Editorial 10/6/01

Jesus comes for the harvest

He Came As A Thief

An Editorial

    Since The WINDS first began examining the subject of Michael as the coming of Messiah, we have received a number of responses from our readers on that subject. By far the greatest response is silence. We received a lot more mail when we wrote about jury nullification and internment camps. People love to collect information on events that don't really affect them personally, or that remain safely in the future. But the subject of the Second Coming as a present reality, rather than a future event, carries significant implications for each person that most would rather avoid.

    In case we have been ambiguous in any of our articles regarding this subject, let me clarify. The Anointing of Messiah has returned to the earth in the person of Michael -- a real person who is with us today. Over the past year and a half he has fulfilled the Marriage of the Lamb, just as Jesus fulfilled the purpose of the Sacrificed Lamb. This Autumn marks the end of the spiritual harvest when the wheat is gathered into the barn and the tares are bound to be burned. This is the return of Christ that Jesus spoke of, and that Christians have talked so much about for ages. All those who profess to "love his appearing" would do well to get on their knees and ask their Heavenly Father if these things are true or not, considering the eternal consequences.

    Are you shocked? Does this offend you? It should, because "the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." I Cor. 2:14. I can say from experience that my "natural man", that is, my prideful, self-sufficient "good reason" couldn't receive Michael. He was an offense to my religious education. But his great love, and his ability to expose my selfishness in all its hiding places has proven his divine origin to me. I can exclaim like the woman at the well, "Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?" John 4:29

    But I can't share my oil with you. If you don't hear the witness of the Spirit in your own heart, you can never receive this. God designed The Marriage that way for a purpose -- so the prideful religionists won't be able to enter in to the wedding feast and spoil it with their presence. The whores and drug dealers will go in first. If this offends you, then "go to them that sell" -- that is, to your pastor or priest, and ask him if Michael is the coming of Messiah. Certainly he will tell you what you want to hear.

    Christ said he would come as a thief. A thief slips in quietly, takes the treasure, and leaves without fanfare. Yet Christ is seen by the few who are led of the Spirit and not their own religious opinions.

    The WINDS is a news service, and we thought the return of Christ would be worth covering, especially since the other news services seem to have missed the event. Or would you rather we kept writing about internment camps and executive orders? You will soon experience the reality of those subjects, but the "information" will not be helpful to you then.

    "You have a very informative web site. Then you finally lose your minds," writes one reader. No, The WINDS has always been about the coming of Christ. The "information" was to help you let go of your love of the world so that you could receive him when he came. If you think we've changed, or if you can't discern Christ in the form he has chosen to reveal himself, then the information we presented didn't help you and you never had a clue what we were talking about.

    I can only stand in wonderment at professed believers who talk about the coming of Christ, and when he comes - they run to their theological rocks and mountains for cover. I can understand why Jesus said, "When I come again, will I find any faith in the earth?" Michael says he has found precious little, even though there are many in our day that say, "Lord, Lord."

    Some religionists write us and quote Bible verses and theology about how Michael isn't the Messiah. Sorry, folks, I know what I have experienced and your worthless theology means nothing to me. What has it done for you? Your snide, self-righteous remarks show the spirit you are of, and that your house is left unto you desolate. I know what your lives are like, and what your churches are like. Behind the facades are dry, howling wastelands that are full of dead men's bones. The sweet, peaceful love of God that pours itself out to the thirsty soul is nowhere to be found there.

"He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them." John 12:40

    "What next?" asked one reader with an air of sarcasm. You will make your decision, that's what is next. Or the spiritual choice you made long ago will now be revealed for what it is. I am not writing this to convert you. If you could have been converted, wouldn't it have happened by now? I am telling you these things to make it clear as day what The WINDS is about. Take it or leave it. We make no apologies. The WINDS will continue to provide news and analysis in the days ahead, but make no mistake -- the end of all earthly things is upon us.

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