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An Editorial

    Conspiracy theorists are the nemesis of government. In recent years in connection with Flight 800 and other unsolved mysteries, the food for conspiracy and the denial of such secret things continues unabated. It seems that all of these things concerning conspiracies are unthinkable until they are seen as true and then everyone awakens in surprise.

    It's amusing that a host of well-trained investigators do not know what happened to Flight 800. It seems that about 150 witnesses have a pretty good idea what happened, but the investigators don't seem to think those witnesses are evidence.

    Timothy McVeigh has been found guilty of blowing up an Oklahoma federal building. I wonder what happened to the other bombs found in the building. Those bombs were reported on the nightly news and then suddenly hushed. No one wants to talk about the other bombs that didn't go off. I wonder how Mr. McVeigh got out of his truck, ran over to the federal building, planted two other bombs, then made it to his car all in just five minutes. It sure must have looked odd running with two great big bombs across the street. No one saw him though. I think I would have seen a man carrying two big bombs across the street. Well, no one wants to talk about that. The FBI won't talk, the fire department won't talk. Oh, well, we will find out sometime what happened to all those bombs and then everyone will act real surprised and be all mad at somebody. Maybe in 20 years or so. After that we will discover that we sold ourselves to the devil having given up all our human rights so that we would not be blown up in a building somewhere. They won't undo all those laws they will pass though. Oh, no! They will keep them right there where they are and the people will stay right where they are.

    I remember during the Vietnam war years that Americans - except for some of the young people and hippies - were certain that the world was being taken over by communists and we had to fight the evil empire. We believed what we were told by the president and thousands of people went to their death. The great fear of the "bomb" caused us to turn our heads as our own country practiced some grand schemes which would have been unbelievable if exposed in those days. A lot more laws were passed to protect us. When they did away with the Communists they kept the laws.

    Eye from American Currency Public television has been showing a documentary of the war called "Vietnam: A Television History". If we had the information of this documentary back in the 60's, the words "government conspiracy" and "cover-up" would greatly apply.

    As we look back, the Vietnam memorial takes on a most pitiful aura. Fifty-thousand poor souls taken captive by the schemes of their own government is truly a sorry sight. While they thought they were dying for freedom, it never occurred to them that their lives were being spent for the purposes of a few scheming wizards of the order to come.

    According to this documentary, the western powers at the International Peace Conference agreed that there would be free elections in Vietnam in two years. When the two years were up, the elections failed to materialize based on the assumption that the people of Vietnam would elect Ho Chi Minh. Would not this qualify for a conspiracy? The elected officials and supporters of democracy secretly halted the elections because they knew the Vietnam people would vote for someone they did not want.

    When the U.S. lost interest in the puppet ruler it had set up in the south, Ngo Dinh Diem, our national leaders conveniently arranged for a coup which caused the murder of the man who was the U.S. ally for nine years. Now we had a nice military government which was more to our liking. Many more military governments would follow. America was there to fight aggression. It never occurred to the puffed-up advisors of the president that America might be the aggressor.

    Ho Chi Minh was characterized in the western press back in the 60's as a calculating communist bent on the oppression and subjugation of the Vietnamese people. In reality, the facts show that Ho Chi Minh was of a more quiet, unobtrusive nature who wanted nothing more than that the nation of Vietnam would simply be left alone by outside forces seeking to dominate and subjugate them for their own purposes, as did France for so many years. Would not Americans want the same thing for themselves?

    Americans wanted to make the world safe for America. As it turned out, a very small nation drove the aggressors out because they believed their cause was just and Americans did not. What would Americans do if they were invaded by a foreign power because that foreign power did not like their politics? I suppose we would do exactly what the North Vietnamese did. South Vietnam was not even a country. The only true government was American power and money. It's almost funny looking back on it except for the horrible loss of life.

    In the book, The CIA's Greatest Hits , one can read about "Operation Phoenix" which was used to "cripple the NLF [National Liberation Front] by killing influential people like mayors, teachers, doctors, tax collectors - anyone who aided the functioning of the NLF's parallel government in the South.

    "Many of the 'suspects' were tortured and some were tossed from helicopters during interrogation. William Colby, the CIA official in charge of Phoenix (he later became director of the CIA), insisted this was all part of 'military necessity' - though he admitted to Congress that he really had no idea how many of the 20,000 killed were Viet Cong and how many were 'loyal' Vietnamese."

