming to be Christ. After all, Christ comes in such-and-such a manner, and we haven't seen him come that way yet. And so one keeps waiting for the right messiah to come along.

    The point we are making is this -- these days one must pick his cult. One will belong to a cult whether he believes it or not. For three years The WINDS exposed the globalization movement as the biggest cult of all, an oppressive system that brainwashes and enslaves its members for use of an invisible cult leader. The alternative Messiah, the only alternative, is one that also requires complete sacrifice, and like the other, also claims to be the way to salvation. Both involve soul rending changes that will become more evident in the days ahead.

    Will this man Michael prove at last to be "the way, the truth, and the life" as he claims? If so, the religions of the world will be proven useless and will fall like a house of cards. When the force of the Messiah Jesus' message took hold, even the Roman Empire crumbled.

    The appearing of Jesus and the people's rejection of him finally brought the end to the city of Jerusalem and the "lawless one" of his day. The Pharisees of Jesus' day had many laws that they did not keep, and so does the "lawless one" of our day. Will the coming of this Messiah bring this lawless one to his end? Will he end our present world? To this little group in the wilderness, history has come full circle again. How will the nations respond this time? Who will they choose?


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