Editorial 12/21/01

Jesus with hand gun and automatic rifle

Jesus With An M-16?

Are you feeling the "Christmas spirit" as you listen to Christmas carols, wrap gifts, prepare and consume copious amounts of food, even while your tax dollars terrorize, maim, and kill people, all in the name of "stopping terrorism"?

Do you bow your head in agreement as your priest or minister invokes God's blessing on American bombs and missiles? Do you wave your flag, sing "God Bless America", or maybe just by your silence support the "war on terror", while professing to be a follower of Christ?

As a Christian, do the images of bomb and bullet riddled corpses give you a feeling that justice is being done? Are you eagerly anticipating the next phase of your government's campaign to "rid the world of evil doers"?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, then this is the Jesus you worship, and this is the only savior you will ever know.

Note the M-16 automatic rifle in the left hand of this "Jesus." He chooses only the best of armaments. American-made appears to be his preference for it is a truth that the most highly prized and advanced killing technology on earth flows from this nation. Ask any Taliban warrior or Palestinian; ask any Iraqi soldier (who survived "Desert Storm"); ask thousands of Panamanians or Serbians who died on the receiving end of America's democracy. Ask them what they think of America's "Jesus."

Now, didn't President Bush say something last September about a bunch of evil fanatics that hijacked a religious faith for their own hate-filled purposes? Oh, that's right, he was talking about those Islamic fundamentalists. What was I thinking!

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!*

Christmas carolers and cruise missiles

*Title of American patriotic song during WWI

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