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Bush and Hitler

Who Would Have Imagined This?

An Editorial

    In the night I had a dream. In the dream I was given a vision. In the vision I saw a man wander his way down onto a rock by a quiet lake. While there, a motorcycle with a side car appeared on the scene carrying Adolph Hitler and an aide. Adolph Hitler stood upon the rock where the man sat, and acted as though he were speaking to the entire earth. He boasted of his new world order, the Third Reich, and how he would be successful in bringing it to pass. He boasted of his new super government which would be worldwide and would bring many benefits. This government would be led by a super race of men. The man in my vision, who had wandered down to the lake, then awakened from his dream, as if to realize this event had come to pass while he slept. He did not know he had been sleeping.

    When I saw these things, I saw them in light of Hitler's ultimate dream, and how it is now being brought to reality, but few men in the earth are made aware of it. It all seems a dream within a dream, within still, another dream. The smoke swirls around, obscuring the view of earth as to its circumstances. Men do not judge themselves by what they do, they judge by how good they think they are. If modern men do the same things as other monstrous dictators before them, they judge it right, since they see themselves as righteous in their actions. This is precisely why Hitler could do what he did. He said of himself, "God is with me." President Bush has said the same thing. Both Hitler and Bush called forth their righteous reasons for their actions.

Bush and Hitler

    In both cases each nation was strongly behind its leader. When Hitler fired up the Germans to protect the "homeland," and boasted the virtues of Germany, there seems no relationship in the minds of Americans when President Bush fires up Americans to protect the homeland, and boasts the virtues of America. Germany thought to unite the world in its new order, and so does America in its new order. Americans fail to see that the very same principles, and the very same goals, are common to the two regimes. Both regimes used the very same excuses for their aggression. Hypocrisy is the nature of man. Hypocrisy is when men do the very things they preach against. Americans preach against Nazi Germany, but do the very same things. Daisy cutter bombs can kill as many people as any crematorium. There is a difference, however. The German flag had a swastika on it.

    Who would have thought that instead of the Reichstag fire, which launched the Nazis into the field of united power, there would be the destruction of the Twin Towers, uniting the earth against whomever it thinks is a common enemy? Who would guess that instead of a man named Adolph Hitler, there would replace him a man named George Bush? Instead of concentration camps named, Dachau, Auschwitz and Buchenwald, there would be camps named Guantanamo and Rhino? Who would have thought that the imprisonment of Jewish sympathizers by Nazi police would be replaced by Taliban or al Qaeda sympathizers? An American named John Walker may face life imprisonment because he was trained in a foreign army considered hostile to U.S. interests. He did not kill an American, and he did not attack America. In any other war, the prisoners of war are released, and allowed to go home after the war, but this war is ideological and not merely territorial, so the prisoners will be interned indefinitely, or killed, if they cannot be reeducated.

internment camps

    Nazi storm troopers are not now invading the countryside. Instead it is American special forces riding their ATV's through the desert. Thousands are now being interrogated and imprisoned simply because they sympathize with unpopular political entities, even though they have committed no crimes. The fact that they "might commit a crime" is all that is required to round up these particular individuals. This was precisely the plan in Nazi Germany when the nation contained Jews and their sympathizers. Many detainees are incarcerated not because they have committed a crime, but because they look a certain way, or think a certain way.

    If anyone has financial interests that might be connected to the Taliban or al Qaeda, they may have their money frozen, even though no crimes have been committed, or intended, by those possessing these funds. If one knows someone, or has done business with someone who is on the list, he may have all of his accounts frozen.

    Who would have thought that the "master" race would not be Aryan people of Hitler's dream, but Ashkenazi Jews who are also white? Even the Christians, whom Ashkenazi Jews detest, call these Jews, "God's chosen people." The word master means one highly skilled or one in authority. This master race has been placed in positions of authority and world dominance. The Christians call them "gifted." These white European Ashkenazi Jews were given, and set up in, a land called Israel, and their right to it was based solely on their race, and their race alone. Why should this race of men get their own country? No other race of men can claim ancient heritage, and take possession of lands that were owned by supposed ancestors, and displace the ones that now inhabit it. Would Americans allow the descendants of natives, who were living here two thousand years ago, to take over America? No! Then why is it that Americans think Ashkenazi Jews should be allowed to displace the Palestinians? Well, it seems right to them, even though it makes no sense.

    Who would have thought that the plan of Adolph Hitler is being carried out right under the noses of those who say they detest the Nazi movement of the last century? A new world order is being established, and a super race will run it. This is what is proposed, but my Father has decreed otherwise. This fancy plan will come to nothing.

    Who would have imagined these things? But then, in this modern age, who thinks?

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