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Revised December 26, 2001

The WINDS first appeared on the internet in August of 1996. It was the work of about five individuals who donated their time doing research and writing articles on current events from a biblical point-of-view. In May of 1997 the pace of The WINDS increased as financial support became available from individual contributors, enabling those working on the project to dedicate themselves to it full-time.

In 1998 The WINDS server was logging about one million "hits" a month as the readership increased substantially, due to The WINDS' unique style and content. The articles reflected the time and effort spent by those writing them, and yet they were free for all to read without advertisements or solicitation of any kind. This unique endeavor was made possible by the unusual personal sacrifice on the part of a few WINDS supporters who contributed substantial sums to the project.

In February of 1999 the U.S. Senate refused to remove President Clinton from office. This development had great significance to The WINDS staff who viewed it as a collapse of the last credible resistance to the regime of corruption in Washington and the agenda of world government. The editor wrote a closing editorial and the work of updating The WINDS with new material on a regular basis ceased so the staff could prepare their families for the changes to come.

The WINDS was maintained on the internet in archive form until September of 2000, when it was discontinued altogether. In July 2001 a sponsor made The WINDS available on the internet for another year, and in August 2001 a new feature-length article was published. The terror attacks of the following month provided the "special circumstances" for more reporting and editorial content to be added, something The WINDS staff planned to do when they discontinued writing in 1999.

At this time there are no further plans to update this site with new material.

For more information about The WINDS, we recommend reading the Welcome to the WINDS editorial that will further explain what the site is about.

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