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Branch Davidian complex fire                         Branch Davidians                 

 " tornado shelters became "bunkers,"
and shooting back in self defense became
an "ambush," etc. (See Newsweek,
May 3, 1993 .) And the Branch



Carmel at the time of the raid, posing as devout
Branch Davidians and performing work as undercover agents.
The London Sunday Times, March 21, 1993

Waco Branch Davidian Fire


Who was responsible for the deaths of the Branch
Davidians on April 19, 1993 at Waco? The government
claims the Davidians committed mass suicide by
gunshot and by fire.

. List of Branch Davidians who died on
February 28, 1993 and April 19, 1993 Star,
Rachel, David, Bonnie Haldeman
(David's mother), and Cyrus (photo


to justify a military siege and testing
of the National Response Plan. Armed with headlines
(like this one in the Waco Tribune-Herald, March 4, 1993

(children crying . . . rustling sound as
very young child picks up the phone)

Transcript from an actual phone call between FBI hostage negotiator Jim Cavanaugh
and one of the Branch Davidians small children......

(children crying . . . rustling sound as
very young child picks up the phone) Child:
"Are you gonna come and kill me?"

"Hello? hello? No, honey... " ( long pause then heavy sigh )....
<said in low voice> "Nobody's gonna come and kill you....."

"Are you gonna come in and kill me?"

"No..." <said firmly> (silence)
<then sadly, almost a whisper> " . . .no . . . nobody's comin'."


The local sheriff, Jack Harwell knew them and
said they were never any trouble.Branch Davidians
setting up camp- 1957. Believe it or not,
(check the "Raid" section for agents own report)
federal agents would even stop by to target
practice with Koresh and some of the men from
Mt Carmel. They would hand Koresh their weapons
and he would load them on occasion.
My journey through the internet brought
more evidence against the government than
I thought possible.
Very quickly the story the government gave
came tumbling down. And now I want the facts.
Not the cream coated version I was forced to
swallow when I was 22, but the damn TRUTH!
I've seen our government at work, and they
have lied, cheated, stole...and now murdered.
The truth has been hidden away for way too many years.

Reno Deposed in Suit by Branch Davidians
Lawyer for Plaintiff Calls Her 'Artful Dodger'
March 29, 2000 James Gordon Meek/APBnews.com
Attorney General


Evette Fagan

"I came here freely.
I came...as I pleased,
and I've decided to
stay as I please."


Forcita Rivera Sonobe

"I want to say to
the children, I
love you all, and
we miss you."

Out of the ashes: Anti-government
"Patriots" set aside their fears to
help Branch Davidians build a new
church on Mount Carmel.

Branch Davidians Title Page The Branch
Davidians ( Students of the Seven Seals )
and David Koresh A Research Project by
Trevor Berens, Jonas Bognar,

Holocaust, the Branch Davidians who left
during the siege were "interviewed"
(without attorneys present) by FBI/HRT
commandos. ( Transcript, pg. 636

, Perry Jones, This list is headed with the
words: "Identified Branch Davidians From
April 19 Fire" Page 314 , David Koresh, Rachel Koresh


ion that the ATF had,
information the FBI had
and probably from
information that our
criminal intelligence
people had . . . "
( Transcript, pg. 676


Antonio trial of the surviving Branch Davidians.
The numbers below refer to the page numbers of
the official trial transcript. Page 5959 Dr. Peerwani

Research on Criminal Government 

Letter from Bob Barr.

Congress of the United States
1130 Longworth House Building
Washington, DC 20515-1007
Bob Barr, 7th District, Georgia
November 3, 1998
Mr. George Zimmerlee
89 Rhodes Drive
Marietta, Georgia 30068-3668
Dear George:
This is a brief note to thank you for sending me your "Criminal Evidence for Inquiry of Impeachment." I appreciate you taking the time to keep me informed.
Again, thank you for sending this to me. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.
With kind regards, I am,
very truly yours,
Member of Congress

Notice that Barr shows no intent to use this.

E-mail verification by Congressman Barr

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the form. Your opinions are very important to me.
The information you submitted is as follows:
George Zimmerlee
E-Mail: geozim@atlcom.net
     Dear Congressman: I have read the explanations at your website on the need for Inquiry of Impeachment. I want you to expand the scope of your inquiry into obstruction of justice, abuse of power and office to include something which I have tried to investigate without progress. The House Waco Hearings in 1995 and the report which followed specified that the DOD used jamming equipment to cause deliberate interference to television broadcasts in the Waco, Texas area during the 51-day standoff between federal military and police forces and the Branch Davidians. Newspapers reported that the jamming equipment was supplied by the FCC. There are laws, the Communications Act, which forbids the use of a government station to cause deliberate interference to other stations (Sec.305). There are also laws against jamming (Sec.333), and a law against the FCC engaging in censorship (Sec.326). The FBI is claiming that no violations of law took place, even after bragging in front of news cameras on April 20, 1993 that they jammed local television and radio stations during the siege. FBI further admits to jamming the Amateur Radio Service, see
for the letter to Congressman Gingrich on this matter. Gingrich refuses to investigate this matter even though FBI has already admitted to the crime.
Did President Clinton invoke Section 706 of the Communications Act (war, peril, disaster and national emergency) to suspend the Act during the siege at Waco, making criminal jamming operations permissible? Does this constitute abuse of power and office? Does the refusal on the part of the White House to release the document authorizing jamming of broadcasters and the Amateur Radio Service constitute obstruction of justice? Does the claim made by the White House that the Office of the President is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act constitute abuse of power and office? Clearly the Act names the Office of the President as an agency covered by FOIA. I truely believe that you must include these questions in you Inquiry of Impeachment. Although there are other claims of crimes, these operations to which I refer are not lesser crimes. This is the first time in America's history where domestic broadcaster have been jammed by the government for clearly political purposes, in peacetime, without any threat presented to public order on the part of the broadcasters.
Yours for Justice, George Zimmerlee
Station N4XDC in the Amateur Radio Service 

End of Barr's verification.

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George Zimmerlee 1998    Research on Criminal Government     Rev. 11/98
This material is not protected by copyright.


page 2 of that letter), reveals that
"[t]he Branch Davidians had the means to
send and receive communications, and the
FBI took steps



attempted to cover this up by stating that
Jaydean Wendel died from a gunshot wound to
the chest ( Department of Justice Report,
pg. 313 ). Attorney



situation and the entirety of objective
evidence concerning the Holocaust. As
noted in the Treasury Report, "Activity
In The Compound," pg. 92,


were assigned to him. The challenge came
from Jeff Kearney, lawyer for one of the
surviving Branch Davidians ( Dallas
Morning News, April 27, 1993

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