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Israel, Jewish History,
and the War on Terror

An Introduction

    Ask any "terrorist" targeted in the "War on Terror" what he is opposing, and invariably the answer will be given: the Zionist occupation of the Middle East and Palestine in particular. This explanation was given by Osama bin Laden in a taped speech broadcast by Al-Jazeera, and has been given by other "terrorists" since 1948.

    It is a revealing fact that the first official act of the United Nations was the creation of the modern State of Israel, a move that achieved the Orwellian prediction of "perpetual war for perpetual peace." The Middle East has been in a state of war since that time. As Arab and Asian leaders have been co-opted or "bought out" by the West, the resistance toward the State of Israel -- that unnatural and recent innovation -- has moved into the grass roots of the Muslim world.

    It is sometimes said that Israel is a client of the United States, but in reality and practice, the U.S. is a client of Israel. The single most powerful influence in the U.S. government is Jewish. During his confirmation hearing Secretary of State Collin Powell vowed to "make sure Israel is absolutely secure." And because of its role as supporter and protector of Israel, and enforcer of the Zionist agenda, the U.S. was a natural target for the "terrorists" in the September 11 attacks.

    We use "terrorist" in quotations because it is mainly an Israeli usage applied liberally toward the enemies of the Zionist agenda. It is a label now applied just as liberally by the U.S. government and media apparatus. And as this perpetual Mideast war becomes a "perpetual world war for perpetual world peace," we will see just how much the U.S. government is an extension of Israeli policy. As the Christian Druze militia did Israel's bidding in south Lebanon, the Christian nations of the West have been assigned the task of pursuing the enemies of Zionism world-wide.

President Bush and Israeli flag

    There is a fondly hugged notion in the West, and particularly in the U.S., that Palestine is the ancestral homeland of the Jews -- their "birthright". This idea forms the basis of popular support for Israel in the United States, particularly among those who call themselves Christians. This is a notion not shared by Muslims (and even a considerable number of Jews), especially the millions of displaced Palestinian refugees and the million or so people fenced in like animals on the Gaza strip.

    But are these Zionists who call themselves Jews really Jews, in the sense that they are descendants of Israel's Jews of antiquity -- something that gives them a "divine right" to displace the Arabs in Palestine from their ancestral homeland? Is there any substance whatever to this concept of "the chosen people"? There is much evidence that suggests the ancestors of a majority of today's Jews never set foot in Palestine, and that the creation of the State of Israel, with its attendant justifications, is one of the greatest frauds of human history.

    Because this "war on terror" has its roots in this fraud, and is waged for the purpose of extending this fraud, it will go down in history as one of the greatest crimes against humanity. If President Bush wants to call something "evil", he would not be hyperbolic in applying that label to the "war on terror" and the Zionist agenda.

    To help dispel some of the smoke surrounding the real issues involved in this "new war", we have written a feature length article on the history and racial make-up of most of Israel's Jews. We believe it debunks the "hallowed right of return" theory, and may help the reader to understand some of the real issues involved, not just in the Mideast now, but the entire world.

Gog, Magog, and the Kingdom of the Khazars

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