    U.S. hypocrisy goes far beyond this. A great uproar arose not long ago over the revealing of the "dirty war" of Argentina when national enemies were drugged and taken on plane rides. After the planes went out over the ocean, the political enemies were thrown out. Oh, how indignant Americans were over this terrible miscarriage of justice, but how dare we protest when our own soldiers did the same things! To a WINDS staff member a U.S. soldier who had been involved with this reported, "This was routine". Oh, well, America now trades with Vietnam. They buy our toys and we buy theirs. After they kicked the U.S. out, they didn't take over all those other countries like we were lead to believe they would. All they wanted was their country back.

    Pyramid and eye from the dollar billI suppose 'conspiracy' is simply in the eyes of the beholder. One man's conspiracy is simply another man's expediency. Is there any wonder that conspiracy theorists imagine what they do? I think in recent generations the conspiracy theorists were government officials.

    It is common knowledge that black men were secretly used as test vehicles to see what syphilis would do to the human body. To a black man, that may very well be termed a conspiracy in regards to him. If this were done to white men, I don't suppose they would be jumping up and down for joy either.

    There is really no end to the "conspiracies" which are uncovered every year. In fact, many more are imagined which may or may not have any basis.

    I would like to imagine one. Oh, sure, I know this would never happen, but, since nothing is for sure anymore, it seems like it's worth making up. Of course, there is no basis in fact for this, but neither is there for "Star Wars" or "Star Trek". We do it anyway. Since our nation has been culpable in almost every imaginable scheme one can think of, I would like to imagine a little more conspiracy.

    Let us make up a totally baseless theory that the U.S. is simply being used for purposes of a new world elite who, for their own purposes of power, have directed the U.S. involvement in various wars and conflicts to bring the world more and more under the power of a one-world government largely directed by the owners of the money cartel of the earth. Their official seat would be something called United Peoples, United Nations or some other nice sounding name.

    Let us suppose this imaginary force uses the news media to place in front of men a world view that would cause them to take some "necessary" action against some terrible enemy and, some time later, totally expose that world view as a hoax for the purpose of completely demoralizing them and causing them to throw up their hands in despair at any kind of government. Men would literally be made to hate their own national societies pleading for some change. They would also agree to give up some of their freedoms in order to be safer.

    Let us further develop this fantasy to include an army. Of course, the armies of independent nations would need to be disbanded so that the fires of nationalism would give way to a "higher" goal of internationalism. They would secretly develop a plan to make an international army given the name NATO or some other benign sounding name. This would be done so that the sovereign forces of the nations would be swallowed up in an army of many nations with one head.

    To take this fantasy to the most extraordinary lengths, at some point the internationalists would need to consolidate their powers and remove any opposing force. While they had already taken over the money system during the "great depression" that they manufactured, they would still need to eliminate national archives and the last bit of resistance from independent militia types. This would be conveniently accomplished by a staged nuclear incident which would necessarily involve a complete financial collapse. Some fabricated "radical" elements in Russia, China, or some other entity which still had some of those ghastly nuclear devices created by these fiends, would somehow find a way (of course, this is all planned out by those who know) to wipe out all of the non-essential public communications in the earth. All of the national archives and capitals would be destroyed by these terribly bad terrorists. The stock market and trade centers of earth would collapse because of this dastardly deed. Then, under the pretext of protection, NATO, or some like force, would assume complete control of the earth and all resisters and dissenters would simply be eliminated. While this happens in secret now, it would happen openly then.

    Perhaps several billion people would be killed in this convulsion which would certainly help the over-population problem. Of course, all of the human rights language would be gone since it would be an international emergency caused by these very bad extremists. No time for human rights.

    The powers that govern would have all armies under one head, all money would be the same, all people would be totally dependent on this new force or perish. There would only be one nice, accepting religion allowed (to keep people from saying nasty things to each other and causing them to feel guilty) and there would be one king in all the earth. Of course, the new power would get everyone together and let them vote that all of this would be okay. They would vote for it because no one wants to get all shot up.

    Naturally, all of this would be done for the good of people. Now everyone can live happily ever after. Oh, yes, that would be the news media story of it. It sure would look necessary, but, in reality, there would be a few men who would now watch over a world of slaves who were left alive.

    Oh, I know, nothing like this would ever happen! Not really. What has come over me? Perhaps I have just been witness to too much history.


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